Impressions, styles and sites of the London Olympics (part 3)

by Sylvia

Beach volleyball entertainment at the London Olympics

Here is my last report from the Olympic Games in London. Apart from the diving that I wrote about before, I also visited the soccer in the Wembly Stadium. Not the best teams (South Africa versus Gabon) but a great experience nonetheless. We were right at the front with about 80000 people in the stadium and the atmosphere in the stadium was just amazing.

Olympic soccer South Korea versus Gabon

The London sites you see along the way are pretty spectacular too. Here is a photo of the famous London Bridge, which is decorated with the Olympic symbol for the occasion.

London bridge

The bridge leads to the historic and impressive Tower of London.

Tower of London

Of course there were lots of fabulous London pubs.

London pub

The fashion in the streets was mostly relaxed and casual. Here are just a few impression of the street fashion, I managed to photograph.

London streetstyle

streetstyle during London Olympics

Another event we witnessed was a qualifying volleyball match between the USA and China, which The USA convincingly won.

Olympic volleyball China versus US

But one of the highlights of our sport events was the beach volleyball. Set in the heart of London between the houses of Parliament and Downing street, it was a magical location to witness it. I was there in the evening and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. There is no such thing as silence here as noise and singing, as much as you can possibly produce, is encouraged here. “This is not Wimbledon“, the presenters would say….

Olympic beach volleybal stadium London

Lots of jokes too: “The Prime Minister just called if we can turn the noice down a bit; he wants to sleep“.

The volleyball was great too. It’s a sport I played a lot when I was young and a lot of beach volleyball when I lived in Sydney. It brings back good memories. In this photo you can see the British player showing a secret signal to her partner on where she’s going to pass the ball. A big congratulations to the US women who finally won the event!

Beach volleyball London

Tidying up the court was part of the attraction. On the music of Benny Hill, they would rake the courts in synchronised fashion “Rakey, Rakey” and “Here come the Rakers…….“.

In case the rakers and volleyball still did not provide enough entertainment, there were also the dancers, who would come during time outs or breaks to entertain the crowds.

entertainment during beach volleyball

Beach volleyball dancers

It was almost a full moon when we walked towards the tube at the end of the evening. Perhaps that produces the reflection of the Big Ben of this photo….

Big Ben

We had a fabulous time in London and this concludes my reports from the London Olympics and in fact my holiday. Normal life begins again, and as you read this I’m back in hot Singapore getting over my jetlag!

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Thanks for the report. Great photos, the outfits of the volleyball dancers are very pretty. The photo of the Big Ben is my favourite. That reflection!!
The street fashion is a bit better than in The Netherlands but not much. Probably lots of tourists.


Yes lots of tourist in London. I had hoped to photograph some more good street fashion (which there certainly was in London), but time always gets in the way….


LOVED all the vacation reports! Thank you!


That’s great to know Chouette!

Material Fixations

Love it, can’t wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!


Next stop Melbourne, but not until October. Now settling back into Singapore! Will check out your blog!


Thank you for your report from London. I am totally into the Olympics, I have been watching television as much as I could. And I am very proud of Holland for winning so many medals, beiing such a small country. Back to normal life, hope you get over your jetlag soon, so you can give us a lot of advise about coming winterseason.


Wasn’t it exciting? Loved seeing Epke win Holland’s first medal (gold even) for gymnastics!


I usually am a bigger fan of the Winter games (skiing and ice skating and hockey!) but I was totally engrossed with the London Summer Olympics! So many great athletes and the opening and closing ceremonies were fabulous! One of the girls on the USA Gymnastics Team lives close to us and her coach is my neighbor and my best friend’s cousin’s wife ran a track event (for Canada) and there were 26 kids connected with my son’s university who competed so this event felt personal to us. My hubby won a contest and was able to take our son to Las Vegas to meet the Team USA Basketball players and watch them play a game the week before they left for London. I was so proud when they won Gold. It was just a great experience and my whole family has been glued to the TV for 17 nights. We are in withdrawal today! I can only imagine how awesome it was to actually be there and share in the excitement of the events. Memories to last a lifetime!


Sounds like you had a great time with the olympics as well, getting so involved with some of the athletes.. It was indeed great being there. The atmosphere was just amazing! We hope to attend a winter olympics too some time…


Thanks for a snap shot of London Sylvia style! Hope Melbourne weather is better for you in October. I’m in South Aust and would love to know if you are meeting up with fashion blogger while here.


Yes, I certainly hope so. I will be attending the Problogger conference, so I’m hoping to meet a lot of other (fashion) bloggers there.

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