How to look great after 40 – tip & tricks and a video!

by Sylvia

How to look great after 40 |

A while ago I told you about a video I  created with FlipTV Asia.

You may have already seen it as I shared it with you through my social media channels and newsletter. However, if you haven’t yet you can still watch it here!

I thought I’d summarize a few important tips that I share on the video.

1. Wear color

Tips on how to look great after 40: 1. Wear color! |

Color gets more important as you turn older. It lightens up your face and gives you an overall fresher look!

You don’t have to go all-out with full-on color blocking as I show in the video, but can keep it subtle. For example, you could wear a red blouse underneath a gray cardigan. Or choose a gray outfit with a bright red statement necklace!

To give your outfit a little more depth and edge, you can add a third color, either in your clothes or through accessories.

2. Have fun with clothes and try out different silhouettes

Tips and tricks to look great after 40: 2. Have fun with clothes and try out different silhouettes |

Don’t be afraid to incorporate some new trends. When I created this video printed pants were super popular. If you wear them with a toned down top, they will look very chic.

Take your pick of one of the fall 2014 trends and think about how you can incorporate that into your style this season.

3. Be creative with your clothes

Dressing tips for women over 40 |

Do you love a short dress or another piece that you see in the shops but can’t think of how to wear it? Think outside the box and see how this garment could fit in your 40+ wardrobe.

For example, I often wear short dresses over pants or leggings. This can be a very hip and chic look that you can wear both for the day and evening. You could do the same thing with the large knitted sweaters and tunics that are popular right now.

4. Look beyond the standard t-shirt

Look beyond the standard t-shirt and try a different style |

I have discussed this a few times on 40+ style. I believe in the basic t-shirt as a great layering tool, but not so much as an outfit in itself. When your t-shirt is your outer layer, choose one that is more unique in a shape that flatters your body type. There are now so many options in the stores and there is bound to be one that suits you. For more tips and some great tops that can hide your belly check out this page.

Of course there are many more tips and tricks on how to look great after 40 and you will find them throughout the site. If you are new, a good place to start is the how to dress after 40 section.

What would be your number one tip to look great after 40?


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1 Lisa

I agree with adding color, but would also mention that the colors that look good on us change as we age, even if we are coloring our hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


2 Rita

Just yesterday I culled many of my basic, solid t-shirts. I kept those that had a little embellishment, pattern, or a color I really like, and the layering colors that I tend to wear most often (white, cream, yellow). I put a bunch others in the give-away pile, and now have a little more room in my closet. 🙂


3 Lorraine

Well done Rita! I haven’t culled my pile (remember the photo?)!
Sylvia – I went to this shop and tried some things on but came away empty handed, sadly!


4 Suzanne

I totally agree about adding colour. Too many women wear black, grey and beige.



5 Greetje Kamminga

I agree with everything. For me colour is even more important. Put grey, beige or camel near my face without adding a bright colour and I am a wash-out (is that a word?).
Still, black with white is my favourite combination and it is not that good on me. Just add a bright colour in a necklace or a scarf and Bob is your uncle.

A little trick Anja uses and me sometimes as well with skirts or dresses which are too short: put a (tight) pencil skirt underneath it. Usually works very well. It has to be tapered to the knee.


6 Ann

I think all the tips for clothing on video or TV are right on Sylvia. A smart hair style and color is top of my list. Wearing a bit more color when it comes to makeup and eyebrows seems like a must for me these days.

blue hue wonderland


7 Sherry Edwards

I think I actually have more than just one tip, I need that many to start my day, ha! ha! Always, always, always make-up first and fore most. No fantastic outfit can look great if you don’t. Also, hair needs to be styled and nails need to be done. Must always have jewelry, earrings for sure!!! After that a great outer piece, such as a blazer, jacket or fantastic sweater, a scarf to tie everything together. A shoe or boot with a heel. An outstanding purse is great also, however, sometimes I am seen without a purse. (I can’t take my purse with me everywhere at work). It takes a lot to make me feel and look my best. I always need to put in that effort otherwise I look and feel casual and frumpy dumpy.


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