Links with style this week

by Sylvia

Links with style

Have you seen my new poll already? I would really love to know what you prefer reading here on 40PlusStyle! Please go to the bottom sidebar and cast your vote.

Here are some of the stylish articles I have been reading this week:

1 Ulla-MArie

I’m so glad I have not been able to sleep tonight. If I had slept, I had not discovered blogs with wonderful eccentric women …

2 Sylvia

Enjoy! You have a nice blog yourself. Pity it’s in Swedish….

3 Bella Q

Hi Syliva- thanks so much for including my link among these! It’s an honor!

4 Sylvia

I’m sure you will find yourself a lot more here if you continue to post those fun posts and killer outfits!

5 Suzanne

I voted in your Poll but it was difficult to pick just one answer. I am a new reader and have enjoyed every article so far. I think this is one of the best blogs ever. I learn something each time I come here. 🙂 I appreciate the links too. I think you should keep the variety!

6 Sylvia

Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment! I will certainly try to do my best to keep your expectations.
With regard to poll…. I actually setup this poll to allow multiple answers but then forgot to increase the maximum number of answers. 🙁 It’s now set to 3 so you could try again and select 2 others! Thanks for voting.

7 Paula

Aw shucks–thanks Sylvia! Loved the other links also–how inspiring is that DVD! Would love to take photos like her; I’m just getting of Auto!

8 Sylvia

I’m trying to shoot as much in manual as possible as well. Would love to do some more photography and spend some more time on it. But there is just so much to do and so much to learn! Look forward to seeing your new photographs! I think good photography can make a real difference to a blog…

9 The Style Crone

Thanks for the links, Sylvia. Always exploring the new and the fabulous!

10 Sylvia

Sure am 🙂

11 Heather Fonseca

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. You’re very sweet.

I’m looking forward to following your blog. I’ve loved fashion and clothing since I was a kid, but kind of lost interest in my 30’s. Now that I’m in my 40’s I’m totally into it again, but there’s a whole new set of rules isn’t there? It’s weird because I don’t feel any different than I did in my 20’s but then I look in the mirror and it’s all looking different!

p.s. All the topics look good to me!

12 Sylvia

Thanks Heather. I try to ignore the rules as much as possible. I stay away from ‘teen’ fashion or too short skirts, but I think it’s important to keep some of the trendiness and attitude. I feel I dress better now than in my thirties (or twenties) and am also looking for more lasting style. Hence all my articles on style and style analysis. Dressing with confidence is key to look good I think and I have lots of that now that I’m over 40! Look forward to following your blog too. Only a bit sad that you don’t allow whole feeds in your RSS and only display titles. 🙁 I follow quite a few blogs in my reader and often skip the ones where I need to click through….

13 Heather Fonseca

You’re the second person I’ve heard talk about the shortened RSS feeds. I had no idea it was an issue! I follow all my blogs on bloglovin and it upsets me when bloggers choose the full page comment form because it doesn’t come up on bloglovin. Just when I think I’ve learned it all about blogs along comes something I didn’t know.

I’ve changed my rss to full feeds. Sorry about that!


14 Sylvia

Great Heather. That makes a real difference. I usually just end up deleting blogs from my reader that don’t display full feeds… I use Google reader and then apps like reeder on ipad and phone (that sync with Google reader) to read all my blogs.

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