The best for women over 40 from the new Mango collection

by Sylvia

the best of mango fall 2012 collection for women over 40

There are few stores that sell modern, affordable clothes that are great for women over 40. So I’m a big proponent of going to mainstreet brands and just look for the best for our age group. Although these stores usually cater to a younger audience, there is always something to be found for our age group as well. One of the stores I always pop by is Mango, and I discovered quite a few fabulous basics from their latest lookbook which are great for women over 40.


mango great neutrals

mango grey

mango coats

All these can be found and bought in the Mango store.

See anything you fancy?


The only thing here I would not wear is the chunky knit sweaters. Everything else looks simple and clean cut – a good look for us over 40s. Thank you for all of the hard work you do to keep us up to date on the latest styles! I love this Blog! 🙂
PS – I know Kate Moss is not everyone’s “cup of tea” but I adore her. She has innate style.


So happy to still have you as a fan Suzanne. I will do my best to keep you entertained. By the way, I think you are right about Kate!

Greetje Kamminga

Nice. I hear more women saying Zara or Mango when I complement them on a garment. I like this collection, especially the white trousers.


Yes, Zara is even more of a favorite of mine…

Marie S

These are lovely. I have never shopped in Mango. I will have to have a look. I have been getting quite a bit from Zara lately especially tops which is a first for me. I think I sometimes think that some shops will have nothing for me and that they only cater for younger women. Thanks for another great post Sylvia. I really enjoy reading them.


Very glad to hear that you are enjoying my articles Marie! I find Zara even better than Mango, but Mango can have some great basics for us as well.


lovely looks very simple and sophisticated. Have not been to Mango for ages must pay a visit.


Yes, definitely have a look!


I do like Mango especially the fine knitwear, for me they are very comfortable to wear, and they always have some special detail that makes them stand out from other labels, and payable too. Zara has a lot of see-through knitwear or blouses this winter which is difficult for me to wear, for you all very nice and femenine.


Zara hadn’t published so much of their new stuff yet online, but I’m keen to check that out as well. Will keep you updated about my best picks!


Absolutely love this website. You’ve inspired me like I haven’t been inspired in decades. I bought a few fashion mags, identified a few favourite looks, got some ideas for tweaking to suit my age, and then went shopping with my list. It was a great success! Don’t know Mango, but I did snag an item in a store called Forever 21, which really made me laugh!


Wow Amy, that is so nice to hear. Yes, I know Forever 21. I’m usually not that successful there, but just like other shops, there is always some good stuff for us. Enjoy your new found style!


Wow! Just checked out Mango, lots of beautiful items and best of all, fabulous prices!


Good luck shopping Amy!


Mango is the only brand that has a store here in my Island. But often it doesn’t have all the collection.
I have a few pieces of Mango, but we have to look careful or we will end dressing like everybody in a small village like mine:)
I also like Mango and Zara on-line and they fortunately ship to here, but it’s always a risk with the fitting.
I agree that their latest lookbook have a quite interesting pieces.
I also agree with Marianne about their knitwear.


Yes, you will need to be extra creative with your outfits! Nice challenge though…

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