How to wear a suit to work (but still look young and hip)

by Keisha Reynolds

How to wear a suit to work (but still look young and hip) |

Wearing a suit does not have to be boring or aging. You can jazz up a suit and make it hip and stylish. Below are some tips to help you achieve the look.

The Shirt

Jazz things up by going for something more stylish than the traditional button down. A pussybow neckline can add drama to an otherwise plain suit. The flowy bow will add a flare to the entire look. Another shirt option would be a turtle neck or half turtle neck with a fitted cut. The plain palette of a solid colored fitted top will allow you to play with accessories. There’s more on that below.

Make your suit young and hip

Cut of the pant

To keep your suit hip, give some attention to the cut of the pant. If you choose to go with wide leg pants or a more slim fit, exaggerating certain aspects of either will define the look. If slim is the way you decide to go, look for a pant with a pronounced crease.

Wide leg pants can make a bold statement as well by creating a more billowy silhouette. To perfect the wide leg look, make sure the pants are long enough to float just about the floor.

Make Your Suit Look Young and Hip


Flats have their place, but heels are a must with a suit. The height of the heel will depend on your preference. For wide leg pants, go for an almond toed or a pointed toed pump. Both are stylish and young and both look amazing peeping from under the edge of floor length flared pants. Platforms are making an appearance this fall and they could also work with the wide leg, billowy look.

For slimmer pants, go with a pump that is narrow in appearance. Pointed toes look best while almond toed pumps tend to widen the look too much and take away the balance of the ensemble.


Blazers come in many shapes, styles, cuts and lengths. You can play with all these variables to create a look that suits you. For an updated and hip look, stay away from too many buttons. A blazer with one or two buttons works across the board and looks current. For a bit of drama, try a blazer that is mid-thigh to knee length. Make sure the shirt you pair with the look makes a statement on its own, as you will likely remove such a dramatic jacket, once you are inside.

Keep Your Suits Young and Hip


Accessories are one of the best ways to play with current trends while remaining age appropriate. Updated jewelry can transform a look into something young and hip. The plain canvas created with a half turtle neck or turtleneck, as mentioned above, is the perfect place to overlay a bold statement necklace. If the pussybow top appeals to you, accessories like ornate, but small, chandelier earrings will work for you.

Suits are a great way to look professional at work. And with these tips they will make you look hip too!

Can you think of any other ways to make your suit modern and stylish?

 40+Style contributor Keisha is a personal shopper and stylist who writes about style and fashion for 40+Style

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1 Corina

Very timely and helpful. Thanks!


2 Wendy

The idea that heels are a must with a suit seems to me very dated advice, and in fact, I’d say that wearing heels (unless clearly very fashionable) is likely to make the outfit look older, while wearing fashionable flats to my eye makes the outfit look younger and more hip. At any rate, it is when I am wearing both a suit and heels that I have to work that much harder to ensure that the outfit is not ageing/unfashionable.


3 Gretha

I do agree with the fact that heels are likely to make the look older. I would wear a nice sneaker or flat shoe. Also I would wear a simpel shirt with it to look more modern.


4 Greetje

Indeed it is not easy to kill the classic vibe of a suit. I had two of them. Really good quality. One suit I just could not style (down) and I got rid of it. The other one I still have but don’t wear very often.
And I have great difficulty to imagine what an outfit will look like from a moodboard. I know, no fantasy on my part.


5 Sherry Edwards

What I do since most of my duties are butt related I keep my footwear plain and basic. I’ve ruined so many shoes by putting my feet under the seat. I like to punch up my look with accessories. I can’t go bold or over the top but something a little bit noticeable. I really really really adore my scarves. I can’t wear one everyday without hearing the comments but I try to wear one at least once or twice a week. I find that the latest trend usually keeps me up to date.


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