Handbags are a powerful accessory to instantly add polish and thoughtful styling to a look (with very little effort).

A classic and timeless bag in a neutral tone, however, is a key closet must have as it will go with most anything and not be restricted by seasons and trends. Neutral tones (gray, black, nude) in a classic, structured silhouette are the perfect investment. A neutral tone handbag will go with most anything in your closet and can be dressed down (for a weekend look) or dressed up (for an evening out).

With this classic tan DKNY leather tote in mind, we put together 4 outfits to take you from formal to leisure and day to night, and to inspire you to consider all the endless possibilities with such a a powerhouse of an accessory as the neutral bag.

Office look

For this office look, we went with a timeless and classic ensemble. We added a feminine flair with a pink button-up blouse, which instantly softens the severity of the suit. Delicate earrings and a necklace work to further soften the look and not overwhelm.

The coordination between the animal print pumps (with a more somber tone) and our neutral tote work well to contrast with the black suit, while also adding a unique edge to the look that is still office appropriate.

office look animal print heels black suit buttonup | 40plusstyle.com

Evening look

We selected a little white dress with an embellished neckline for our evening look. Picking up on the gold hues of the neckline, we added gold and diamond drop earrings and a gold bangle.

The tote pulls on the gold tones of the look and blends seamlessly. Its structured build also plays well into the structure of the dress, as well as its metallic hardware that plays well off of the metallic heels.

little white dress embellished metallic heels gold | 40plusstyle.com

Errands look

When spending a day running errands, we usually want to go with a polished look that is as effortless as it is comfortable. For this look, we went with a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans. Pointed toe flats add class, yet are still comfortable to last for a full day completing tasks.

A plaid silk top is comfortable and casual with a little luxe silk to add to the look.

We also included a twill coat that helps to balance proportions, yet is still casual enough for the look. The neutral tote blends in perfectly and showcases how a neutral tone bag can easily be integrated.

Additionally, the bag also adds enough polish to the look without dressing up the outfit too much.

errands look plaid top pointed toe flats | 40plusstyle.com

Weekend brunch look

Weekend brunch looks are always an exciting ensemble to put together as they have to balance the tone between casual and chic.

To meet in the middle, we styled the neutral tote with a midi floral skirt, which instantly boosts the chic factor. To dress it down, while still delivering on a unique look, we went with a striped blue top. The blue tones link the two pieces which allows for the interesting visual of contrasting prints.

Brown sandals keep the look less complex and coordinate perfectly with a nude tote that adds more structure and pulls all the textures, shades of blue, and prints together.

brunch look floral skirt striped top statement earrings | 40plusstyle.com

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Do you love having a neutral bag like this one? How would you style it?


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How To Style A Neutral Bag | 40plusstyle.comFeature image by Carla

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