Bras can make or break an outfit. Getting the right fit will lift your boobs, create a nicer silhouette, create a streamlined upper body and can make you feel all-round comfortable. So here are some tips on how to find the right bra for your outfit.

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What to look out for when buying a bra?

  • I’m sure you have heard it before, but most women wear the wrong bra size. So go to a good shop and get yourself measured.
  • It helps to find a really good assistant too. They do thousands of fittings and know how a bra should fit.
  • Make sure that breasts are adequately covered. Overflow can be a sign that the bra is too small, while excess space means that the bra is too big.
  • Straps should be comfortable and not dig into your skin. Wider straps are generally more comfortable.
  • Make sure that the straps are not too big. If you have to adjust to the smallest position straight away then it would be better to downsize as bras will get looser when worn.
  • If you select a bra with underwire, make sure it fits perfectly. Move your arms up and down to test the fit.
  • If you want your bra to be invisible get a nude bra. It’s especially important to wear nude bras under white shirts and t-shirts.
  • Watch out for unnecessary bulges and make sure that the band does not ride up. A simple guideline is that you should be able to fit 2 fingers underneath the band in the back and one in the front.


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Why I don’t want to see your bra

I’m very particular on NOT wanting to see any bra straps or clear bra outlines.

To my eye most outfits are ruined if I can clearly see your bra. What’s the point of having a t-bone or halter top if you wear a normal bra underneath?

Make sure you have bras in each of these configurations to suit any top.


There are exceptions of course. I really like bras below.


When wearing a tight t-shirt, make sure that you wear a bra that is invisible. A nude t-shirt bra may be most appropriate here. If you show too many bulges which are caused by your bra (no matter what size you are), you may have to look for a different bra size or fit.  When it comes to wearing bras underneath t-shirts, tighter is not always better.

Alternatively, you could also look for a wider or fancier top instead to hide any bulges (you may recall how I feel about boring t-shirts that show clear bra outlines…).

Bra invisibility (as much as possible) in my opinion is key to having a polished appearance.

What kind of bra to choose?

Bras come in so many different styles and configurations, it’s really up to your taste and bra size to determine which one is right for you. Here are just some of the options.

Soft cup


Comfortable bra that has no underwire support. Usually provides less support but can still be very good for women with A-C cups.

Plunging push-up


Great if you like to show off your cleavage.

Full coverage bra


A smooth bra with contoured shaped tops which is perfect for fuller breasts and smooth coverage.

Lace bras


Great for fancier underwear and can be very sturdy as well. Just make sure to wear this under wider tops. I prefer not to see the lace texture through your t-shirt.

Adhesive bra


This can be great if you are wearing a fancy backless dress or top, although support is not optimal.


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How do you feel about showing your bra? Do you have many different styles of bra? Do you have a favourite bra that I should include in my lineup?


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