Covering dark circles under your eyes is the quickest and most effective way to making sure you look and feel gorgeous. Whether it is lack of sleep, genetic or just ageing, concealing dark circles really does make a difference.

Here are a few simple steps to combat dark circles and hide them like a pro.

Quick & Easy – Light to Medium Coverage (Problem Area)

Tools: Concealer & Brush or Concealer Pen

  1. Open your concealer pen – it will look like a mini paintbrush with concealer on it or Dip your brush into the concealer. For a fuller coverage on a larger area, use a foundation brush. For a quick and easy cover, use a concealer brush.
  2. Press the flat side of the concealer pen or brush on the center of the dark circle.
  3. Continue in a light feathering or dabbing motion as you move the brush along the dark circle area. Be careful not to apply too much at once.
  4. Continue this motion making sure you apply to every patch of darkness, even the inner and outer corners and extend downwards towards your nose to create a flawless area.
  5. Gently blend with your finger on the outer edges for a flawless look.
  6. For long lasting results, apply a little pressed powder to set the concealer.

How to conceal dark circles under your eyes |

Product Recommendations

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