Having twice the fun with a fashion-forward dress!

by Sylvia

Having twice the fun with a fashion-forward dress! | 40plusstyle.com

This dress is very fashion forward. Probably not the kind of dress you can wear too often.

It’s fun and quirky and as you can see it comes in (at least) 2 color combinations.


I personally prefer the dress in the darker version and feel it needs heels to support its short length and wide cut.

However, I do like the fashion statement that both women make with this dress and the desire of both women to have FUN with fashion!

What do you think of this dress? Would you wear it?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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Accidental Icon

What a fun dress and provocative question! I think I would try it because I like the length and the wide cut. I think the way the second woman styled her hair let her get away with flats but I agree those heels in the first picture are killer.
Accidental Icon


I love this dress and would definitely wear it. I agree with you Sylvia on the darker color. Also I prefer it with the higher heel.

Happy new year!


Interesting! And very cool. I agree with your preference for the darker dress. Happy new year to you, Sylvia!


This looks like it came straight off the Jetson’s cartoon.

I do prefer the styling of the first version of it.

I wouldn’t wear this at it wouldn’t suit my body and would overwhelm my frame.

Have a wonderful New Year Sylvia!



I like this style a lot, I like it how the second woman styles this dress, feels more unique to me, even with the flat shoes.
However the dress would not be something for me to wear.

une femme

I probably wouldn’t wear it, not my style. But it’s a very interesting concept piece and I agree about it needing heels.


IF I wore it I would wear the lighter version. The dress itself makes a statement and the bolder colors make it even more of a statement. Maybe a yellow bag (with the second dress) would be fun and neutral heels would work too. Like I say, I would only wear this if I wanted to make a statement…but if I saw it on someone else it would make me smile! and she would get compliment from me. 🙂


I’m with Suzanne regarding Jetsons.


i would definitely wear this dress in the first configuration. Love the colour combination.

Greetje Kamminga

Oh, what a nice dress. I agree with you on the first version. I also prefer the red(ish) colour with the black and certainly high heels. The cream/yellow one is dangerous with the blond hair anyway, but the bag she is wearing with it, looks like she bought it purposely to wear with this dress.
The style is something I love. But of course I would be sensible and not buy it (if I could afford it) as it has no sleeves, is too short for me and far too outspoken to ever get enough wear out of it. But it is beautiful.

Vancouver Barbara

How do you define “Fashion Forward”?


What I mean here is that the dress is extremely fashionable and trendy, probably not to everyone’s liking and a ‘risk’ to wear in terms of style.


I’m pretty sure these are Valentino, btw.

Sabina @Oceanblue Style

I would opt for the lighter one because it makes for a slimmer silouhette! But the fuchsia color is fabulous. I got a saltin halterneckdress in purple which is maybe less “forward” but classic fashion! 🙂 Sabina @Oceanblue Style

Sherry Edwards

No I wouldn’t wear it, couldn’t wear it and shouldn’t wear it. But she looks amazing. Reminds me of I Dream of Genie.

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