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by Sylvia

Inspirational women

This week I want to highlight a few blogs I have been (quietly) following for a while. They can offer some inspiration for the new year!

Marye writes a very inspiring and personal story on why shoes make her happy at her blog Autumn Tapestry.

Dorothy’s resolution from Aging Abundantly this year is to put an inspiring quote right in front of her desk. You may want to print out this quote too.

Another site that inspires me is the happiness project by Gretchen Rubin. She writes daily articles on the factors that contribute to your happiness. In this video she discusses one of the keys to happiness: love.

Singaporean Celestine Chua writes intelligent and very personable articles on all aspects of life and personal development and she is currently traveling the world while doing that. Her latest article also deals with happiness.

I always enjoy reading Darryle Pollack’s articles and this opposite to a resolutions list, the f**k-it list made me smile.

Which articles or websites have inspired you lately?


1 Suzanne

I need more time to visit each of these sites and read what these women are saying but they all seem to have a powerful message. Thank you for sharing these links.

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