How to have fun with shoes!

by Sylvia

Do you have fun with shoes? |

On Monday I told you how I have lots of fun with my colorful and textured Chie Mihara shoes. They are great with minimal outfits that could otherwise be considered boring.

Shoes are an easy way to add fun and color to your outfits, so it’s great to have a fun or colorful pair in your closet.

I had a look at what is available right now online from Chie mihara and other brands to give you some inspiration.

Do you have FUN shoes in your closet?


1 Suzanne

I adore this brand but haven’t scraped enough $ together to buy any yet. I keep hoping I will stumble across some in one of my consignment stores on day. I just LOVE the ones you bought.

I do have loads of other cute shoes though and since I’m from Canada quite a collection of boots.


2 Sylvia

Yes, I was lucky to find them in the sales. That makes a huge difference!

3 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

Shoes!!! Love this collection Sylvia!

4 Nanne

I have to admit that almost all my shoes are neutral – surprise! However I do own a pair of gold studdet black ballerina flats that I wore a lot last summer, and a pair of dark red suede platform pumps. For spring this year I would like to add some animal print flats to my shoe wardrobe. Thanks for the great inspiration, lots of lovely shoes there!

5 denton

A couple of years ago I walked by Bergdorf’s in NYC and was transfixed, no, hooked by these Prada flame shoes in the window. So happens they were sold out and getting a pair for my wife took a lot of time and patience. Eventually I prevailed. lol. Shoes don’t get more ‘fun’ than these, as the reaction she gets from women, men, and small children attests.

Those ‘Equalizer Lo’ sandals are pretty cool tho.

I think what is great about wild and wonderful shoes is that unlike some other articles of clothing, as long as you can walk in them you can pull them off.

6 Greetje

Wow Denton…. Amazing shoes. Your wife is a lucky woman. It doesn’t matter what you wear with them, the shoes will make a sac look like designer material.

7 Sylvia

Wow fabulous shoes. These will surely make a statement! What a wonderful husband you are for pursuing these shoes for your wife. And I agree with you, there is no limit to what you can do with shoes.

8 Greetje

Love the top left ones, the brown with black. I have pinned at least 4 pairs of your selection. Chie Mihara is very nice . But United Nude is also a great brand. As my teal booties prove.

9 Sylvia

Yes, I love that brand as well. Tried finding your fabulous booties to include them in this list but to no avail…..

10 Greetje

End of season… Sold out.

11 Greetje Kamminga

I have included them on my Pinboard Shoes.

12 fashmr paul

My favourite in that selection is the pointy toed polka dot flats – How cool do they look!!
Denton, the Prada flame shoes are something so special !! wow !

13 Lisa

I have more fun shoes in my spring/summer wardrobe. With fewer layers, more shorts and skirts, and no scarves, it seems like there is more of a need for fun shoes — or perhaps it’s just easier for them to get noticed. But I did just pick up a pair of “animal print” flats at a sale. Does that count as fun?

14 Sylvia

Sure that counts! I think you are right that you need even funkier shoes for summer. It’s easier also easier too to wear them, although there are plenty funky shoes for winter too as Greetje proves with her fabulous teal booties:

15 Greetje

Thanks Sylvia. I just put eight pairs of summer shoes by Unied Nude on my Pinboard.. Oh so nice… I have to buy a raffle ticket.

16 Suzanne

How could you NOT have fun with shoes?!! LOL! Right now I am in love with the British designers – especially Sophia Webster. Amazing! And Nicholas Kirkwood is a genius. I also like Rupert Sanderson. Charlotte Olympia does cool bags as well as cute shoes. But I am saving all of my pennies for the Sarah Jessica Parker line coming to Nordstrom this month! So exciting! Meanwhile – the snow bank in my Cul-De-Sac is 8 feet high and we are getting 10 more inches in the next 24 hours so it is hard for me to imagine ever leaving my house in a pair of shoes again. 🙁

17 Sylvia

Oh poor you. I think it’s time for your trip to warm Singapore! Will check out some of the brands you mention and absolutely love Nicholas Kirkwood!

18 Rita A.

Thanks for the designer recommendations, Suzanne! I’m going to google Sophia Webster and Rupert Sanderson right now!

19 Suzanne

You are welcome Rita – but I can not be responsible for what might happen once you see those shoes. 🙂 LOL! Just tell yourself it is much too cold to wear them. That is what I have to do. It has been snowing here all day again so snow boots are all I need for the foreseeable future. And that pesky groundhog had better not see his shadow tomorrow!

20 Rita A.

Hahaha! I just had a look and they are fun! Some are a smidge on the high side for me, but a lot of gorgeous flats!! I must study them some more! 🙂

I actually have shoes that I’ve bought because they are gorgeous and on a great sale (two pair of Manolo d’Orsays come to mind) but so impractical I’ve never worn them. So, every now and then I just wear them around inside the house…especially if I’m just sitting at the computer. Those are my “curio cabinet” shoes, which is where I’d store them if I had a curio cabinet!

Here’s hoping for cloudy skies over PA tomorrow!

21 Suzanne

Shoes as art – I totally support that! LOL! And blast that groundhog and his trouble making shadow!!!

22 Lorraine

Your thumbnail pic is a Sophia Webster shoe, Rita. I think she is a protégé of Nicholas Kirkwood, but went a tad further with her ideas!

23 Rita A.

Ah, I thought so, Lorraine, after I went to the website. Thanks!!

24 Suzanne

Sophia Webster was married this past November and at her wedding reception she named her tables after styles of shoes (“The Hi-Tops”). So cute! And Nicholas Kirkwood gifted her with a honeymoon trip to Jamaica. 🙂 Plus – the shoes she wore were fabulous. I think the gown was designed to highlight her feet.

25 Lorraine

How interesting Suzanne! Must Google this and see if there are any pics!

26 Kathy Johnston

All my shoes are quite neutral. I’ve been wanting to break out of my rut and get a fun pair of flats. Love the polka dot ones by Gap and the silver Forever 21’s. You never know. I might take the plunge!

27 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

I am a big shoe addict. I have shoes in all different colors and style. Just today, I had 5 different people come up to me and complemented my heels. I really think shoes can make such a difference in an outfit.


28 Ann

Great shoes and great bags make a big different in the uniqueness of classic outfits. You have found some spectacular designs that would enliven the basics to fabulous! I’m loving the sandals with the fringe.

blue hue wonderland

29 Rita A.

Most of my clothing is pretty dull, but I do have fun shoes. Not buying make-up or jewelry, doing my nail and hair maintenance myself, and keeping my clothing purchase limited allows me to indulge my appreciation for nice shoes and handbags. 🙂 I do love the little polka dot flats from Gap that you show above, and of course, all of the Chie Mihara shoes!!

30 Lorraine

There are some very cute shoes here, Sylvia. Some questions: Have wedges gone out of fashion completely? Is it true that an ankle strap shortens your leg but a T-bar elongates it?

31 Sylvia

No there are still plenty of wedges around, but will still need to do an analysis of shoe trends. Yes ankle straps can have a shortening effect (the thicker the strap the more careful you need to be) and t-straps are more lengthening, but pumps lengthen your legs the most.

32 Lorraine


33 Rita A.

I was on this website and came across these gorgeous Chie Mihara boots. Hope it’s OK to share the link.

34 Greetje

Your links leads to their homepage Rita. So I don’t know which shoes you wanted us to see.

35 Rita A.

So sorry. The link worked for me. I will upload a picture on the forum and place the link there.

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