Do you know someone who has been feeling anxious or stressed recently, or who could just do with a little extra treat to let them know you are thinking about them?

Then the ideas in this article could be perfect. Below you’ll find the very best pampering gifts and relaxation gifts to choose for your loved ones this season.

Why you or your loved one may need a gift to help with stress relief

With many people now working from home, boundaries are blurred between work and leisure time. On top of that many women have responsibilities which tug them in different directions. Plus, there’s the small matter of an ongoing pandemic.

No wonder then that many of your loved ones, and you, may be feeling more anxious than usual. However, these gift ideas should help to relieve some of that stress. After all, it’s hard to feel stressed when snuggled in a fluffy robe, reclining with a sheet mask or reading a book in soft pajamas.

So, if you do know someone who just needs to take a minute (or several) to truly relax, take a look at the ideas below and see if one of these gifts could help…

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Gifts for relaxation: A cozy robe

When you go to a hotel or a spa, one of the reasons you feel pampered and relaxed is because you are given a soft, fluffy robe to change into. So, why not have that spa feeling at home?

The plush robe (below) from Nordstrom has 5* reviews from women who say it is super soft and warm. It comes in a range of neutrals, pastels and brights.

Gifts for relaxation - Nordstrom plush robe |

Nordstrom plush robe

Relaxation gifts: A lounge set

With so many of you at home more than usual this year, a lounge set is perfect for days at home or for pajamas. Barefoot Dreams is a good go-to brand for loungewear and pajamas.

The loungewear set below is super soft against your skin. You could easily pop on a pair of sneakers if you need to run an errand or two.

Barefoot Dreams® lounge set |

Barefoot Dreams® lounge set

There’s more loungewear inspiration in this article on the best loungewear for women over 40.

Cashmere wrap

For a touch of luxury, how about gifting some cashmere to a loved one. You could wear the cashmere poncho (below) over loungewear or over a baselayer and jeans.

Relaxation gifts - Nordstrom V-neck cashmere poncho |

Nordstrom V-neck cashmere poncho

Pampering gifts: A sleep set

Many people may struggle to get to sleep, particularly if they have a lot of their mind. Having a bed-time ritual can help. Perhaps one of thisworks‘ sleep sets will help to give the gift of a good night’s sleep.

The Dream Team set (below) features a spray for your pillow and a stress-relief roll-on.

Relaxation gifts - thisworks® Great in Bed Sleep trio |

thisworks® Dream Teeam

Stress relieving gifts: Face masks

There’s something very relaxing about lying down with a sheet mask on. I think it’s because there’s really not much else you can do – apart from maybe reading – while you’re wearing one.

The Korean sheet masks (below) have 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon and will last you or your loved one for ages – or you can always share the pack out among friends and family.

Pampering gifts - U-NEED 100 pcs. Korean face sheet mask |

U-NEED 100 pcs. Korean face sheet mask

Stress relief gifts: Essential oils

The right smell can either invigorate you or relax you. Choose one to suit your mood from the diffuser and essential oil bundle set (below). Or you could always create your own blend from the likes of orange, clove and nutmeg, which would be perfect for the winter months.

Pampering gifts - Pure Daily Care ultimate aromatherapy diffuser & essential oil set |

Pure Daily Care ultimate aromatherapy diffuser & essential oil set

Pampering gifts for her: Scented candles

Candles can alleviate stress by creating a relaxing ambiance and emitting a calming scent. The Anjou scented candles set below comes in pretty packaging, making it ideal to give as a gift. They have 4.8 stars out of 5 from reviewers on Amazon, who say they smell amazing and could be gifted either as a set or individually as stocking fillers.

Gifts for relaxation - Anjou scented candles gift set |

Anjou scented candles gift set

Pamper gifts: Bath bombs

While a shower may be quicker, a bath is often more relaxing. Add a scented bath bomb and take your favorite book in with you for added stress relief.

The bath bomb set (below) from LifeAround2Angels has fantastic reviews from women who say they not only smelled great but left their skin feeling super soft.

Pampering gifts - LifeAround2Angels bath bombs gift set |

LifeAround2Angels bath bombs gift set

Calming body oil

Creating self care rituals where you take even just a few moments for yourself should be an important part of your day.

A softening body oil formulated with high-quality, natural extracts including sweet almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E and ginger extract. Massage in The White Company’s calming body spray after a bath or shower to benefit from soothing aromatherapy essential oils which have been selected especially for their deeply calming effects on body and mind.

Relaxation gifts - The White Company Calm softening body oil |

The White Company Calm softening body oil

Self care gifts: Eye gel mask

One of the places we can feel stress or strain is our eyes, which can feel tired after a long day. Patchology’s 10-minute eye patches are designed as a quick pick-me-up. Choose from Happy Place (below) which is infused with rose and hibiscus, Down Time, which features calming primrose, or Perk Up with invigorating green tea.

Pampering gifts - Patchology Moodpatch™ eye gel mask |

Patchology Moodpatch eye gel mask

Soothing eye pillow

Another treat for the eyes! This Happy Wraps pillow would be a lovely gift for a yoga lover. After they finish their exercise, they can take time to relax with this lavender-infused eye pillow.

Gifts for relaxation - Happy Wraps Namaste yoga eye pillows |

Happy Wraps Namaste yoga eye pillow

Gifts for stress relief: Therapy dough

If you’ve ever played with play dough, you’ll know how relaxing it can be. It keeps your hands busy so your mind can relax. The therapy dough from Pinch Me (below) is the grown-up version of play dough. You can choose from different scents depending on where your loved one’s happy place is.

Pinch Me therapy dough |

Pinch Me therapy dough

Stress reliever gifts: scalp massager

Anyone who has ever had their hair washed at the hairdressers knows how relaxing a good scalp massage can be. Rather than washing your hair with your fingers in the bath or shower, you can give yourself a scalp massage with the scalp brush (below) which has tens of thousands of good reviews.

Women who have tried it say it removed build-up, whether from shampoo or box dye, and that it feels great.

Maxsoft hair scalp massager shampoo brush |

Maxsoft hair scalp massager shampoo brush

Shower steamers

You’ve probably tried bath bombs, but how about Shower Steamers? You just place one of these on your shower floor (away from where the heavy stream of water is) and your enveloped in an energizing citrus scent which should set you up for the day.

Body Restore essential oil shower steamer set |

Body Restore essential oil shower steamer set

Foot care kit

If you know someone who is on their feet all day long, I’m sure they’ll love putting on these foot sockies from SpaLife at the end of a busy day. Reviewers say their feet have been transformed!

SpaLife invigorating spearmint & tea tree oil foot sockies |

SpaLife invigorating spearmint & tea tree oil foot sockies

Bath tray

Another bath-time suggestion for you! If your recipient is someone who loves to relax with a bath at the end of the day rather than taking a shower, how about making it even more relaxing by gifting them a bath tray. They can put all of their pampering products on this Royal Craft Wood tray (below) as well as candles, a book, and a glass or wine or cup of tea (depending on their preference).

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD bathtub caddy tray |

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD bathtub caddy tray

Foam roller

Whether you know someone who is a regular yoga bunny or someone who doesn’t do much exercise at all, they’re still sure to benefit from loosening up their muscles with a foam roller. Using a roller can decrease muscle and joint pain as well as improving circulation and flexibility, making it one of the best gifts for relaxation.

The roller from TriggerPoint (below) comes in a choice of colors and reviewers say it does wonders for muscle recovery after exercise.

TriggerPoint GRID foam roller |

TriggerPoint GRID foam roller

A good book

Curling up with a good book is one of the most relaxing pastimes you can engage in. You could choose a new book from your recipient’s favorite author when searching for gifts for relaxation (if you’re sure they haven’t yet read it) or perhaps introduce them to one of your own favorites.

If you prefer to listen to a book (which is even more relaxing) check out our list of recommended audio books.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens |

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Gifts for relaxation: A planner

Life can feel overwhelming for so many reasons, and one of the best ways to feel better about the days and weeks ahead is to have a plan. A planner can make a wonderful gift for relaxation so your loved one can set out their hopes and dreams for the year and, importantly, chart a way to make them happen.

Freedom Mastery Deluxe Law of Attraction Life planner |

Freedom Mastery Deluxe Law of Attraction Life planner

Adult coloring book

While coloring may be something you left behind as a child, there are now a host of adult coloring books available. Coloring has been found to provide the same benefits as meditation so a coloring book can be the ideal gift for relaxation.

There are plenty of adult coloring books you can choose from, but in keeping with 40+ Style, how about a fashion-based one like the Paris Street Style coloring book below.

Paris Street Style: A Coloring Book (Street Style Coloring Books) by Zoe de las Cases |

Paris Street Style: A Coloring Book (Street Style Coloring Books) by Zoe de las Cases

Gemstone bracelet

Whether you believe in the power of gemstones or not, they do have meanings associated with them which your recipient is sure to appreciate.

You can choose a gemstone bracelet with connotations of calm, balance, power or wisdom from the range at Gorjana. The Howlite crystal bracelet below is said to have calming properties.

gorjana gemstone bracelet |

gorjana gemstone bracelet

Noise cancelling headphones

If you know someone who struggles to concentrate – perhaps they are now working from home where there are lots of distractions – you could opt for a pair of noise cancelling headphones so they can shut out the rest of the world and eliminate noise and distraction while they are listening to their favorite music.

Bose® QuietComfort® 35 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones II with Google Assistant |

Bose® QuietComfort® 35 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones II with Google Assistant

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