In the first 2 articles in the building your wardrobe series, I took you through steps to help you both grasp your personal style and build the foundation of your winter wardrobe. Today you complete the 20 piece capsule wardrobe by selecting the colors and styles that will make your style unique.

Build your wardrobe step 4: Color in Your Style

Foundational pieces

Let’s begin by taking a look at the 12 essentials we picked for our capsule from the second article in this series. Remember, these are the foundation pieces upon which you can create a very unique personal style.

Furthermore, these are the pieces that are resistant to trends and in which you should invest, as they will be capable of lasting you season after season.

winter capsule wardrobe |

As a reminder, the pieces we selected include:


The bohemian style is characterized by loose and flowy pieces with much movement, color and and sometimes some sparkle. A few key pieces can lend a carefree and summer like tone to your winter wear.

Here are 8  bohemian style pieces to add to create a boho-chic flavor to the winter capsule wardrobe:

winter capsule wardrobe : bohemian |

Here are four looks inspired by the bohemian winter capsule wardrobe:

bohemian winter outfits |

Artsy and eclectic

As discussed in the first article of this challenge, the eclectic style is one that is very hard to capture in words, but you usually know it when you see it.

This style is really a mixture of all kinds of styles that create a very unique and hard to emulate look depending on the wearer. To truly capture this style and make it yours, the goal is to select pieces you feel comfortable in that are creative and artistic.

Here are eight artsy and eclectic style pieces to add a “one of a kind” spin to your winter capsule:

eclectic artsy winter capsule wardrobe |

Here are four looks combining your basic pieces with your style pieces:

eclectic artsy unique winter outfits |


The minimalist style is all about exuding a less is more attitude.  Clothes are extremely well tailored and high quality, and the simplest pieces make the biggest impact.

While color can be included, looks will generally keep prints and a variety of colors to a minimum. Simplicity is key for these looks.

Here are eight minimalist style pieces to add to create a simple, yet chic flavor to the capsule wardrobe:

minimalist outfits: white and black winter wardrobe |

Here are four looks combining your basic pieces with your style pieces:

minimalist winter looks |


The classic style is usually timeless and classic as the name suggests. These are the pieces that usually last the longest in your wardrobe and are often the anchors of capsule wardrobes.

The style is often compared to preppy styles and is very much aligned with the sartorial choices of names like Jackie O, Oprah, and Lauren Bacall.

Classic outfits for winter |

Here are four winter looks utilizing pieces from the classic capsule wardrobe:

classic winter looks: striped top and beige coat |


The trendy and fashionable style is an embrace of seasonal trends. These fresh of the runway looks are about taking risks and gladly standing out.

Keep in mind that out of all of the different style personalities, this style profile tends to be less resistant to seasonal trends. However, a great style tip to keep in mind is to pay attention to what makes the trends stand out and incorporate elements of what you like into potentially timeless pieces (such as asymmetrical cashmere sweaters or bold skirts and shoes).

Trendy winter outfits: fur vest and leather pants |

Here are four looks inspired by the runway and trendy winter styles:

trendy chic outfits: red and pink winter capsule wardrobe |

Read our ultimate guide to creating a capsule wardrobe that works best for you.

This concludes our short series on how to build a wardrobe.

Which steps will you take to create that perfect wardrobe?


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