How to wear the clothes already in my closet and bring new life to them!

by Sylvia

How to wear the clothes already in my closet |

We have all been there, the moment when you keep looking through your closet and finally say, “I have nothing to wear.” You go to the store to grab new items and put them in your closet, only to go through the same experience all over again.

The truth is, you do have something to wear. Sometimes it is not a matter of buying something new, but rather styling the clothes in your closet in a new way. With spring cleaning just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to go through your closet and breathe new life into what you already own.

Having a foundation of basic pieces in your closet is the best way to always have a chic and easy ensemble. Taking the capsule wardrobe approach, you no longer focus on creating one outfit at a time that you might never wear. Instead, you bring together different items from your closet that all coordinate with one another and create endless styling options.  Let’s start by going through your closet and picking out basic items you might already own.


Basic Tops wardrobe capsule |


Basic Bottoms wardrobe capsule |

Jackets and Dress

LBD trenchcoat blazer leather jacket |


basic nude black accessories |

Already you can see that once you take inventory of your closet and put together the basic pieces and a few key accessories in your closet, you have quite a few outfit options. The key here is to always invest in quality basics that will last multiple seasons and coordinate well with each other. By having a great stock of coordinating basics, you can create well tailored looks that are trendy by selecting accessories that will take your looks to the next level.

We selected 4 new pieces to add to this closet:


The beauty of this approach is that you can indulge in seasonal trends without purchasing an entire wardrobe you might not necessarily wear in a season or two.

Here are 9 outfits combining the items above


Basic Looks-5


As you can see, you can create fresh and well put together looks simply by coordinating items you already own and adding in one new item and a few accessories that give your looks that extra edge.

What will you add to your closet this season to give you many more options?



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1 nancy

Great post! Sometimes you need a reminder of the fact that you don’t need something new, but take a second look at it. And for me personal, I get a great inspiration by other bloggers! Today, for example, I have a post with a outfit if last year, but styled it for now!


2 Jodie filogomo

This is such a great reminder to us all!! Maybe that’s why I like shoes so much, because I feel that a modern pair of shoes can update a look very easily!! jodie


3 Suzanne

I love that yellow bag and the scarf you chose.

If there is one thing I know it is that I have something to wear in my closet. I just need to look and be willing to experiment.



4 Greetje

All that hanging back of the clothes that didn’t work, is what I hate. In the shop somebody else does that for me.


5 Evie

Great post with lots of ideas. When I look at the items individually, they seem too classic or preppy for me. But when looking at the outfits, I see how they can be varied by combining and accessorizing. And I love Suzanne’s comment: “If there is one thing I know it is that I have something to wear in my closet. I just need to look and be willing to experiment.” Thanks for sharing that.


6 Elaine

A very nice ready made roadmap on how to dress this spring. Thank you, Sylvia! My shopping list includes a light neutral structured bag or a cross body saddlebag in spring colors, dressy flats – metalic or capped toe, and a really nice silk blouse in a spring shade, serenity blue maybe.


7 Sue

I love this post Sylvia and although I’m moving into autumn where I live I had planned to look through my wardrobe again and say ‘I Don’t have anything to wear’! I love how you have shown the basics and what how we can be creative with them. I’m sharing this on my Sizzling Towards 60 social media. Have a great day!


8 Raquel

Hello,Sylvia,I hope that you’re doing well!
This season I will add more fashion accessories like,belts,scarves,handbags and custom jewelry. I will also purchase different colored pumps and add more whites to my wardrobe.
My husband enjoys shopping with me,and I like going to different stories, so it will be so much fun!
Thank you,Sylvia.
Much blessings!


9 Rosemond

I so need to do an edit of my closet and add in a few pops of color to go with all the grey and black I’ve got. I def need to add a red blazer like the one pictured!


10 Sheela Goh

I’m terribly guilty of taking one look at my wardrobe, proclaiming the absence of anything to wear, and then promptly shopping for me. Rewind, repeat. In an effort to curb myself (and prevent the racks from snapping in two), I’ve decided that April will be the one month wherein I shop only from my closet. I’m already experiencing palpitations at the mere thought of abstaining from shopping so this ought to be an interesting experiment 🙂


11 Greetje

I am with you Sheela. Let’s do it together. As I feel exactly the same.


12 Greetje

Great post Sylvia. And exactly at the right time. I got a lot of inspiration and will do my best to come up with new outfits put together with what I already have.


13 Tania Stephens @ 50isnotold

Fantastic post! I shop my closet on a regular basis, and am terrible about keeping clothing I love for years. I have a couple piece that are over 20 years old, and those aren’t even my vintage pieces.


14 Aileen Wrennall

I’m with you on this Tania, having clothes that I’ve had for many years but rarely worn and don’t know what to do with them. Any suggestions Sylvia on how long to keep things like jackets, when the shoulder pads seem a bit solid and rigid but the jacket is otherwise in excellent condition. I’ve tried changing the pads but it hasn’t worked and thrown the line out.
I’m too careful with clothes and change out of them immediately I come home. That’s why they don’t wear out! It’s always a big problem for me.


15 Sylvia

You may like to do this simple test as described in this article


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