A few a you have been asking about a follow up on my review of the Hadacrie Cool Ion Cleanser, since it has now been more than half a year since I started using it. I’m happy to share some more of my experiences.

Half a year passes by quickly and in that time I’ve been travelling a lot. I decided not to take the ion cleanser on my last travels to save on weight and because I would always have to find a power point. This may have been a mistake as when I got back from holiday, my skin was in a bit of a mess. Lots of imperfections on my face and my chest had accumulated lots of little pimples (for lack of a better word).

My chest area has been a problem area for some time and I had tried several products to get rid of the pimples. Sometimes they would disappear only to come back in greater numbers.

I decided that this would be the perfect test for my ion cleanser. From the time I got back from my holiday, I used it on an almost daily basis, especially on the more troubled areas of my skin which are the T-zone on my face and my chest area.

Hadacrie Cool Ion cleanser review | 40plusstyle.com

I can honestly say that the ion cleanser did wonders on my chest. Within a week of using it on a daily basis almost all of the pimples had disappeared. The area on my chin and around my nose have much improved also. There are still a few persistent pimples on my forehead but overall that area has improved too.

It is clear that the cleanser removes dirt that my normal cleansing product does not. You are supposed to clean your skin thoroughly before using the ion cleanser and remove all makeup. I used cotton tissues for this and checked how dirty they looked. Sometimes you could hardly detect any dirt on the days that I did not use any makeup.

After that you will use another tissue with the ion cleanser and it is often amazing how much dirt the apparatus can still pull out of your skin and how dirty that tissue can look. Unfortunately, I have not been very good at keeping track of all this but if you are interested then a fellow blogger almost turned this into a study.

This experiment has made it clear to me how important it is to keep your skin clean and how effective that is to remove or avoid pimples and outbreaks. I was once advised not to do (too much) exfoliation since my skin is so thin and I feel that this is a very non-aggressive way to achieve the same effect. I have not had any experience with other electric cleansers like the Clarisonic which may be very effective as well doing this, but I do like that ion cleansing is a very gentle way to cleanse the skin.

I have mainly used the Hadacrie Cool as a cleanser and not so much as a moisturiser, but may start to experiment with that more in the coming months as my skin is pretty dry. I did use the cooling function quite a few times and find it a great way to give your skin a bit more tone and aplomb before going out.

If you like to try out an ion cleanser, you can buy it online here..

If anyone else has had experience with an ion cleanser, feel free to add your feedback below!


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