We have been discussing casual style outfit ideas and fomulas.

Today we will discuss casual outfit formula #1: Jeans with a top.

As you can see that is exactly what I’m wearing although I have added a hat as well to make this look a bit more funky.

If you like to see all my suggested casual outfit formulas you can see them all there.

Casual outfit formula 1 - jeans with a special top | 40plusstyle.com

Our first exploration of casual style begins with the good old blue jeans plus a special top. This can be blue jeans but can also be jeans in any other color. Bright colors are still popular as are white and colorful options.


For a detailed guide on jeans: check my guide on how to wear jeans over 40


What makes this outfit formula so great is that it’s very easy to wear, very comfortable and that with a bit of effort it looks effortlessly stylish.

You can easily make your outfit more or less casual by adding the right shoes and accessories.

The 40+ style stars of today have done exactly that and have turned this simple outfit formula into sassy casual chic outfits.

My outfit

The jeans I’m wearing today is  a mild bootleg cut which is one of my preferred jeans styles.

I like my jeans dark, so it is not too casual and these ones have a beautiful color.  Although some of you want your bootleg jeans really tight, I’m preferring mine a bit loser although I ordered my size according to the specifications on the site.


For a round up of the best jeans that have the right fit, also check my article on the best fitting jeans


The jeans are paired with a color blocked top from local label In Good Company. The designers of this new label used to be responsible for my beloved (now discontinued) brand Alldressedup and they are getting better with each collection. More of them coming up in later articles…

What I like about this outfit is that it is casual yet chic. Comfortable yet hip. All that the jeans needed is just a special top! I even kept the jewelry very minimal.

Corset jeans with a special top and hat | 40plusstyle.com

Another of my go-to outfits is white jeans with a blouse. This is a combination I recently wore that I felt very happy in.

These jeans are from NYDJ (similar from NYDJ).

White NYDJ with a lila button down shirt | 40plusstyle.com

Now, let’s have a look at your ideas!

boyfriend jeans with blue green striped top | 40plusstyle.com

Alice (Happiness at Midlife) is looking great in boyfriend jeans. Notice how her accessories make this outfit really chic: the pointy shoes, the earrings, the handbag and watch!

Blue jeans with an animal print top from Covered Perfectly | 40plusstyle.com

Lorraine is wearing her dark jeans with an animal print top from Covered Perfectly. She uses the same trick as Alice and adds more chic to her look with accessories. Below are four more great jeans + special top outfits from Lorraine.

Blue jeans with a printed t-shirt as worn by Lorraine | 40plusstyle.com Blue jeans with a special top - Lorraine | 40plusstyle.com

Paisley Top over distressed Jeans and Mary Janes - Daenel| 40plusstyle.com

Looking bohemian chic with boyfriend jeans and printed tops - Daenel | 40plusstyle.com

I’m loving the arty and colorful interpretations of Daenel (Living Outside the Stacks) whose looks exude a more arty and bohemian vibe. Great casual looks that are fun, playful and chic!

Blue jeans with blouse and sneakers - Laura | 40plusstyle.com

Laura (Buckle Button Zip) is looking very chic in jeans with a shirt layered over a t-shirt. She opted instead to make her look more casual by rolling up her jeans and adding oxfords. Great for casual days!

Wearing jeans with special tops | Ana | 40plusstyle.com Looking casual chic in blue jeans with a special top - Ana | 40plusstyle.com

Some women just look so good in jeans (or know how to wear them well) and Ana (Mrs American Made) is certainly one of those ladies. Four great looks from her!

Sporty in blue jeans on a bike | 40plusstyle.com

The Wardrobe Mistress tells us all to do something active every day! She wears her go-to Mossimo Supply Co. jeans from Target, striped T-Shirt, bicycle print scarf from Charming Charlie’s, knock-off Tom’s from Rite-Aid, studded belt buckled at the side, and of course, a DK bicycle helmet. Looking very chic on her bike indeed!

 Looking very hip with blue skinnies and red pumps | Trina | 40plusstyle.com

Trina (Teatime with Trina) is absolutely rocking her skinny jeans with these red pumps. So fun to pair these with her flowery blouse. It really increases the HIP factor!

Casual outfit formula 1 collages

Casual outfit formula 1: blue jeans with a special lace top | 40plusstyle.com

Loving this elegant outfit from Sue (Polyvore profile) who combines jeans with a lace top.

jeans with sunflowers and fringe bag | 40plusstyle.com

Finally Kay (Polyvore profile) adds a beautiful sunflower top to the jeans with a currently very hip fringed bag.

In short here is how you can make your simple jeans & special top outfit look stylish and hip!

  • Instead of a plain t-shirt, choose something with a print or a drape.
  • Jazz up your outfit with heels, pumps or a funky flat shoe.
  • Play with accessories to turn up the chic factor.
  • Roll up your jeans and add sneakers for a very laid-back casual look.
  • Play with accessories like a hat to make your outfit more funky.
  • Play with silhouette and see how different your outfit looks with different tops. Do you look better by tucking in your top, wearing it with a belt or losely draped over your jeans? Perhaps you can wear some tops different ways?
  • When tucking in your top consider adding a belt.

Are you ready for mini challenge number 2?

Casual outfit formula 2 is jeans + top + jacket or cardigan. Check here for more details.

I hope you enjoyed all this glorious casual inspiration? Do you wear this casual outfit formula often? Which of the above is your favorite outfit?


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