La Dolce Vita fashion show – What is your favorite look?

by Sylvia

Looking like a princess during the Dolce Vita Fashion show |

Now that you have seen the preparations for the La Dolce Vita Fashion show and lunch, I’m sure you are curious about the actual fashion show!

So here is a rundown of all the looks on display.

Clothing is by White Ginger, Chic Stash and Dream Factory and all jewelry by Stones That Rock. Makeup by Andrea Claire and hair by RU Blonde.

First 5 looks are by White Ginger, then followed by 5 looks from Chic Stash etc. The last 2 looks are transformational outfits created by The Dream Factory.

Just click on an image to see the bigger version and click the back button.

Which is your favorite piece from the show?


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The only one I could imagine myself actually wearing in my real life is the black dress with the purple and white geometric accents — fab but still wearable. I love the red/green color scheme on the one you’re featuring, too.


They’re all great. Something for every body size, taste and mood!


It’s a pleasure to such a diversity of models. Almost everything seems wearable by just about anyone. My particular favorite is the b&w geometric dress worn by the South Asian model (Sylvia, it would be nice if you could name or number the images to make it easy to ID them).


I did alt tag them and thought that would appear with the image but unfortunately it’s hidden. There is way to identify them as each of them has a different url and number (can see it in the browser website address bar)

The Style Crone

I love the cobalt blue maxi dress in the first photo. Lots of variety and inspiration.

Madame Flutterby

There are some nice designs here — and some not so nice ones. The dress in the featured photo is stunning on the model, but I couldn’t wear that colour combination in a million years!


My favorite is the cobalt blue top with the zigzag pants. I love the color combo.


I thoroughly enjoyed the show and saw some awesome pieces. I would not have bought anything though as I don’t think anything would have been good for me.


I like the orange tie-dye and the blue/white blouse with the white shorts – great for a sub-tropical climate 😀 I saw a light pink top and tight white trousers that would look good on you tho’!

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