How can clothes put you in a better mood?

by Sylvia

Bring on the brights for Spring 2012

Dressing is very psychological. I don’t know about you, but when I dress myself in bright colours, I automatically feel happier. It is actually quite a good tactic to force yourself to wear something bright when you are in a bad mood. Not easy to do, I know, but it sure is effective.

With all the brights in the shops, it certainly has never been easier to do so. Can you imagine being sour and depressed while dressed in those bright yellows? I’m not sure if I’m just in a positive state of mind or I get influenced by the trends, but I’m suddenly very attracted to yellow. I’ve got my eyes on a pair of Calvin Klein flats in a combination of nude and yellow. I’ve also spotted several tops in that colour as well, like the Zara top shown above. I was very good at resisting temptation today, so I’m just window shopping the internet. Here are some of my colourful finds.

Bring in the sun and your happy smile with yellow

Bright yellow outfits

1. Philip Lim 2. Zero & Maria Cornego 3. J Crew 4. Milly 5. Helmut Lang 6. Reed Krakoff 7. Calvin Klein

Feeling a little more timid? Then opt for bright green!

Green outfits for Spring 2012

1. JCrew 2. Sonia 3. River Island 4. Nine West  5.Old Navy

Do clothes and colours lift your mood? Have you ever experienced feeling much happier after dressing in a particular colour?

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You’re definitely right about bright colours lifting the mood, and I know I should wear them more often. I do ok in spring and summer, but in the wintertime there’s a lot of neutral going on. The CK pumps are excellent, and now I’m really looking forward to wearing my brigth green knit top:)


Great Nanne for wearing that bright green top. It’s actually quite strange. In the winter you need the colours more than ever! Luckily you’re going towards summer now and next winter you can make the change!


I wear a lot of colors all the time and I love it!


And I want more of them. The only clothes I’m allowed to buy this year must be colourful!


I love bright, happy colors! Not only do I think they lift the mood of the person wearing them but I think they cheer up others looking at that person. 🙂 I am a believer!
Those Nine West shoes are so perfect I had to order them! I just bought a RL dress in a green, white, and navy stripe and I think this is the perfect shoe to compliment it. And I can not resist an ankle strap. I am addicted.


I totally agree, Suzanne. Seeing people wearing colors, or wearing unusual and playful combinations always brings a smile on my face!


Very true Suzanne. We need more colours to benefit everyone. Those shoes are fab! Perfect height too. Sounds like a perfect combination!


My green shoes arrived today – they overnighted them for free! I love them so much I can not even tell you! 🙂 They are gorgeous and fun and they match my new dress perfectly. This is the outfit I will wear to my daughter’s pinning as a registered nurse the day before her university graduation. If you had not posted these shoes I never would have found them – because I would not have thought to look for green shoes. Thank you so much Sylvia!


Well done! Great that I could help you find them. I’m seriously considering buying them myself. First have to find something green though. Want back for the yellow sandals and they were already sold out! Still really missing brights in my closet so will need to do some shopping this month some time. Not sure yet if I will opt for green or yellow..


Oh Suzanne, I am dieing to see the outfit with the shoes. Would you consider posting a photo on the style forum? Or is that not your thing?


Bright colours do not only lift my mood because they are bright. They also lift my mood because I get a lot more compliments with colour outfits than with my favourite black and white or any other subdued colours.


Very true, Greetje!


That is actually really true. The exact same thing happens to me when I wear bright colours. It always gets noticed. Even more reason to wear them!

The Style Crone

I love to experiment with color! The yellows and greens that you show are a sign that spring is really in the air.


I remember wearing this colour green as a teenager. It was a nice blouse too. Would be perfect for now! It took a long time for that colour to come back into fashion, but I’m ready for it!


No question that clothing has a serious effect on my mood, as well as colour and fabric. I love colours and they always cheer me up.


I wonder why in general we don’t wear more of them. It seems that everyone feels more positive, gets more compliments etc. I think this will become a colourful Spring and Summer!

Heather Fonseca

I often dress to suit my mood, and there are days when I’m in nothing but black! I find dressing nicely, putting on some makeup and a nice outfit often will lift me out of a funk. It’s not just wearing color, it’s Locoking chic that lifts my mood.

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