How to wear a denim shirt and white blazer 5 different ways!

by Sylvia

How to wear a denim shirt and white blazer 5 different ways! |

Everyone wishes they could get more from their existing wardrobe. Being able to pull off multiple looks by using the same items in different ways, is a sure-fire way to make that wish a reality. Here are some easy ways to maximize your wardrobe by remixing the same key pieces.

Key Pieces:

A denim button down shirt

Denim is in! It is also comfortable and that is always a plus. With so many options on the market, it has become an affordable staple item you can easily add to any wardrobe. While there are several different washes available, dark washed denim is one of the easiest ways to anchor a look.

A button down dark denim shirt will keep you on trend, but will also allow you to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. The dark wash keeps things age-appropriate while allowing the shirt to act as your staple piece. Then, you simply build your look around your staple piece.

Of course you can also opt for a navy blue top instead if you want a chicer option.

A white blazer

Blazers are one of those items that can suit your needs in so many ways. A white blazer will add polish to your look. Fit is also a factor. A well-fitted blazer is appropriate for a business meeting or for a night out on the town. The key is to pair your blazer with other items that define the overall look you are going for. Something as simple as pushing up the sleeves on a structured blazer can give you a more casual look, while buttoning up the same blazer can give you a more professional appearance. In either instance, a white blazer says that your look is purposeful and not just thrown together haphazardly.

The contrast of dark denim and white stands out. They look great together and this duo is versatile. It is an effortless, yet pulled together fashion statement. As the looks below highlight, no matter what you add to this dynamic duo, it easily becomes a winning combination.

Pairing the denim button down with a sleek pencil skirt and adding a white blazer, immediately dresses things up and makes the look client-meeting appropriate.


The same dark denim shirt and white blazer paired with a maxi skirt will have you ready for brunch on Sunday at your favorite restaurant.


Jeans and sneakers don’t have to be boring or frumpy. The dark denim jeans paired with the dark denim top and white blazer make this look versatile enough to go from weekend errands to dinner, all in the same day.


Adding color can make a look more fun. Here, the orange pleated pants add a nice accent to the combination of white and dark denim. The gold pumps and clutch make this look great for a concert or dinner show.


Cropped pants make for the perfect summertime styling option. The espadrille wedges and bucket handbag complete this picnic ready outfit.


Here are some items inspired by these looks that you can buy in online stores right now!

Have you played with a dark denim shirt and white blazer combo? If so, did it become a go-to look for you?


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1 Ramona

I am with you on the white blazer when there is lots of other color to counter balance the widening effect of white. But, the white blazer with the white skirt? That is going to make me look like a Yeti, and would probably do the same to anyone who is not super thin. It’s just the nature of white.


2 Sylvia

I agree that look is not for everyone and you could replace the skirt with pants, but these are just suggestions and you should pick the option(s) that suit you and your body best!


3 Patti

I want a white blazer asap! Great looks. xo


4 Sylvia

Yes it’s a must have. I even took it on holiday with me!


5 Sabina “OceanblueStyle” B

I seriously love all of them! I have got a light blue denim shirt which I like styling with my green Vivienne Westwood pencil skirt or white jeans but I will certainly save the page for more fabulous ideas! Thank you. Sabina | Oceanblue Style


6 Sylvia

Great to read this inspired you Sabina!


7 Greetje

A very educational post. Pity I don’t wear jeans skirts (one of the things which does not make me look good) and hardly ever a white shirt as I cannot get the buttons fastened over the bosom. But I have similar combinations with jeans.


8 Sylvia

You could replace the denim shirt with a navy top to try these combis too…..


9 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

Finding a right white blazer is so tough…I have a tough time finding one that does not look like a lab coat.


Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion linkup.


10 Kristen

Just bought a fantastic, classic white blazer at H&M for $25! The fit is amazing! Can’t wait to wear it. Thanks for the inspiration. ~ Kristen


11 Angie

Just great suggestions for 2 of the most classic items in a woman’s closet. I love the denim on denim sporty one!


12 Annah

Wow! didn’t know that denim shirt could give life any outfit briliant


13 Nicolla

Yes these ideas are great for spring/summer I cant wait and I have several blazers and denim shirts


14 Sherry Edwards

No I have never thought to pair the two but what a great idea. Looking forward to doing this combo next summer.


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