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by Sylvia

40+ stylish woman

My stylish links have been dormant for a while, but I like to bring it back! On Saturdays I like to show you what has inspired me the last week and highlight the best looks in our style forum.

This week I was inspired by the new Gardens by the Bay in Singapore which I spoke to you about on Monday. I photographed Anja there who shows you 4 different outfits!


anja in short skirts

I also like to highlight the best outfits in our style forum or the most interesting discussions. So if you like to get featured on 40PlusStyle, be sure to upload your outfits to the forum!

This week I was inspired by the Seeker’s colourblocking outfit that combined blue lace and red. These trousers are a fabulous cut for her and I love the use of lace.

 I was very impressed by Greetje’s creative efforts in designing her own dress and having it made. Although there are still some issues with the dress, I can only applaud what Greetje is doing. She has taken all the things she likes (sleeves, neckline, skirt, material/print) and put it all together into this one outfit. I’m loving the colours and the style of the dress on her.

The best style of style forum

I like what Erika Wahlbrink had to say about long hair for women over 40 in this article:

“A good hairstyle is one that makes the wearer feel happy. Everyone can pick a really trendy or classic hairstyle. Age doesn’t play a role.”

However, she does think that the older the person, the less avant-garde the hairstyle should be. Soft hair lines that compliment the shape of your face have a positive affect.

I read a lot more inspiring articles this week but haven’t kept good notes, so will try to improve for next week!

What has inspired you this week?


Sylvia, there’s that beautiful backdrop again. And you both have legs that outshine the rock formations! The photos of Anja are wonderful. She looks great in a pencil skirt worn several different ways.
I was inspired this week to weed out some things that aren’t flattering on me. And, inspired by one of your past posts, I have been filtering out wearing too many t-shirts by trying to replace them with something a little bit different.


Excellent Joni!


Thanks for featuring me and the other two ladies, Sylvia. Nice inspirational post! And am very happy with the pictures. I almost never pose with my sunglasses on, but wanted to try it out;-)


Thanks and you are welcome 🙂

Greetje Kamminga

Fantastic!!! More of those lovely photos and that lovely background.
Anja looks great. I like all her outfits but especially the one with the black blouse and the pink flower! Great. I wonder how you two managed that. Switching tops won’t have been that difficult, but changes pencil skirts is another thing.

And so nice to see Seeker and me in a main article. Again. Thank you.
I will upload outfits with even more enthousiasm (if that is possible).


Anja’s pencil skirts were stretchy, so she could just slip one over the other!


I agree wonderful photos and that awesome place.
I knew it, Anja is really an inspiration!!!! Love all her outfits, so well put together and like Greetje my favorite is the one with the black blouse and the pink flower.
I would not mind having her as a fashion consultant:)

Oh and it’s soooooo nice of you Sylvia to feature one of my looks again with the lovely and stylish Greetje. Thank you so much!!!

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

That’s a wonderful backdrop Sylvia….THANKS FOR SHARING!


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