How much should I weigh for my height and age?

by Sylvia

This is a question I hear quite often. Do I weigh too much? How much should I weigh for my height and age?  Below you can easily find out with our handy calculator below!

Of course you could just look at yourself in the mirror and make your own judgement, but for health reasons it may be important to know what’s normal and what’s not for your age.

Then, if you find out that you are too heavy for your height and age, you can do something about it.

The Body Mass Index Chart

The Body Mass Index or BMI is generally used to measure human body fat based on an individual’s weight and height. Body mass index is defined as the individual’s body weight divided by the square of his or her height.

The below graph shows what the normal measurements would be (both in pounds and kilograms). The aim of course is to end up in the normal range!

how much should i weigh

Measure your BMI

Just enter your age, sex and height and you will automatically discover in which range you are.

unit US    
height ftin
weight lb
height cm
weight kg

Is this information reliable?

In most cases, your BMI score will give you an easy and quick indicator of your “fatness” or “thinness”. However, the results from the BMI test are not always accurate and should not be relied upon as an authority for medical diagnosis.

Some people tend to have a lot of muscles (which tend to weigh heavier) and for those people a completely wrong BMI range could result.

Your BMI score will, however, give you a good indicator and if you have any doubts or concerns, see your physician.

How important is a healthy weight?

A healthy body weight is not just about looking good, it is actually very important for your overall wellbeing.

Being overweight puts you at risk of many chronic and potentially lethal diseases, like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke and gall bladder disease to name but a few.

Being underweight is just as unhealthy and can lead to a number of health complications, some of them life-threatening. Have a look at some of the comments below, where myself and others give suggestions on how to help with this.

So do the test and find out how much you should weigh. And if you’re overweight or underweight, I hope that you will take the time to do something about it to optimise your health. It is well worth it!

I now believe that sugars are the main culprit for excess weight so I wrote about how to quit sugar.

Want more convincing that sugar and carbohydrates are the main culprits to your weight gain then read how to lose weight through cutting carbohydrates.

For more articles on this topic and to learn how I have managed to keep a steady and very healthy weight throughout my life, you can check out my article on how to lose weight with healthy eating and drinking habits or read my husband’s 26 rules for losing weight without diets.

If you are happy with your extra weight or cannot get the pounds off then I have a very good article from Georgette on how to dress when you have curves.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert and this weight calculator is for adults and for information purposes only. Weight calculator may not represent your real life weight situation and you should consult a medical professional for expert advise and before you start a diet or exercising regimen.

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How can i decrease my weight?


Hi Joan, I believe that the key to losing and keeping a healthy weight is a healthy lifestyle. I wrote an article on some of my eating and drinking habits to keep a healthy weight that you may want to check out.


i hope this works 🙂


I’m 15 years old, i weigh 190 & my height is 5’7
What is the quickest way to lose 40-50 pounds?


To me the only way for you to lose weight is to start eating the right foods. There is no point going on a diet because it never lasts and as soon as you start eating ‘normal’ again, the pounds will come back on. Keep eating a lot but only the right stuff. No processed foods, no bad fats and lots of fruits, vegies and lean fish and meat. At the same time you will need to do some kind of exercize. If you’re open to visualisation you can consider Jon Gabriels book (see link at the end of article). Also read both mine and my husband’s article on how we keep a healthy weight. If you have the time and resources you could kickstart your new healthy eating habit by doing a detox retreat. This may rid you of any sugar / fat craving and you will lose some pounds quickly in a controlled environment. This is just my personal opinion, so please consult a doctor for any expert advice. Good luck!


im 15. and 5’3”. the chart said im in a normal weight range. but i want to lose some weight for swimsuit season. any tips?


hi Jamie.I have listed my best tips in the articles that I have linked to at the bottom of the article. Read those first and let me know if you have any further questions. Good luck!


Hello, Im 13 years old and 6 foot tall. But I weight 261 pounds. If I really try hard on a diet will I lose weight?


Hi Jonanthan. In my personal opinion diets do not work. What WILL work is a new healthy diet with all the right foods. Eat as much as you do now, but concentrate on vegetables, lean fish and fruits and only drink tea, water or fresh fruit juices. No more sugary drinks and crips! Follow the links listed in the article (at bottom) for some more of my tips. Good luck!


I’m kind of on the lesser discussed end of the spectrum. I am a 23 year old female, 5’3 and weigh 104.5 pounds. According to the calculator I am at the minimum weight requirement for a healthy BMI (104.4-141.1). I wonder what are some healthy things I can do to gain a bit more weight when I have a very active job and an incredibly small appetite?

My weight is so up and down (unavoidable stress is a factor in this) that I sometimes easily slip 2-3 lbs below my minimum weight requirement and I don’t feel like being underweight is any healthier than being overweight. Esp when I’ve had problems with my heart in the past.

Any tips?


Hi Jamie. I’m no expert at this but it seems that stress is affecting your weight in a negative way, so I would try to eliminate that. Perhaps try some yoga or other sports? You may also want to eat more of the fatty fish like tuna and salmon and eat lots of avocado? These are all very healthy foods, and have good calories. Peanuts of all different kinds are also excellent foods that can add calories and are excellent to use as a snack. Perhaps you should have these kind of snacks more often? Good luck, and if you need more help, please consult an nutrition professional, who can probably give you better tips than I.


Try cashews! They taste great, and most people say that you shouldn’t eat too many, since they are very high in calories. And they’re small, so they’re quite easy to snack on… If you want to gain some weight, you could try snacking on them, I guess.. AND they’re good for you! 😀


Great idea Natasha. They are also one of my favorite nut!



I am 27 years old, 5’2″, and weigh 97 pounds. I have fought and struggled to keep weight all my life. Dealing with stress on a daily basis over the years, I barely recognize stress anymore; this is not a good thing because whether or not I recognize it, it’s still there and affects my diet and sleep. I also have a HIGH metabolism. It’s hard to take care of my basic necessities because once I’m in a stressful situation, physical or emotional, I tend to be “on-the-go” all day making no time for eating. This causes me to lose appetite.
To be honest, I haven’t found a solution to get rid of the stress and I refuse to take pills to “calm my nerves”. I think I’m just one of those people that can get stressed easier than others, but push it down and move forward.
However, I have found ways to ease my stress and make my days flow a little smoother.
When I get stressed, I tend to stop taking care of myself; I’m not the kind of person that eats their stress away, if anything, I lose appetite.
What I do in order to make sure I am taken care of, stressed or not, I pick 1 day out of the week [preferably a day off of work] and prepare for the days ahead by counting calories. I count calories to make sure I am eating ENOUGH.
I prepare snacks for myself because taking the time out to eat a “square meal”, let’s just face it, I won’t make time for it because I can’t sit in one place long enough to eat it all. Plus, if I lose appetite from stress, I’m not going to be able to eat that entire plate of food anyway.
The first few attempts to prepare snacks ahead of time were failures because I went from one extreme to the other; how many calories I should be eating, what kind of foods I should be eating and from which food group, emptying my bank account for these foods, and sudden exercise out of the norm.
Even though I am skinny, it doesn’t mean I’m healthy, I eat unhealthy foods just like any other human being that doesn’t have a control over their diet.
Trying to gain weight by preparing snacks, I got it in my head to completely change the types of food I usually ate…for the better.
That is not necessarily a good thing. It sent my body into a shock, not only losing more appetite but I lost more weight and felt nauseous.
HEALTHY FOOD IS EXPENSIVE!!! But I will tell you this much, if there is anything considered important, no matter the cost, it is YOUR HEALTH.
THERE IS ALWAYS a “luxury” you can find in your life to cut down/make adjustments to in order to afford a healthier you.
This is what I suggest:
***In the beginning of your snack preparing festivities, make a list of foods you eat on a daily basis. Then make a list of foods (make sure to add dry foods in this) that you’d be willing to incorporate in your daily diet. [trail mix, granola bars, chips, crackers, apple slices, baby carrots, etc…]***
1) Dedicate 2 hours to preparing snacks and small meals for yourself that will cover the week. Don’t completely cut out your old diet, make a transition but not a complete transition.
2) Use foods from your lists that will last a week [Smooshy, slimy foods…come on, are you really going to eat that 3 days down the road? ;P] and divvy them up, snack size portions, into sandwich bags.
3) You’ll still need more than snacks to survive each day so think up of one decent sized meal and two easy small meals that you could shove down your throat in 10 minutes. Make them count. Seriously, make sure there is a decent count of calories and protein in these little meals; they’ll take you a long ways! I personally do better dedicating my small meals to “before” and “after” work; mornings aren’t too kind on my stomach and I am too busy and IT IS TOO BUSY to actually clock out and eat a meal during work hours. So find your groove.
4) Give yourself a chance. It may take a couple of weeks to remember to take these snack with you or even remember you have them to eat. I know it’s STILL hard for me. I broke down and bought some work pants with pockets so that I could put a sandwich bag of trail mix in my pocket. *Trail mix is high in protein and a great source for calories*


1) Go to a website that will calculate your current age, weight, and height so you can get a guideline to where you should be, weight wise. (ex: Ohhh let’s say the website we’re on right now *wink, wink*)
2) Keep track of your calories and protein so you know if you need to increase or decrease your intake. (I write my calories and protein on the sandwich bags of goodies. Since I’m taking the time out to divvy up my snacks, it’s the perfect time to look at the nutrition label [this is how I portion my snacks anyway] to know how many calories and proteins I’ll be consuming and write them down).
3) Once you’ve prepared your snack-full of goodies and written down their calorie/protein worth, gather your baggies into groups that will be enough in calories to feed you each day.
4) After a month of improving and increasing your diet, weigh yourself. If you haven’t gained any weight or enough to say you’ve gained, you may need to increase your diet. You know your body better than anyone else, so FEEL for what you need more of, whether you need to just increase those calories or switch out a few snacks to ones that will “stick” more.
5) Incorporate a little exercise/stretching if you don’t already. I’m not telling you to go out and buy a gym membership though. Baby steps. I wasted money on a membership I barely used because I wasn’t ready to actually dedicate myself to a change of routine for physical fitness.
I find myself “YouTube” exercising more than anything. I’m not looking to shed weight nor to look like the hulk. So for now, YouTube is good enough for me. There were specific parts of my body I wanted to improve; an appealing stomach, better posture, and solid arms. I found all of the exercises needed to improve those areas on YouTube.

You may be questioning “If this person found a way to maintain their diet, why are they only at 97 pounds!?”
Well, I’ll tell you this, 3 weeks ago I was at 106 pounds, but returning to work from maternity leave, my job has kept me busy to the point where I am overwhelmed, once again, and not incorporating those 5 easy steps to keep that weight.
But just today, I have found myself getting back into “my groove” of preparing snacks and the like so that I may get back to a healthier weight and maintain it. Gimme a break, geez, I just had a kid!
By the way, I stuck with the snack routine during my pregnancy and happily gained 41 lbs. Most of it was me, not the baby. The “other ” weight that was not me or the baby, we won’t get into the ugly details, was about 9 lbs.
Never in my entire life up until this pregnancy was I ever able to gain and keep more than 5 pounds.
I started out at an alarmingly unhealthy weight before I found out I was pregnant; I weighed 84 pounds!

To give you tips on what foods you could incorporate in your snacks and small meals, I’ll tell you what I’ve prepared for myself for this week:

Trail mix (1/2 c= 320 calories, 8 grams protein)
Gardettos (1/2 c= 150 cal, 3g protein)
Baby Carrots (10 baby carrots= 70 calories total)
Apple Slices (5 slices= 35 calories total)
Brownies (2 servings is 1 serving for me= 240 cal, 2g protein) Betty Crocker
Tuna Sammich (250 cal, 10g protein) *calories from bread, pickles, and mayo/miracle whip already counted in)
Great Value chewy granola (90-100 cal, 1-2g protein *variety pack)
Great Value Sweet & salty peanut granola (180 cal, 5g protein)
Pagoda Express Microwavable Pork Potstickers (Say what!? Yeah, that’s right, I eat these with soy sauce! 10 in a box. I eat 5 in one sitting; 5= 285 cal, 9g protein)
TaiPei Microwavables (about 200 cal, 6g protein depending on what kind you get)
MtnDew 120z (170 cal) Live a little, geez.
Powerade 32oz (200 cal)
Orange juice 8oz (110 cal, 2g protein)

….I don’t have all of my small meals prepared, I haven’t figured out what I want yet. But this should help give you ideas. This list totals 2310 calories. To keep my current weight, I would need to consume about 2,200 calories on a daily basis. To gain weight, gradually, I should increase my intake to about 700-1,000 more calories. I could eat a bagel with cream cheese and that’s another 360 calories right there! Easypeasy.
I really hope this helps you!!!

choksi chandni

hi i am Chandni and my height is 5″3 and i am 20 year old and my weight is 59 so how much weight should I loose if i want to be slim?


Slim is a very subjective word. What I consider slim may not be the opinion of someone else. It also depends on your bone structure, how heavy you could be and still be slim. Use the chart above as a guide and then be your own judge. In the end getting a healthy weight is the most important. Then you can further ‘sculpt’ your body through exercize.


Hi, Sylvia, Im 16 – Male, Im 6’1 And 328 but I don’t look it, and the majority of my weight is muscle. The only fat I really have is in the stomach. But I hold a Good posture. How Would I Know if Im truly overwieght or not. And Ever since my freshman year I gain 15lbs whether I work out or not (Football-wrestling). So within 2 years (on my senior year) if I dont stop it, I will be at least 428-430lbs ??? I seem to gain muscle and not lose weight.


Hi Johnathan, It sounds like this test is not accurate for you since you are building so much muscle. You may want to go to a good fitness centre where they can do an accurate test for your specific situation. Your local GP may be able to do that as well. You can also ask the fitness professional to help with your diet so that you lose your excess fat as well. Another option would be to see a nutrition expert who can help with the correct food plan for you. Good luck!


Thank You :):):)


my name is valerie, i am 13 years old and i weigh 125 lbs. my weight seems to go up and down. how do i keep it from going up and down?


The best way in my opinion is to keep eating a lot but only the good things. Don’t diet as that will only confuse your body. Exercize and doing sports helps too as that will keep your digestion system active! All this has always worked for me and my weight has always been pretty much the same. (see also my 2 other articles on the subject; links are at bottom of article). Good luck!


Hi my name is Corina and I am 14 years old and weigh 54 kg but i am 1.70cm tall. Am I overweight, underweight or normal? Someone please tell me. I am dieting at the moment.


Hi Corina. No need to diet as your weight is perfectly healthy. If you fill out your numbers in the calculator this is the result: “Healthy weight (normal weight range for the height: 45.7 – 67.9 kgs”). 54 is right in the middle so very good. Just continue to eat normal. It’s always good to not drink the really sugary drinks like sprite and cola, but other than that just eat a normal healthy diet!


Hello I’m 16, 5’3 and weigh 130ish. I would like to weigh 124. Do you have any advise? I run cross country and track. And since it’s summer I am doing p90x(not doing a thing for me) on some days and running about a mile on others. And rest on weeekends. I want to lose weight and be thinner and I eat normally I guess you can say. Thanx for the help!!(:


Hi Janny. My best advice was given in the 2 articles me and my husband wrote: Lose weight the healthy way and Losing weight without diets. You may want to consult with a fitness trainer if that does not help, to see how you can get the body you like through exercize.


Hi, I’m 15 years old, with a height of 5 ft 4″ and I weigh 149 lbs. I want to reach my goal weight of 120-125 lbs by the beginning of September. Is my goal realistic? I’ve already managed to lose 20 lbs, and am eating healthy and am going to the gym 4 times a week for an hour, and I work out at home during my free time, usually just toning exercises. Is that enough exercise? Some people say that I should be going to the gym 6 days a week, strength training three days and cardio three days. Are they right? Please do reply!
Thanks for the help 🙂


Hi Natasha, everyone loses weight at a different so I can’t say if your goal is realistic. But why don’t you just eat healthy and keep doing your exercizes and see where it takes you? See it as your goal to do this every single day. One day at a time. That will make your goal easier as well. Make sure you still eat plenty, but of the good things. You should only go more often to the gym if you can maintain that for a long time. What you want to achieve is consistency, so you will not fluctuate in future. So if 4 times a week is very doable for you, stick to that. I would say that is enough exercize (certainly a lot more than what I do). You can always add more ‘exercize’ by taking the stairs instead of the lift etc. It sounds to me that you are on the right track to a more healthy you!


Hello I’m a 25 yr old male (about to be 26 in july) and I’m about 5′ 8″ 1/2 and I weigh roughly 235-245 (my weight always fluxuates on me) and I wanted to lose some of the body fat that I have to be more appealing to the opposite sex and to build up my confidence. The funny thing is that I dont even look like I would weigh 245. I’m guessing that the weight I have is evenly placed or it’s all in my head or something lol. But so farI’m cutting out the majority of my sugar intake which is soda (since im trying to get rid of acne as well) What foods or excercise would you recommend to help curb the appetite and help me lose weight as well? I know things like brown rice or whole wheat foods are good for you. On the plus side I do drink green tea too. If you can help in any way I would greatly appreciate the help.


Hi Levi, Yes, you will definitely need to part with all your soda drinks. They are the worst. Also be weary of the bad fats in foods. I wrote an article about some great foods for faster metabolism which will increase your weighloss. It’s always best to replace white rice and pasta with the brown variations. In terms of exercize any is good. Try to do something you enjoy (like a game) so you will do it more often. It’s key to choose something that you will be able to maintain doing on a regular basis. Good luck!


Thanks Sylvia!! Those articles where great! You are a great person for trying to help people with their wieght issues and problems! God bless you!


hi, i am 17 years old. 6foot4 and weigh 19stone (266 pounds) how much should i weigh can anyone help. thanks!!!!!!


Hi Daniel. Just add in those details in the calculator, and you will get the results instantly.


what is the quickest way to loose 21.1 pounds


Hi Nene. Combine healthy eating with lots of exercize! You can read the 2 articles that are linked in the article for more tips on losing weight


Hey, I’m 5’9 and 135 pounds but I still have a lot of fat on my thighs and waist. How do I get a really slim look?


Every person stores fat differently, so it’s possible that, even though you are slim, you still have fat in unwanted places. Exercizing can help, but sometimes you will just have to accept that you have a certain body type. If you dress for your body type, you can camouflage any areas that you don’t wish to highlight. More info on that can be found at:


I am 15 years old my height is 1.65 and my weigh 49 kg. Should i gain weight ?


According to the calculator above, you should be fine.


I am 23.I was always about 116 in weight.Ever since I had my baby a yr ago I went up to 135 in weight.I am only 5 foot tall and I think this extra weight looks horrible…I am starting to get very low self-esteem bc of it…I was wondering if there are excercises that I can do that ACTUALLY work to speed up my metabolism and will help me to lose the weight and keep it off?It seems impossible after having a baby.


In my view any exercise will help speed up your metabolism. My best tips can be found in the articles I mention underneath the article. I also recently wrote about the best foods to increase metabolism which can be found in the beauty section. Good luck!


im 14 years old 5.6 and 145 lbs. im a dancer im overly active and eat fairly well but i have a pouch or bump on my lower stomach and i cant loose it. what can i do to get rid of the few pounds.


Hi Anna. Losing pounds in one specific area is always tricky. I think your best bet is to do targeted exercizes for that area while keeping your diet healthy.


Hello Sylvia, my name is Gwen. I am 5’4 and I weigh 214. I am a busy college student and have little to no time for any physical activity. I would really like to lose 50 to 70lbs. Can you please help? I have been struggling with my weight for quite a while. I feel hopeless…


Hi Gwen, Everything starts with a healthy diet, so read some of the articles I have written on my habits and foods. The links are mentioned at the bottom of that article. Try to incorporate exercize into everything you do. Perhaps study standing up or get up a bit earlier to do some exercize before you start the day. If none of that works and you are open to losing weight in a holistic way you can try the Gabriel method
Good luck Gwen and I hope that helps!


Hi my name is Dylan i am an 18 year old female and i am 5’1 and only weigh 83lb i cannot gain weight i have tried. I dont no what to do, my doctor says i am fine because i am just a small girl in general but it doesn’t seem healthy, what should i do?


Hi Dylan, please know that I’m not a doctor so just see my reply as a personal opinion. I would say that if your doctor says that you are fine, then I would accept that. Just like some people have a tendency to gain weight quickly, others are born naturally thin. I would say that as long as you feel healthy, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just keep eating a normal healthy diet. You may want to do some muscle training, since muscles weigh heavier than fat and will automatically make you heavier (and healthier as a bonus!) However, if you don’t feel healthy, then go see another doctor for a second opinion.

Eugenia Wo Ching

Hi. I’m currently 42 and weight 144 pounds. When I was 15 I weighted 112 pounds. When I had my first baby at 32 I was weighting 118 pounds. It’s taking me a very long time to lose weight -I started back in October and have lost only 14 pounds so far-. I am now playing tennis twice a week and doing pilates 3 times a week. Tennis keeps in good physical condition and pilates is doing wonders for my body shape -in less than 2 months-. I am on the right track, I just don’t know what my goal should be, since I am not sure if I should weight what I weighted a decade ago… (I had another baby at 39). Any insights? Thanks.


Hi Eugenia, Did you put your numbers in the calculator above? That will give you your healthy weight range (can’t say it to you as you did not include your height in your message).


Hi, my name is Jess. I’m 16 years old, 5foot2 and roughly 125-130. I have a very muscular build but still have a tad bit of fat on my thighs and core. I was wondering how I could shed 5-7 pounds. Is that a realistic goal? Please help me.


Hi Jessica. That is difficult to say since everyone is very different. If you want to lose weight only at specific parts of your body, then it would be best to talk to a personal trainer and work on those areas.


Hello, Im 20 years old. My height is 176 Cm. And my weight is 203. How much am i over weight, how many pound should i loose(What should my ideal weight be) Thank you so much. Please help!


Just fill in the numbers in the calculator above and that will give you your range of healthy weight.

Marquiesha Harris

My name is Marquiesha and I am 19 years old. I am 5 ft 11 inches and weigh at an estimate of 180 lbs. I have a 3 year old son. Thats not my excuse though. Is wanting to lose 50 lbs bad? I am at my biggest ever. Im too young for this.


According to the calculator your weight is still within the healthy range. But I can understand that you want to be more in the mid range of healthy. So by all means go for it. But rather than taking a stringent diet, go for a healthy eating plan combined with exercize. See the links at the bottom of the article for my special tips. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your weight in check is always something to strive for!


hi im Ash
I’m 13 and I weigh 47kg and I want to lose weight.
I have tried dieting but i just can’t do it.
So any tips please


Hi Ash. All my best tips are in the articles I wrote. The links are at the bottom of the article. It comes down to being active and leading a healthy lifestyle! Good luck!


hi I’m shabana. I’m 34, height is 5.2 and weight is 68. I’m a mother to two kids. How can I losse weight?


Hi Shabana. All my best weight loss tips are listed in the 2 articles I linked to in the article. Just read through those and apply the tips. Good luck!


Hi, I’m 14 and half years old and i’m 60 kg and my height is 1.73. Is that good for my age and do I have to gain weight? And when will my height stop increasing + is that a good height for my age !!


Just fill in your numbers in the calculator above Abdul. That will give you all the answers!


I’m 26 going on to 27 in november. I’m 145 and I have a larger top (larger bra size) and big hips. I also have big thighs and a tummy. What can I do to drop my thighs and tummy down? I have cut soda and candy down a lot and have been eating healther for some time now, but I have only lost 5 pounds in about 2 months is that normal?)


Hi Mimi. Everyone is different and loses weight at their own pace, so it’s hard for me to have a judgement. Are you doing more exercize as well? Exercizing really helps with weight loss and helps speed up your metabolism. Also, I would eliminate your soda drinks altogether and replace with natural juices or water. Check out all my tips from the links in the article. You may also want to get some help from a professional who may be able to address your concerns.


hi I am 12 and I weigh 75 Kg and am 1m72cm tall …
please can you help me to lose some weight ????


Just follow my tips from the links in the article Wafa. But eating well and staying active are the most important!


Thank you Sylvia …. 😀


i m 15 yrs old nd m ht is 5’3″ ..nd weight is 54kg… so should i lose my weight?


When you convert your kg into pounds, it’s 119.05 pounds. When you put this number in the calculator above together with your height and age, it comes out with a healthy BMI!


Hi so im 15 but weigh 180 how do i loose weight im a vegetarian and i do lots of excercise


There are no magic trick Nicole. It’s about eating healthy and getting active. If that really does not work, you can try things like The Gabriel method (mentioned below article) that will help change your desire for certain foods…


Hello . Can you tell me about weight scales , is digital weight scale more accurate than mechanical scale ?
I’ve heard that this is true !


I’m not sure which is more accurate. But why fuss over the exact weight? It’s more about looking in the mirror and feeling healthy. A few more extra pounds really don’t make that much difference.


Thanks 🙂


Hey, Im 17 and i weight 125. I want to lose a little weight on the back my legs(Like where my hamstring is) and tummy but when i exercise it doesnt seem to do anything for me. I drink lots of water and do lots of exercises and i eat extremely healthy. I dont really run as much as i used to because i was a smoker but i quit a year ago. Any ideas on how i could loose a little weight? Im tired of people calling me a little chunky.


Perhaps you need to give it more time Madie. Eating a healthy diet and exercizing regularly is the best thing you can do for your weight, but your body needs to adjust if you had a different diet before. Otherwise it’s best to seek the help of dietician or a personal trainer.


I lost a lot of weight, I have been doing everything I can do. I am 17 and 178 pounds, I am also 5 foot 7. I still have a little belly but its not flat. My arms are not lean and my thighs look terrible. I want to change for me to stay healthy. I also want to look good in a bikini for once in my life. I can’t do much exercsice right now because of my back. When I go to the hospital Monday I will find out what exercises I can do.


It sounds like you are on the right track to getting healthy Laura. I think it’s really important to accept and love your body as it is right now also. No part of your body is ever ‘terrible’. Your body is precious and beautiful and you must praise it for all the wonderful things that it allows you to do. Yes, you should look after it as best you can through good eating habits and exercize, but love it for what it is right now. When you can do that, you will find that doing the right thing for your body will become easier still. Good luck!


Im a 25yr old asian female, I weigh 89 pounds I would like to gain a healthy 25 pounds, how do I go about it so that the weight distributes properly. I eat twice a day due to my work schedule. When I eat, I eat, well as much as my husband. Im on the move all day due to work and my daughter.


Hi Ahracho. Eating only twice a day does not sound so healthy to me. I would make sure to have at least 3 proper meals per day. It’s very important to start with a nutritious breakfast to start your day of well. Then in between meals, do a bit more snacking. Nuts are very healthy for this or avocados. If you eat a bit more and a bit more frequently, I feel that you should gain weight in a even manner, but for expert advice you could always contact a nutritionist. Good luck!


hi, i am Reem i am 14 years old, 5 feet tall, and wieght 39 kg. I just want to know if i have a healthy and normal weight?


Hi Reem If I enter your details in the calculator (with your kgs converted to lbs) your BMI comes out as normal. BMI = 16.60 kg/m2 (Healthy weight)
normal BMI range: 15.8 – 23.5 kg/m2
normal weight range for the height: 80.9 – 120.3 lbs
However, if you have doubts, you should always check with your health provider.


Hi, I’m Beth, 18, and I wanted to add some positivity to the thread by telling you it has confirmed I’m finally at a healthy weight and BMI goal. I’m 5 foot 4, 130lbs, and have a 23 inch waist. Your tips on losing weight were helpful.
A lot of these comments are from people around my age, and their weights and heights make me think they don’t need to lose any at all, so that’s worrying…


Thanks for your feedback Beth. It’s great to read that my tips have helped you to get a healthy weight!


I’m 17 yrs old, 5’10 and weigh about 147lb. My weight fluctuates between 145 and 150lbs. I play soccer year round due to high school season and club. I feel I need to lose weight- in order to get faster. Will losing weight help my performance or hurt it? It’s hard for althetes to maintain a healthy weight and not give into the pressure to be skinny…


Hi Ashley. That’s hard for me to judge. You need strong muscles for sport but excess weight will never help. Please talk to your coach or your doctor, to find out what would be the perfect balance for you. I think it’s best not to focus too much on weight. Muscles are heavier, so just judge your body in the mirror. A strict diet would not be good for your sport, but eating as healthy as you can always is!


my daughter is in 6th class and her height is 4.10. She looks very short in her class and I would like her to increase in height. Her weight is 37kg, but very active always do cycling, goes for dance, and she participates in all activities but, she feels low (inferior) when she is with others. Can you tell me about the diet I should give her or and the exercise to do, which will help her to increase her height.


For as far as I know your height is mostly genetically determined. There is not much you can do in terms of diet, other that giving her a wholesome diet that provides all nutrients a healthy person would need. But I’m no medical expert, so you may want to consult your doctor to confirm this opinion.

Blair Perry

Im 24 years old, 6 foot 2 inches at 235lbs. I used to be at 300lbs but due to a major accident I lost 65lbs. I have never been able to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. Also I am very out of shape. I did drop down to 200lbs once and put on no muscle while I did it because I cant seem to do both. I didnt look right at all. I looked barrel chested and was still flabby. What can I do to lose weight and build muscle or what would you suggest?


Hi Blair. I think you will need some help from a personal trainer. Perhaps for a few sessions (if it’s too expensive) and then continue on your own. When you exercize with weights you will build muscle while losing weight at the same time. Perhaps not immediately (as muscles weigh heavier) but you will get stronger and your metabolism will increase. Of course this should be paired with a good diet and I would recommend getting a few sessions with a nutritionist as well. Good luck!

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