Linda Fargo at New York Fashion Week

by Sylvia

Linda Fargo at New York Fashion Week September 2014 |

Bergdorf & Goodman seem to be in the news a lot lately.

I’m currently reading the book I’ll drink to that about their 86 year old personal shopper Betty Halbreich and I have just watched the documentary Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf’s (very interesting and well worth your time!. 

And here today is Linda Fargo, senior vice president of Bergdorf Goodman, wearing quite a short skirt no less.

Linda Fargo from Bergdorf & Goodman at New York Fashion Week |

She is dressed in perfect harmony with her female companion. The funky green shoes give the outfit a hip and funky touch.

Linda Fargo |

After watching the documentary I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for Linda. She seems very approachable, likes to laugh and appears to be very good at her job. I’m sure Paris Fashion week is still keeping her very busy.


What do you think of this look?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Patti

I love her style, and her fabulous hair.

2 Sylvia

Yes her hair is fabulous. She actually looked really good in the film. So chic!

3 Rita Atkins

Very relaxed and approachable and not at all fussy. I defintely like the look.

4 Rebecca

I am also currently reading Betty Halbreich’s new memoir and have also read and seen “Scatter My Ashes”. I live in NYC and on a couple of wanderings through the incredible Bergdorf Goodman’s, I have run into Betty Halbreich on the sales floor. She is very elegant and sharp and always impeccably and appropriately dressed.

5 Brittany

She looks chic and well dressed with a pop of personality in her shoes that says she is chic but not dull.

6 denton

I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to see her at almost every NYFW at some point. I also saw her at the Rebecca Taylor runway show. Unlike Anna Wintour, who if spotted draws an instant crowd of photographers, it seems hardly anyone chases after Linda, which is a shame as she is obviously quite the subject. She doesn’t stop for unknowns, but as you can see she is very gracious and if you call out her name ‘Hey Linda, you’re looking fabulous!’, she will always offer a gracious smile, at the least. I was very pleased at the lovely little dance she did for me!

7 Kathy

I love her look! Classy yet casual! I like that she doesn’t have a lot of accessories. That is more my style as well.

8 Ashley

I think she looks gorgeous! I love the black and white withe Kelly green shoes.

9 Greetje Kamminga

Very sophisticated look. The shoes… ahhh the shoes, do the trick.

10 Lisa

I have just realized that I need green shoes.
Okay, I don’t NEED them. I just WANT them. (a lot)

11 Sylvia

haha you may want them even more after I show how I wore my kelly green shoes recently!

12 Lisa

A magenta pair made it into my wardrobe recently. I don’t know how much more my husband can stand! This truly bewilders the poor man. At least he can’t complain about “why do you need four pairs of black shoes?”

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