Greetje and I had another chance to get together in Haarlem and we decided to go to Haarlem’s Frans Hals Museum.

Frans Hals is Haarlem’s most famous painter and lived in the same time as Rembrandt during the Dutch golden age in the 17th century. Like Rembrandt, he painted a lot of portraits.

At the entrance you can have a bit of fun picturing yourself in old traditional dutch costume.



The museum shows works from a lot of other painters from that period too.


Greetje is wearing an ageless style chic outfit today: skinnies with a peplum top. She combined it with a skilfully draped polkadot scarf.



I wore my grey skirt for the day with a wide magenta jumper.



These are some of Frans Hals’ works.




The museum also houses a doll house created by Sara Rothé. It houses more than 15,000 pieces of miniature interior items like mini cutlery and other household ware and was recently meticulously restored.

Such dollhouses were meant for show rather than play, and visitors from all over the Netherlands and beyond would come to Amsterdam to visit such “cabinets”.

Sara Rothé was a dollhouse owner who spent most of her time decorating and showing her cabinet. For more info you can read her wikipedia page.



There is also a replica of a golden century pharmacy.


It was warm and cosy inside and cold and windy outside as the below photos will attest. After a few quick photos we speeded back inside again!



We had a lovely day and it was fun to reconnect with The Netherlands’ past. You can find more information on the museum here.

For more outfits from the fabulous Greetje, be sure to check out her blog No Fear of Fashion!

Do you enjoy visiting museums? Which are your favorite ones?


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