Long-time followers of this blog will know that my main struggle when it comes to style is my hair. My hair has never been easy to style as there is not a huge amount of it and it’s thin on top of that. Living in Singapore and the enormous humidity in this country has not helped either.

I can also never settle on a style. That is not such a big issue as I  always like a change. I could never have the same hairstyle my entire life like Anna Wintour does. My hair is like a yoyo. It goes from short to long to short again. It was long 3.5 years ago when I started 40+Style, then slowly got shorter and now it’s very long again. Due in part to my friend Greetje, who seems to think that long hair looks better on me.

I’m not so sure but I do agree that it looks pretty good on some Good Hair days. However, those special days were getting fewer and fewer as I simply could not win the war against frizz.

I tried many products anti-frizz products including Maroccan Oil.

I was getting closer with one of my later purchases Aveda Smooth Invasion but it was still a hit and miss affair.

After I read the book Great hair: secrets to looking fabulous and feeling beautiful every day, by Nick Arrojo (highly recommended as if offers many good tips on hairstyles and styling hair), I decided to take a different approach and embrace my natural waves. I don’t have a lot of wave but when I let my hair dry naturally, it is not completely straight either. That seemed to work on some days, but on others the hair was still one big ball of frizz. You can see some of the mediocre results below.


It was also really time-consuming. Since I could not use a hair dryer, I actually had to plan the days I washed my hair and make sure I had a LOT of time for it to dry naturally.

Even on days when it would look semi-decent, I would step out into the humidity of Singapore and within 15 minutes of spending time outside, it would be a big ball of frizz again.

I went back to straightening my hair again and trying to iron the frizz out of it. It did not work.

Time was definitely running out for my long hair and thoughts of cropping it short became ever more prominent.

Still, I would hear Greetje from afar, NO DON’T CUT IT, I LIKE YOUR LONG HAIR! YOU LOOK YOUNGER!

Eager to please my dear friend, I decided to give the long hair one more go.

I had been using keratin treatments (also known as a Brazilian blowout) when I had my long hair previously. They worked like a miracle. After this treatment my hair would be frizz free without even a blow dry.

The disadvantage was that these products contained formaldehyde which can cause all kinds of illnesses and reports of women getting ill, made me think twice about these treatments. The manufacturers reacted by limiting the amount of formaldehyde in their products which also made them less effective.

Another downside is that my hair had slightly less body and I wanted to see what it was like to have my natural hair back again.

Well, now I know. And it’s not pretty.

Yes, a good stylist could still do magic with my hair after a good blow dry, but only having a few really good-hair days each month is not enough.

So I decided to go back to my trusted hair salon Style By Louis and get another keratin treatment. It really was a last resort to save the long hair.

And now I’m wondering why on earth I waited so long!


The keratin treatment I took this time was the Kerasilk keratin treatment by Goldwell and it has made my hair so much easier to manage. As I type this I let my hair dry naturally and it’s almost completely frizz free. If I want to look a bit nicer I will make an effort of styling it with my blowdryer and my flat iron styler.

According to Louis the advantage of this particular treatment is that you get a reasonably straight result without having to do much on a day to day basis. The disadvantage is that it is not as glossy and shiny as some of the other available treatments like QOD Gold or Kerastraight.

The QOD Gold treatment would give you the really glossy, shiny and soft hair (especially noticeable when your hair was extremely damaged) but it does not really straighten your hair. You would still get rid of the frizz though. I may try this treatment the next time as I don’t need my hair to be super straight.

I took the advice from the Great Hair book and bought a paddle brush as well as a much better round brush to style my hair. (still need a bit of practise though).

I still use the Avenda Smooth Infusion product to style my hair and to protect the hair against the heat of blowdrying and ironing. I have also enjoyed using KMS California Add Volume Volumizing Spray to add a bit more volume to my hair.

A keratin treatment really is the way to go for my frizzy hair if I am to manage it successfully in an incredibly humid country like Singapore. I’m not sure yet how long it will last, but my treatment was one month ago and sofar it’s keeping up really well. For more details on keratin treatments and to read about some of the advantages and disadvantages, see also this older article.

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I’m sure a keratin treatment is not right for everyone, but it works really well for me and I will be sure to have regular treatments again.

If you are in Singapore and want to try it too, then you can take advantage of the keratin treatment special promotion at Style by Louis and get a massive $200 off your first treatment. Read this article for details and how to get the coupon.

Perhaps you have noticed but these last few months, I have also been taking a different approach when it comes to coloring my hair. As this article is already quite long though, I will leave that story for another day.

Have you ever tried a keratin treatment for your hair? What was your experience?


Disclaimer: Please note that this article is about my own experience with Keratin treatments. I know that there are people who have been severely affected in terms of health by ‘Brazilian Blowout’ or similar hair treatments. However, the products have changed a lot lately, so may not cause any averse effects. Please know that if you decide to go ahead with getting a treatment, it pays to do your research on the products used. Getting a treatment will be solely at your own risk and I cannot be held responsible in any way for any averse effects.

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