Inspirational colorful pieces you will love to own

by Sylvia

Karen Millen coat and dress in blue and cobalt graphical pattern

Do you feel like adding more color to your cupboard? Yesterday, I highlighted some colorful and graphic winter coats. Today I can’t resist showing you some more wonderful graphical coats and clothes for the coming season that I saw in the Karen Millen shop today. These garments, Inspired by the ongoing graphical trend, are great for women over 40 and I think these would really light up the streets and your day!

Blue & Cobalt

I’m loving the blue & cobalt graphical combination. And if you wanted to add the IT color orange to the mix, you could easily do that that by adding an orange bag or shoe.

  1. Limited edition graphic colorblock coat
  2. Graphic stripe pump
  3. Cropped striped knitted jacket
  4. Graphic colorblock dress
  5. Graphic stripe tote

Black white and orange

Instead of black, white and red, you will see a lot of black, white and orange next season. When worn with a graphical pattern, you are truly hip and on trend. I’m loving the pieces below.

Karen Millen coats, cardigans and colors

  1. Graphic stripe coat
  2. Ripple stitch turtle neck
  3. Graphic stripe print dress
  4. Graphic block stripe cardigan
  5. Baby snake bag

Will you be wearing graphical items this coming season? Which new collection has taken your fancy?

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I love every one of these pieces – but especially the little jackets! Here I think we call this “colorblocking”. I think it is a style that will stick around for a while. I saw some cute items for F/W but even more in S/S lines. I saw a dress in Nordstrom’s newest catalog (blue, white, and green) that I wanted but it was sold out in my size before Noon! I think these graphic designs will be popular. I like both color combinations – the black with the blue and the black and white with a touch of orange. I like any bright colors together – hot pink with yellow or orange, lime green with blue. It should be a colorful Spring. 🙂


Yes color blocking will be here for time to come and I for one am not tired of it just yet!


I have been agonizing over buying a pair of pants because they come in 4 bright colors – cobalt, emerald green, hot pink, and aqua. I was afraid my size would sell out before I could decide but thanks to this post I got the cobalt and I am so happy! They look great with black, white, and my new orange accessories (I have a Kate Spade purse, a belt, and Raybans). Your posts are always so inspirational! Thank you Sylvia. 🙂


Sounds great. I would have picked the cobalt too, for sure.


Wow. Those remind me of the 1980s, but given I am a fan of the 1980s, this is a compliment, I assure you. That cropped jacket is incredible…


I especially like the 2 coats. But unfortunately, not need for those here, I’m afraid…

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

The black and white striped coat is cool – that would really be an attention grabber, in an appropriate way 🙂

I left you an award on my blog! I know you probably have more followers than the award instructions indicate, but you’ve made me feel welcomed and your blog is great =D


Thanks so much for the award Tracy. Very honored!

Anita @

I am LOVING the cobalt and orange graphic theme!!!!!! Your creative addition of the red purse and the tucked skirt are GREAT!!!!!


Yes me too. I’n now wearing everything with red, but black, white and blue could easily be worn with orange as well!

anne the SpyGirl

Yeah cobalt + cadmium orange. My current color obsessions!
I worry that orange + black = halloween.
White helps avert that problem


You are right. I too don’t really like the combination of black and orange only. I actually have the same with black and red. A bit of white makes all the difference!


I have to say I’m a big fan of Karen Millen clothing. I think I prefer the black and cobalt selections the most. They are so striking but look really classy. The stripy shoes are fab too. The shift dress looks really versatile. It would make a great dress for wearing to the office.


She seems to get better every year! I just love her recent collection.

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