How to transform your outfits with statement jewelry

by Sylvia

How to transform your outfits with statement jewelry |

It’s no secret that I love good statement jewelry. I feel it can add that special touch to your outfits or provide that often much needed extra color to your face. As I love to wear simple minimalistic outfits, it’s often the jewelry that gives it something special.

Today I will feature some of my favorite basic outfits and will highlight how jewelry can turn these outfits from regular to spectacular, featuring pieces from Jewelry to Your Doorstep.

how to wear statement jewellery |

Featured jewelry: cuff, top necklace, bottom necklace

Many women, including me, love to wear black and white. Still, that can look quite harsh on many women so you want to add some extra color to your face.  The same goes for an all (winter) white look which is still very fashionable.

Wearing a statement necklace can be a great solution. These 2 red statement necklaces will provide color and add something special at the same time. If you feel like a more subdued look, you can just opt for a colorful bracelet. The final look will look modern, arty and hip!

how to wear a statement necklace with black or gray |

Featured jewelry: top necklace, earrings, bottom necklace

Sometimes it’s nice to wear neutral colors like gray and black. Nothing beats a little black dress for a chic understated look in the evening. If you like to make your outfit a bit more special though or you like more color next to your face, an added statement necklace makes a little black dress outfit that much more fun!

For daytime, gray is a lovely understated color. Great to combine with all sorts of colors as I showed you earlier, but also fabulous with understated black and white. All you need is a statement necklace to give the outfit something special. The 2 statement necklaces above are among my favorites of the Jewelry to your Doorstep collection and would look great with these outfits.

how to make your outfit special with rose gold jewellery |

Featured jewelry: ringcollarnecklaceearringsbracelet

As much as I love colorful statement necklaces, sometimes you just want your outfit to be understated and chic. The fashionable metal of the moment is rose gold which looks very chic with many colors. Wear it with black or white but also with nature tones as shown above.

It will also look really well with the current fashion color of dark red or this light brown (both looks are from Zara). Choose which jewelry suits your outfit best. Sometimes all you need is a bracelet and earrings. As a general rule I would stick to a maximum of 3 pieces.

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to select 2 pieces from the Jewelry to your Doorstep collection and I will show you how I wore those in upcoming articles! Right now, get close to 30% off your order when you use the code 40plus at checkout! (5% is automatically applied when going to the shop through my links and then 25% extra at checkout)

Can you guess which 2 pieces from the above I picked? Also, what is your favorite piece and how would you wear it?


This article was sponsored by Jewelry to your Doorstep. Please note though that 40+ Style only works with brands that we love and recommend and all jewelry choices and opinions are my own!

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1 Plus Style

Love your statement jewelry 🙂


2 Suzanne

Has to be that first one…the avant guard looking one. And maybe the first gold one.

Oh how I wish it had been the peacock though! : )



3 Sylvia

haha, not revealing just yet… All I will say that I really do love that peacock necklace!


4 Greetje Kamminga

Strangely enough, none of them. Here is where we have different taste. Although lots of your jewellery is admired by me, we are different in this area. The jewellery is beautiful, I can see that. And I like the fact they are affordable yet guilded with gold or made of silver. That is a necessity for me (allergic).


5 Sylvia

Yes I know your style is slightly different. Still, I think I could probably change your mind if I could style you in some outfits…


6 Lisa

I have been playing around with making costume jewelry because I just couldn’t find what I wanted at a price I was willing to spend. I agree that the right necklace especially can make or break and outfit.

I like all the rose gold necklaces in the last picture, but especially the one on the bottom right. (I definitely couldn’t make that!)


7 Sylvia

That is a bracelet Lisa and I agree it’s gorgeous!


8 Dawn Lucy

Fabulous choices! Accessories really can make all the difference!
Dawn Lucy


9 Sylvia

Thanks Dawn Lucy. They sure can!


10 Rita

I don’t think I could wear it, but I’d love the peacock necklacec to just to have and look at. It’s gorgeous.

I think you went with the red bracelet and necklace (#1 and #2 on the top of the post), though maybe the gold necklace on the lower left instead of the red beaded necklace?


11 Esther

I love your blog. Modern and hip very good inspiracional ideas.
I love jewelry but my style is moré exótic native american, Indian, mexican and Turkish jewelry, i have a big colección. I agree with you 2 or 3 pieces aré e oiga otherwise you can look like a Christmas tree


12 Sylvia

Thanks for the kind words Esther!


13 Sherry Edwards

My best guess would be you did not choose earrings, ha ha. The 2 red necklaces at the very top. If you didn’t then you need to get those.


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