How to wear burgundy and mix it with marsala, orange and blue!

by Sylvia

How to wear burgundy |

Amid many grey and black looks during New York fashion week, Denton spotted this gorgeous woman dressed in wonderful hues of burgundy, marsala (which is currently the color of the year) and dark orange. How amazing is this color combination? 

She paired the outfit with the perfect booties (I think) in animal print which enhances this look beautifully.

As icing on the cake she added this gorgeous blue bag.

This outfit looks both comfortable and practical, hip and current, and I loved the extra addition of the pop up color and the print.

If you are as inspired as I am by the possibility of burgundy, you like some of these items currently available online.

What do  you think? Do you like this outfit as much as me?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Pam@over50feeling40

This year the spring trend colors are my favorites…so saturated and beautiful. Nice to see a change from pastels.

2 Sylvia

Yes, these colors are better for me too!

3 Patti

I do! I like the subtle color differences, and the cobalt bag. xo

4 Sylvia

Yes the bag is fabulous!

5 Jodie filogomo

I do like this look although on my screen I don’t really see it as orange—it looks more dusty pink. Either way they are all warm colors in the same value arena! jodie

6 Sylvia

I think the belt is orange 😉 The color of those trousers is hard to describe.. dusty pink is pretty good!

7 denton

Hi Jodie:

I’ve looked at the belt color on my calibrated and profiled display and its hex value is #b7986D. The below link refers to it as ‘slightly desaturated orange’ which sounds perfect. It’s tricky to judge colors when they are surrounded by similar colors, as you can see at this total color geek site. Thanks for looking!

8 Sylvia

That is a great site Denton!

9 Wendra

I love her use of color – and your find of the Scuba Culottes at Nordie’s – I think I had a pair just like in the 70’s !

10 Sylvia

Mine had square prints although I had several! Boy was I preppy then, even though I never really felt comfortable with the look.

11 Vancouver Barbara

A gorgeous combination. It suits her so well. Thanks for posting this. I’m in love with Marsala this season. Pairing it with orange puts it in the “oriental” category…like Tibetan monks’ robes but gentler.

12 Judi

Beautiful! I have so much of all these colors and did not know if I could mix them. I even googled what colors to wear with burgundy. I love the blue. Wow!

13 Cove Girl

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with too many colors and patterns but this look combines everything beautifully and you never feel like it’s overdone. I like the touch of blue to break up the warm tones.

14 Greetje

Oh yes. This is no amateur. What a perfect outfit!!

15 Petra

What a lovely colour combo – I’ve never seen this done before! They’re not colours that suit my pale winter complexion but this woman looks good and seriously knows how to style herself. Thanks for sharing 🙂

16 Ann

I am so trying this color combination! I think it’s her hair and skin tone that makes it look so good. Also wonderful relaxed fit on the pieces.

17 Dorrie Jacobson

Nice color combo. I’m always on the look out for something new. Thanks Sylvia, I’ll give it a try.
Senior Style Bible

18 Lisa

I love this combination. We can get in such ruts thinking only certain colors “go together.” Playing with color is so much fun and she does it beautifully!

19 Jamie

Love this look! Would not have thought of pairing burgundy with navy or orange (or leopard…which I love!)

20 Judi

Today I paired burgundy leggings, a soft lightweight turtleneck in a different color burgundy than the pants, an orange sweater and orange flats. I must say it looked really nice. I was going to wear my periwinkle blue flats but wanted to try out my new orange wedges.

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