Loving the sheer at London Fashion week

by Sylvia

Dion Lee spring 2013 collection

Another week of fashion shows has passed and it’s becoming more and more apparent that there will be a lot of sheer coming up this coming season. So many brands featured see through effects and sheer fabrics. This can be a difficult trend to pull of for women over 40, but not when it’s done in a subtle and classy way. In this week’s roundup I highlight some of my favorite designers who used sheer elements in their collections.

Dion Lee

An absolute highlight of London Fashion week was Dion Lee. I loved all of his designs which were cut to perfection and many dresses were even created using the advanced 3d printing technology. Futuristic and modern, Dion Lee is certainly something to watch over the coming years.

Dion Lee collection spring 2013


Preen has come onto my radar recently and I loved their collection which featured a lot of sheer elements as well. Lots of beautiful modern clothes here in navy, white and greys with a bit of pink thrown in.

Preen Spring 2013 collection

Nicole Farhi

Nicole Farhi’s collection consisted of wonderfully structured clothes in neutral colours. Lots of sheer elements here too, which look so nice with neutral colours. Perfect for all those who prefer a neutral colour palette.

Nicole Farnhi spring 2013


Another collection featuring mainly neutral colours was Daks. I like the simple clean and modern lines from this collection.

Daks 2012 Spring collection


Acne’s collection will mostly appeal to a younger generation but I loved some of the layering pieces, like the 2 outfits below.

Acne spring 2013 collection

The sheer trend works best with neutral colours which many of the designers used to great effect. There was still plenty of colour to be seen on the catwalks as well, with Gucci (starting off Milan fashion week) featuring very bright colours for the season. As usual I have pinned all my favorite looks for women over 40 on my spring / summer 2013 trends pinboard.

What do you think of the sheer trend? Would you wear this?

All images by Style.com


I’m much more comfortable with sheer elements rather than just showing a lot of bare skin. A sheer top over a cami still lets you feel feminine. I think it’s a good look for women over 40.


Yes, it can be great for keeping cool and covering up arms (as some women prefer). I think this trend has a lot of potential!


I am hopeless with sheer. Never seem to be able to combine it with a decent top underneath it. The 3D of Dion Lee is very interesting. i wonder whether the 3D part is hard (to feel, to sit on..) or not.
Personally I prefer colour as you know, but cream is also very nice and classy.


I wouldn’t think so. It’s just a new way of creating garments which can get some perfect fitting. I really like the combinations of cream with a bright colour. That way you can show the subtleness of the sheer but still have a bit of colour on you, which is great.


I was not able to follow London Fashion Week as much as I wanted to but I was blown away by Issa’s bright colors and the pure joy of her collection – it made me want to buy everything and spend a month on a tropical island! LOL! I was also amazed by the colors Christopher Bailey used at Burberry. The metallic pinks, blues, and coppers were stunning and so unexpected. 🙂
I very much liked Preen’s clothing and feel it is actually wearable in real life. And I admire a feminine aesthete so would wear sheer fabrics – but within limits. It can look too young and girly.
On to Milan! I am dying to know what you thought of Prada’s “socks and shoes” look. She can usually do no wrong but wow – I can not imagine that looking good on anyone!


Yes, Issa’s collection was quite a contrast to what I highlighted above!
Prada always pushes the boundaries and I loved some of her geisha looks which you can find on my pinboard. I agree that the shoes don’t seem to be wearable at all.


Don’t tell me you are in Europe visiting al the fashion events. Tell me you do this online or I will die of envy.
And as far as socks in shoes go…have you ever seen anyone in the stree with it? I have not. I think it looks childish.


Oh I was commenting on Suzanne’s, comment but that does not show.
And Sylvia, I saw the geisha looks on you pinboard and thought to myself : ” well, what do you know….! I have a kimono jacket and lots of outfits with kimono sleeves…. I am a trendsetter!” hahaha


You are Greetje! Who knows Miuccia may have been inspired by the kimono looks you uploaded to the forum!


I’m not a sheer girl. When I spend money for clothes, I want them to actually be a nice weight, substantial fabric. I actually think very few women can pull it off tastefully and it always seems a little too risque to me. No offense intended.


Yes, it can be risque and it will take subtlety to get it right. Still, I think this can be fun trend.

Modern Mom

I love Preen and Daks. Very simple, elegant, and minimal! 🙂 What are your favorites?


Dion Lee and Preen!

Playing With Scarves

Hi Sylvia,
I love sheer… but only for others. Not easy to wear… I think Dior started the trend a year ago (though it’s not really new). His haute couture collection was stunning. Maybe you have seen it.
All the best,


No I can’t remember that collection. But so many designers are using sheer, so I think you will see it a lot next summer.

Heather Fonseca

I have a few sheer blouses that I love, and I really liked the sheer maxi shirts that the girls were wearing for a while, so yes I think I’d wear something sheer, but I’m not sure just how I’d wear it or what I’d find in the trend that will work. I have a feeling a sheer blouse with a very pretty be would be nice, but it would have to be a very pretty bra, and the blouse not too sheer. Probably won’t be a first choice for me, but you never know!


I think the trend works really well with several layers. And also well with skirts. For example I like to wear skirts on top of the knee but that can be sheer, so long as I have another layer (covered) underneath as I showed in this look: https://40plusstyle.com/orange-camel-brown-outfit/


I love the orange and white outfits at the top of the page, are they designed by Dion Lee? I would wear either of these. They are simple, fresh, and very chic. I don’t like the way Dak’s handled the necklines and pant volume. The Preen, Nichole Fahri and Acne outfits are too fussy and overdone in my opinion. Sheer = elegant simplicity, and Dion Lee hit the mark. Now, back to my day job as a pharmacist:)

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