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by Sylvia

Fashion, style & Beauty forum

My aim for this site it to build an inviting community of 40+ ers where we can mingle and talk about style, beauty and what it means to be over 40. Yesterday, I asked you to help with my hairstyle, but I feel it would be much more appropriate to ask those kind of questions in a forum. A forum would also give all of you the opportunity to ask your questions and to showcase your own style. You can even upload a picture of your style and ask me and other readers for their opinion.

That is why today I have installed the new 40+Style Forum

A safe place where you can ask questions, come up with suggestions or just chat. Now, I know how hard it can be to build a lifely forum and maybe I’m launching it too early. But this site now has close to 17,000 visitors a month, with only a few people interacting on the site. (For those that do, thank you so much; it’s so great to read your opinions!). It would be so nice if we could entice a few more of you to participate.

This simple forum will give you all the chance to do just that. I’m sure it will take a while before it takes off, but if you want to participate then that would be great! It will take just a few women to get things started. And if it becomes just a place where questions are asked every now and then, that’s fine too.


Registration is really easy and you will only need to give your name and email address to do so. Of course, your email address will be completely confidential.



After registration, you are ready to start a new topic. You may want to start by introducing yourself. Just click on the “Welcome and Introductions” forum and click on the Introduce Yourself topic. You can do your introduction in the quick reply box, click “submit quick reply” and you’re done.

quick r eply

Then answer some of my questions!

To start of the conversation, I actually created some questions for you  that I would love your reply to.

  1. Have you ever been in a style rut? And if yes, how did you get out of it? (in Style & what I wore)
  2. Has your dressing changed much after 40? Let me know what changed… (in How to dress over 40)
  3. Which skincare ritual works for you? (I’m so eager to learn how to take proper care of my skin!) (in Beauty)

Starting a new topic

Of course you can also start your own new topic. Just click on the new topic link at the right. If you like to be notified when new topics or replies to this category are created, you can click on the subscribe link.

new topic

Add images to your topics!

adding images

Being a visual site, it’s great to be able to add your own images. Great for posting your outfits or wanting advice on how something looks. You will find the add images button just below the new topic window. Just select an image from your computer, and you’re done. Make sure the image is below 1mb though!

If you like to add your own image with your username

You can create your own avatar or image for your profile. It’s the same method that you use to have an image of yourself shown here in the comments. Just go to and link an image from you with the email address that you used to register for the forum.

Have a look at some outfits already there!

One reader from Holland has already put some What I Wore images on the forum. So be sure to check her out and let her know what you think! They can be found at orange style and boyfriend jeans.

Hopefully you will join me in the forum. I would love for you to answer the questions I asked above. See you there!

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What a great idea and of course I’m joining!



Great Nanne. Thank you for your contributions!



What a great idea! Thanks!



Thanks for signing up Brenda!



GREAT IDEA! I was unable to locate the area to register. When time permits I will also register. I have been on your site for over 30 minutes. I talking about the importance of physical fitness. This blogging is putting me behind on my workout. PRIORITIZE PRIORITIZE!



Registration link can be found right at the top of the forum, just underneath The forum heading…



I will be there! ^_^

Kim, USA


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