How to improve the look of your shirts – Instantly

by Sylvia

How to improve the look of your shirts - Instantly

I love wearing shirts. If I would work in an office or lived in a cooler climate, I’m sure I would wear them more often.

I find shirts especially good for business meetings as they add that bit of professionalism to a an outfit.

However, sometimes the shirt can let you down. I know I have had this situation where I wanted to wear a shirt to look smart but was not happy with the final result as the upper part of the shirt just looked messy.

That is why I instantly understood the purpose of this new unique patent pending product called ShirtProp and agreed to write about it here.
They created easy-to-apply adhesive strips that sit in the inside of your shirt and will instantly give the blouse or shirt the structure that it needs to look smart.

Have a look at the image below: do you notice that the shirt looks a lot smarter in the second image?


Here is how it works:

  1. Get ShirtProp
  2. Pop them on the inside of your shirt
  3. Wear shirt as usual but look instantly smarter!

Here is one of my own blouses that I took to the test.


In addition to looking smarter with the shirt, I think that this solution has the additional advantage for women of not needing to button your shirt high. The collar naturally stands up and creates good structure within the blouse, which gives you more space around the bust.

I think it’s brilliant for men too.

I know that my husband never wears ties anymore. Not even to business meetings. He still needs to look smart and professional though and will wear a shirt and sometimes a jacket. It’s especially important for him that his shirts don’t look sloppy.

I will certainly find it easier to wear my blouses again!


If you like to give ShirtProp a go, head on over to their website for more information or buy it straight from Amazon.


This article was created in collaboration with ShirtProp

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1 Rita

Hi Sylvia, interesting as usual. Happy to know that, it could change the way I wear my shirt! Thank you


2 Nancy

Hi, I have to say that I dont often wear shirts like that. But if I do I will think about your tip! Have a great Monday!


3 KatieRae

This looks so great! I thought I might invest in shirt prop, especially for my husband, but Amazon is not shipping this article to Canada….sigh.


4 Sabina @Oceanblue Style at Manderley

Never occured to me. Because I do not wear a lot of business blouses. Mine tend to be a bit more on the soft side. But will keep your tip in mind. Have a great day.


5 Greetje

Fantastic!!! This is what I need!!! So glad you agreed to write about it. A perfect solution. I am over to their website.


6 Greetje

They don’t want to ship to me…I will have to pester my American friends.


7 Melanie

Okay, so it’s tape! Genius cross-marketing move. Love this product. Now I just need a few blouses to try it on.


8 Greetje

Did you ever try it Melanie? Seems fabulous to me. I always want my collar up and it never does.


9 Melanie

No, I’ve never tried it but I would think, Greetje, that if you found any old tape that is not too stiff and slightly wide, it would work. Amazon customers in the States can buy it – no listing for Amazon Canada yet. It also said it’s only designed to be used once. It looks like regular wide removable tape and if I had a blouse that needed sprucing up I’d try regular tape. If you try it, let me know how it goes. Same here.


10 Greetje

I am ordering them through an American friend.


11 Melanie

Excellent. I look forward to hearing your results. I woke up today thinking about all the kinds of tape O has in his workroom. Heh. But I’m sure this product is softer than painter’s tape. Hahaha.


12 Jacqui

Such an interesting read, also looked at your shapes blog, that was interesting too..J/mummabstylish


13 Petra

Maybe it depends on the fabric? I wear a shirt today and it doesn’t look messy at all …


14 Caroline

Help! Shirtprop not available in Australia, and cannot be posted from mazon seller.
Am i doomed to wear messy shirts for the rest of my life.?


15 Sherry Edwards

What a fantastic idea. I will diffenately check it out. Thanks for letting everyone know.


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