This is the second in my how to apply makeup after 40 series. I asked Maninder Krishnan, a makeup artist and image consultant, to give me a makeup lesson on how to properly apply makeup, suitable for an over 40 woman. Last time we discussed foundation and powder, this time we will look at the eyebrows and eye makeup.

How To Apply Makeup After 40 – Eyeshadow, Mascara |


You may want to use an eye brow pencil to give your eyebrows more definition of fill in some empty patches. However, it is important not to draw just a line with the pencil, as Maninder says: “Everything in makeup is about blending.” A good tip from Maninder is to use an angled brush instead of the pencil. Take the colour from the pencil and then apply with the angled brush. Maninder also shares some good tips on how to determine where to end your eyebrows.

Eye Makeup

I don’t have a lot of eye makeup and the pallette I have recently bought consists of 4 colours ranging from light pink to dark purple. Not very suitable for day according to Maninder, since these are frosted colours as well.

A good tip in applying eye makeup is to use foundation over the whole eyelid. It evens out the skin tone and lightens the eye. Since I have quite deep set eyes, it was decided to only use minimal eye shadow. It was amazing for me to realise that Maninder also agreed that eye shadow didn’t really work so well for my eyes. Perhaps my natural instincs of hardly using any eye shadow all these years was right. However, she felt it was important to define my eyes with eye liner and apply mascara, to make the eyes come out a bit more. She also used foundation on part of the eyelid.


In order to get a good application of mascara it is important to brush the mascara on the eye lashes and sweep it out. This will result in full, balanced eyelahes. Check the below clip for a demonstration by Maninder.

Well, that’s the eyes covered. Tomorrow the finishing touches. Blusher, concealer, lipstick and before and after pics!

Feature image by stylecrone

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