Little Black Copycat dress

by Sylvia

a little black dress

I’ve been telling you all how important it is to wear more colour and ditch (most of) the black and here I am wearing… BLACK.

Yes, guilty as charged.

You will also notice that it is not a new model dress either. No,  I did not dye my pink dress, I actually bought the exact same dress in 2 colours. At $40 it was hard to resist.  And although I’m not a big fan of black anymore, I thought it would be good to have such a quintessential basic as a little black dress in my wardrobe.

I wasn’t very creative either as I used the exact same necklace with the dress as I did for the pink one which adds the much needed colour. However, I opted for yellow shoes instead and a yellow wristband for my watch. If I would have a nice yellow bag (like Greetjes Coach bag) I would have added that as well, but instead I had to settle for my red bag. Unfortunately, not on the photos which would have shown you that the final look was actually quite colourful.

When I took the pictures in the afternoon, it had become very dark, so the photos did not turn out so well. So instead I decided to ‘cheer them up’ with a bit of a vintage feel. This allows you to see the actual texture of the dress as well.

I also ended up wearing it with a red cardigan as I attended an indoors event, where you always need to cover up, due to the airconditioning. Forgot to photograph that as well..

Dress: CK Calvin Klein
Necklace: Lydia Bremer
Shoes: Max & Co
Watch: Claudia Schäffer
Bracelet: Yolanda Döpp

How are you all doing with the dressing challenge? Remember this month’s challenge is to wear a dress 2 different ways. For ideas you can have a look at how I remix a dress. Although you have until the new year to submit your entries, you may want to get started now and upload your variations to the style forum or send to me by email. If you want to read more about this month’s challenge just read the challenge brief again.


I love it! I had picked the pink version of this dress as my favorite outfit of yours so you know I like this style very much – and I actually may like the black even more than the lighter color. 🙂 I think you will be able to wear many variations with this basic dress that fits you so well – from casual to semi-formal. Bling it up for New Year’s Eve!


Thanks Suzanne. Yes good idea. Should take it with me on holiday where I celebrate new year.


I love it and the dress looks so much different in the black that it seems reasonable for you to have them both.


That is also what I tell myself….

Alyssa W.


I LOVE this outfit! The necklace and shoes, the one shoulder drape, the belted waist…its gorgeous!!


Thanks Alyssa!


lol–yeah the lbd is not a usual element in my wardrobe but sometimes with a dress with these great lines–you just gutta have it!


Yes, it’s great to have in your wardrobe when you don’t know what to wear or when you’re running out of time…


Wow, this is a great piece! I don’t wear a lot of black, but I do have a couple of LBD’s in my closet…..


Thanks Nanne. Yes, they do come in handy from time to time..


I love that dress on you. Ha, I guess I totally flunked the challenge because I haven’t even worn a dress much less wear it two different ways. My closet is unfortunately full of pants and shorts. Maybe that can be my New Year’s resolution.


Sounds like a good one Marla. I would love to see you in a dress!

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

What a lovely LBD….I’m also wearing one in my latest post!



The model is totally you so I can understand that you bought the black one too. You know I like this model and it flatters you to the extreme. And you are wearing my favorite necklace. So conclusion I am happy again.


At $ 40,- it was no question whether you would buy two or one. It is a steal. And so many stylish women and books have said that you can never go wrong with a LBD, so… good buy. It suits you perfectly. And I know you have enough necklaces and bags to vary. You did a good job with your watch and shoes and necklace in this combination.
I have my LBD made as well (showed it on your Forum) and I already have 5 different ways of wearing it. Handy thing even though it is black. It would be so easy to admit my LBD dress that I hesitate. Just too easy.


That necklace is so unique. I love it.

Bella Q

Great LBD, so I can see why you bought a second dress in black. There are so many ways to wear this- I expect making an exception for a bit a black was a great decision.

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