How to wear and accessorize a trench coat

by Sylvia

How to wear and accessorize a trench coat |

Trench coats are the perfect transitional weather piece of outerwear. Not only are they layerable, they seemingly go with most any style and occasion. From weekend errand runs to evening outings at the exclusive restaurant, trench coats are a closet staple.

To explore the versatility of the trench, we went with the super flattering (and affordable) Michael Michael Kors trench coat. Here are twelve looks to inspire your trench styling.

Office looks

Spring office looks are never complete without the perfect trench. A belted trench provides a chic power suit like feel to any office ensemble, and serves as a good base for pulling your entire look together. We especially love the trench with the wider leg pants that are all the rage right now, or a bold colored dress with some lighter colored accessories.

trench coat spring office looks wide leg |

Casual looks

Whether your scrunching or rolling up your coat sleeves, leaving the coat open, or tying the belt in the back, trench coats work perfectly for casual looks. We especially like trenches with jeans and pants paired with casual boots, loafers, or sneakers. Adding a scarf behind your collar while adding on a flattering pair of jeans is the perfect chic off-duty look that allows you be comfortable and look pulled together.

chic casual trench coat outfits spring boyfriend jeans |

Evening looks

A well tailored trench coat can be the  perfect finishing touch to an evening look. The key here is to select a coat that is well fitted (we definitely recommend tailoring) and made of quality material. Be sure to pay attention to fitting and ensure that if you have a longer sleeve dress, the sleeves are not bunching in the sleeves of your coat and creating a bulky look.

We also recommend ensuring your dress does not come down much longer than the coat itself. Seeing a bit of the material can actually add to your look, however, a drastic difference in hem length can create an unflattering silhouette.

spring evening party trench coat outfits draped white dress |

Weekend brunch looks

Brunch looks are always fun and punchy opportunities to experiment with chic looks you otherwise might not consider. A classic trench coat especially works well with more artistic and avantgarde looks by providing a solid foundation, and serving as a neutral canvas that does not take away from your look.

We especially were drawn to these fun statement sunglasses, which add a creative and modern look to the coat. Black and beige are a consistently great color combination, which we played with in the second look. The striped cropped pants add a modern tone to the coat, which coupled with black gives a modern and minimalist look.

spring brunch outfits trench floral cropped pants |

Do not feel confined to only wearing the traditional and classic beige trench.

Trenches come in a diversity of cuts, lengths, colors, and fits that can be just as versatile and enticing as the classic trench. Here are 8 unique trenches that caught our eye:

trench coat bright belted long short |

Do you have a staple trench in your closet? What is your favorite way to wear a trench coat?


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1 Greetje

My white trenchcoat might last another year. What I miss is a leather, light coloured spring coat. Warm enough to protect me from cold wind and light enough to celebrate spring.


2 Melisa

It’s already edging into the 90s here so no coats for me. Coats are rarely worn here except by the elderly or people who work outdoors. The rest of us just hold our breath and dash about from one overheated building to the next during our short winters. Lots of cardis and light jackets, though.


3 Sherry Edwards

Yes, I do have a couple of trench coats for winter, spring and autumn. Different lengths and different colours. I suppose they are practical, however not my favourites. I only wear them to work for the office. Yuk, never on the weekend or after work. Too “business like” for the rest of my outfit.


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