Is this the future of fashion? Ordering straight from the runway

by Sylvia

Alldressedup pre spring collection 2013

As you could all read previously on this site, we recently had the Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore. One component of that was Future Fashion Now. According to the website Future Fashion Now (FFN) was the world’s first live streaming fashion week that lets fashion aficionados shop real time.

This may in fact be the future of fashion buying. Rather than having to wait what buyers from big stores such as Nordstrom will choose, you can now become your own buyer.  Often, many of the most creative designs will not be picked up by buyers, so this will be an excellent way to ensure that you get your favorite pieces.

Below are just some of the designers who participated. You can buy the designs up till 19 June and will receive them before they arrive in stores. If you click on the images, then that will take you straight to the designer’s page where you can order the clothes.

Please note that these collections are mostly aimed for a younger audience. However, I always find something that I would wear in these kind of collections. I like to pick and choose just the right items. So always be open minded about new collections, and see if there is something that would fit within your own style.


The designs at the top of this article are from Alldressedup. One of my favorite Singapore labels. Lots of black and whites and neutrals in their latest collection.

Max Tan

Max Tan

Very creative designs from Max Tan, that will appeal to the fashion forward woman.



I love the colours at Juma. I especially like the first coloured dress.


Saena resort collection 2013

Lovely roomy dresses for a comfortable summer day

YB  J’Aime by Yeojin Bae

YB J'Aime collection

Lovely Asia inspired dresses.

One Fell Swoop

Not on Future fashion now, but I personally saw and touched these silk red dresses and they are divine!

One Fell Swoop collection

Would you order new designs straight from the runway?

1 Nanne

I think it’s a great idea and probably a good way for new and upcoming designers to get their creations out to the public! If I had the money, I’m sure I would love to order like this! The dresses from One Fell Swoop are beautiful!

2 Sylvia

yes, it’s a great idea. But as with all online ordering I would miss trying on the garment.

3 Greetje

Although all dresses shown are lovely, there is not one in particular that I fancy. But I will have a look at FFN. I read about pre-ordering and shopping real time for runway items that not necessarily would make it to the shops. Also read it was really expensive. Meant for women who can afford runway clothes from designers.
But it is interesting and I will have a look. It also depends on shipping fee etc. As clothes often don’t look as good on me as I had imagined looking at the picture.

4 Sylvia

I think it’s possibly the future of fashion. It’s great fun to be your own buyer!

5 Greetje

Hmmm prices are not that bad.

6 Aleya Bamdad

One fell swoop is definitely a brand that I would have worn when I was in my 20s. I might still wear those styles today.

7 Sylvia

I would wear them now too. They are a bit short but would look great over pants!

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