Wearing the trends: leather!

by Sylvia

How to wear leather

As you could read in my fall 2012 trend report, leather is everywhere this season. And as much as I like leather, it’s not a trend I could indulge in easily. I believe in shopping for your dominant season and for Singapore that means clothes that are light and breezy. But of course that does not stop me from indulging in the trend and sharing my favorites with you. And actually there are quite a few dresses that incorporate leather, but are still breezy like the ones below.

Leather dresses

leather dresses

1. Robert Rodriguez 2. Alexander Wang 3. Halston heritage

A leather dress is the ultimate power statement and few women over 40 may feel comfortable in a full leather dress. I would much prefer to go for a dress that incorporates leather, rather than wear a full leather dress. I simply love all of the dresses above with the cheapest one (by Robert Rodriguez) my favorite. The sophistication and simplicity of this dress is just superb. In fact that dress would work also perfectly well in a hotter climate like Singapore !

Leather skirts

leather skirts

1. Asos skirt 2. Alexander McQueen skirt 3. Pure collection (on sale) 4. Robert Rodriguez skirt

Leather skirts are also perfect for adding this trend into your wardrobe. It’s not as overwhelming as a full on leather dress and they look wonderful with a button down shirt or draped t-shirt. They are also easy to combine with jackets. The pencil skirt is the most classical way to wear a leather skirt, but I’m really loving the Alexander McQueen A-line skirt. This particular one is very pricey at $1110, but I’m hopeful that cheaper stores will pick up this design.

Leather jackets

leather jackets

1. Micheal Kors 2. Overland sheepskin coat 3. Overland red jacket 

The easiest and most classic way is to wear leather is to go for a leather jacket. Even here you can opt for a mixture of fabrics as is shown in The Michael Kors blazer at the left. Or go for a softer suede look. I’m loving this suede trench coat from Overland. And how cool is that red leather jacket from the same brand?

Some more leather looks can be found on my leather pinterest board.

Are you planning on wearing any leather this coming fall? Will you opt for a full on leather or wear garments with leather elements added?

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I love that Alexander McQueen pleated skirt. In the UK Zara has an almost identical looking one in rubberised polyester fabric, for a much more reasonable £39.99. I might have to try one on……


That sounds like a good replacement!


I also like the Alexander McQueen A line skirt… for the Zara price. Is more comfortable. I used to own a black leather pencil skirt. The one thing that is difficult with such a skirt, is that it rides up when you sit down and before you know it, you are revealing more than you want.
Of course I have my black full length leather pencil skirt and I ordered a red peplum top…. Cannot wait till it is ready.


Yes, very much looking forward to seeing that!


The funny thing is that most of the leather dresses and jackets are fabricated in the East. Tony Cohen is a dutch designer who makes lovely dresses made of very thin leather that feels like material and is made in Indonesia and the Dany Bles Collection of leather Jackets is made in Bali. So I always thought that you could buy a lot of leather fashion in Singapore. And wearable too for the climat.


No there is not a lot of leather in Singapore. Singapore is very big on the big brand names and it’s harder to find good independent stores with more affordable brands. Many of the wonderful clothes that are manufactured in the east cannot actually be bought here (unfortunately)


Leather is huge here! You can buy anything in leather. I own a black pencil skirt, 2 jackets, and have a peplum top on backorder. And today I am picking up a Michale Kors black leather Moto jacket that is a birthday gift. It isn’t the style I thought I wanted but it is classic and fun at the same time. I have seen some cute dresses too but that is just overwhelming. I prefer the ones that you show with leather trim. That is attractive. But nothing beats a beautiful pair of tall leather boots. 🙂 Or a yellow leather Coach bag – right Greetje?!


Of course Suzanne. How could I forget to mention boots and bags? That is a perfect way to wear the leather trend as well.


I have become more careful with leather clothes as I grew older. Things like a black leather jacket do not make me very pretty. Quite the contrary.
But my orange leather summer jacket was lovely until our dog destroyed it by accident. So colour and shape are important. And Suzanne, the yellow leather bag has had two outings already and a third one coming up Monday (paired with a tight black D&G skirt suit).


I knew you would be happy with your yellow Coach bag!
I never saw myself in a motorcycle style jacket either but I am so in love with my new one. It is buttery soft and comfy but it looks “tough” with all of the zippers and snaps. It has been a fun addition to my wardrobe. I am still experimenting with different ways to wear it. 🙂 My brown shearling jacket is still my favorite though.

Heather Fonseca

Totally love the leather trend! I have two skirts and a few jackets in leather or vinyl. Hoping for more skirts in particular. I’d love a full skirt in the material.


Yes and it suits you too!

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