Flat shoe trends for fall 2012

by Sylvia

Flat shoe trends fall 2012

Unlike many women my main focus has always been on clothes. But I’m getting increasingly more interested in shoes now! I believe shoes can really make a difference and together with the right accessories can really spice a standard outfit into something extraordinary. Especially, as you get older, accessories become increasingly more important. There are no limits as to what you can do with them, regardless of age!

Last week I showed you the best mid heel shoes from the fall collections, this week let’s focus on practical flat shoes.

It is quite obvious from looking at all the pictures that a big trend this year for flats are shoes that appear to look like bed slippers. They are almost in every collection I have seen and come in a huge variety of colours and prints. A very fun way to spice up any outfit.

Flat shoes for fall 2012

Shoes can also be an excellent way to add some colour to your outfit if you prefer not to do that with your clothes. Match with a scarf, jewelery or a hat and you look instantly fashionable, even with basic clothes.

What do you think of the evening slipper style shoes? Anything on your shoe wish list?

Images by Style.com

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Hi Sylvia!
I love the style of the evening slipper. I think it’s so “smoking jacket classy.” Especially like the studded ones. You have a great collection you’re featuring here. Especially love the oxford style shoes. They always look so sturdy and made well. I guess they remind of me of the nun’s shoes I use to see so much of when I was a little kid. 😉


Thanks Joni. You are right the studded ones are great!


I love the slipper style as well, they’re fun and stylish! I do prefer flats for work and everyday wear for the comfort and as you’re showing here, flats need not be boring at all! Other shoes on my wishlist at the moment are a pair of Vanessa Bruno wedge ancle boots, but they are quite expensive so I’m waiting for them to go on sale.


No, the above prove that you can have fun with flat shoes as well!


Flat feet (me) and flat shoes are not a good combination. But I cannot walk on high heels all the time, so I alternate. This year I bought a black pair of these bed slipper shoes, online by Steve Madden. They have golden studs on the front edge. It sounds horrible, but I quite like them. The material is a little bit hard, but I can put my support soles in them which is rare. So I kept them. I bet though that the Jimmy Choos would have been more comfortable.


I have no idea. As yet I have not yet tried any Jimmy Choo shoes 🙂


I must admit these bed slippers are my cup of tea. They look very comfortable and stylish at the same time. I am glad I can be fashionable this winter. Thank you Sylvia


Enjoy Marianne!

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