Lovely unique laptop cases and camera bags from 1701

by Sylvia

1701 laptop cases and camera cases

Another brand I recently discovered at Blueprint is 1701, who creates color laptop sleeves, SLR camera cases and compact clutches.



The label was founded by Karishma Jhalani and Ashwin Jain from India.

1701 is all about creating memories through travel. Each piece in the collection is inspired by the experience of a place. The pieces are defined by what we visualize when we remember a past journey.

The name “1701” is derived from the universality of numbers as a mode of communication. Numbers are often a gateway to travel – flight times, dates, hotel room numbers, flight numbers. As with the ambiguous experience of travel itself, the name 1701 is defined in the imagination of the person who experiences it.



Discover pieces that have the vibrant color of Jaipur, the soft pinks and delicate lace of Paris, the rugged landscape of the Argentinean plains.

Materials are incredibly important to the designers as well. “The feel of one of our products must be defined by quality and detail. Our production process is driven by the human touch. Everything is entirely handmade. In the face of an increasingly rapid and modern world, the slow process of our craftsmen allows us to appreciate the beauty of handmade luxury.”
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More information can be found on their website.


1 Greetje

Beauriful. Wouldn’t mind the Décolleté series. Pinned a few of the pictures, not to forget.

2 Tangobabe

Very nice, but way above my budget:-(.

3 Ofelia

I’m into those computer bags, they are indeed quite ethnic and traveled-like!

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