How to wear the seventies fashion trend without aging yourself

by Sylvia

how to wear the seventies trend for 40 plus women |

Some say that the 70s fashion trend never goes out of style! But 70s style isn’t easy to pull off for the 40+ woman. Some of the silhouettes, florals and colors can be aging as well as unflattering to certain body shapes. But there was so much 1970s on the Fall 2017 runways, we can’t just ignore the whole season. As a stylist, it’s my job to help clients interpret runway trends into practical and flattering ways, like how to wear the top Fall 2017 seventies style trends – without aging yourself.

Believe it or not, the Seventies look is one of the most requested looks I get asked for. Many stylish women love the look, but are afraid of trying it themselves and looking too dated, or even a bit matronly. But the 70s look can be sexy, polished and flattering, regardless of your age. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years from trial and error.

How to wear bell bottom pants

how to wear seventies fashion |

Unless you’re a six-foot tall rectangle body shape, a bell bottom pant isn’t easy to pull off. There’s a good reason we always book the tall, slim model. Because the silhouette adds more curves than most women want to show off – all while making you look shorter. And the low waist doesn’t help you hide your belly. It’s best to leave the bell bottoms to young, trendy girls, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be on-trend.

The flare pant will be your new Seventies style best friend. It has the vibe of the bell bottom look, but adds some streamlining by slimming the bell-shaped leg a bit. I’ve been working on hours of 2018 Resort and Spring editing for certain designers and you’ll be seeing more flared pants through to next summer, so don’t be afraid to invest in this pant style!

Choose a flare pant with a higher waist to tuck in the tummy and give you a crisper, taller and slimmer look, like this one from Zimmerman:

how to wear flare pants |

Another idea is to go with a higher-waist cropped flare pant, inspired by the Seventies, but on-trend for today. Here are some more ideas on how to wear the a more flattering bell bottom look:

how to dress seventies style |

Flare pants in stores now:

How to wear Seventies-style patchwork

seventies americana trend |

Vogue called it “Americana”. Others named it folk 70s. There was a lot of patchwork on the runways this year. The look is fun, even whimsical, but is it flattering for a classic woman?

The answer is yes, if you leave it to just one item on your outfit. I suggest you add some patchwork to your look as an accessory. Or as a sweater or skirt with some patchwork detail, like these items, in stores now:

How to wear 70s-inspired velvet

how to wear seventies fashion and velvet |

Remember the crushed velvet looks of the 1970s? They are back! But the key to not looking much older than you actually are is by giving the look a totally different twist. Skip the head to toe looks that were big in the Seventies. Avoid the harsh, tailored silhouette that included the bell bottom pant, paired with the boxy, padded jacket.

Instead. wear velvet on only one half of yourself. Ways to wear velvet without aging yourself include:

  • A monochromatic velvet pant with velvet booties
  • By adding velvet accessories like a scarf, belt or handbag
  • My favorite – by adding one of the new relaxed-fit velvet jackets or cardigans available
  • Choosing a vibrant color that flatters your skin tone like a red, indigo blue or persimmon

Here are some beautiful velvet jackets and cardigans, in stores now:

How to wear the Seventies stacked heel

seventies platform shoes |

I don’t know about you, but I find that style heel a bit matronly. It gets an A for comfort, but fails at how it looks. But there are plenty of updated takes on the original Seventies version that look fresh, flattering and new. And the best version is the Fall bootie, which I included plenty to choose from here.

How to wear the 1970s floral victorian collar tops

seventies floral tops |

There were so many Seventies florals on the runways. And many featured the high-neck Victorian collar with a tie. They look lovely on the 19 year old model, but may look a bit frumpy on the gorgeous woman of age. And they can be challenging to wear unless you have a long neck, which I discovered the hard way, when dressing certain clients. Does that mean you can’t own one? Of course you can wear one! It’s all about how you style yours.

Don’t button the top all the way up to the neck. Show a little skin. Or choose a sleeveless version if you’re comfortable with your arms and shoulders, that adds a little sexiness to the look. Or if it comes with a tie to the top, leave the tie long and hanging to mimic the long, skinny scarf look that was big for Fall 2017, like the Jason Wu top here:

Seventies style |

In stores now:

How will you wear the Seventies fashion trend?

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