Fashion colour trends for Fall 2012

by Sylvia

Colours for fall 2012

Are you all still celebrating and enjoying summer? Or thinking about Fall already? As you know I’ve done quite  a bit of shopping this past holiday. Mostly looking for great summer sales items of course, but of course I could not help but look at some of the new fall collections as well. I was delighted to see that the colours have not disappeared just yet!

green bag coach for fall 2012

green coach bag

Above you can see the Pantone fashion colour predictions for Fall 2012. In the shops I did indeed notice a lot of the ultramarine green, which is a colour I love. I saw many bags in this colour and was tempted many times….

Pink flambe is a colour I need to warm up to but I saw many lovely creations featuring this colour.

dress in royal blue by stella mccartney

royal blue Stella McCartney dress

I saw more royal blue, which is brighter, than Olympian blue in the shops. And in fact I got seduced by a lovely top in that that colour, which you will just have to wait for to see 🙂

I was also happy to see the rose smoke in this colour selection. Although some of you find me too pale in this colour, I still love it and it’s great that I can continue to wear some of my favorite pieces without any problem (not that I stick to the fashion colours strictly, but still….).

And I was happy to see the honey gold in shops as well. As you know I purchased a dress in this colour not so long ago, and pretty soon I will also show you a top in that colour.

Tangerine is still there too. I was surprised to still see many items in that colour for fall, even though I don’t think that colour has been a huge success in shops for the summer season.

In general though, I love all of these colours. They are still bright colours, but just slightly softer than the really bright  summer colours that we saw in summer, which suits me a little better. The very light pastels are gone, save for my favorite old pink, which is great.

Of course there were plenty of neutrals in the shops as well and the predicted leather, which was everywhere. I was seduced by many items created out of leather, or that featured leather, but sensible me won in the end. (Singapore is just too hot for leather). But you can be sure that I will feature these creations with leather on the site for all of you who are lucky enough to be able to wear them! If you like to know how all these new colours are worn, you may like to have a look again at some of my earlier trend predictions for fall 2012. Based on what’s actually coming in stores now, I will soon release my definitive report on the Fall 2012 trends.

Are you looking forward to the new fall collections or still enjoying your summer clothes?



Hi! It has been an amazing Summer for my family with many changes. My daughter is now a Registered Nurse working in a Level One Trauma Unit and living in a different state and in July my son was accepted into one of the Top Five Business Colleges in the United States. He needs a whole new wardrobe! And in some ways, so do I. 🙂 I have enjoyed the past 3 months (even with the hottest July on record!) but I am ready for Fall/Winter. I am buying new clothes and love the colors! I have new sweaters in Tangerine and Rose Smoke, and a pair of new suede boots in the Honey Gold and a pair of riding boots in Burgundy leather. Burgundy and deep reds are a big color in the USA this Autumn. I bought a burgundy equestrian style jacket today. I have a new long sleeved burgundy dress too. I wore dresses a lot this Summer and find they are very comfortable and easy to wear. I am hoping I can make them work in the cold weather over tights and leggings and with tall boots. I have missed this blog and am happy to be back!


Welcome back Suzanne. Great to hear from you again! It sounds like you are embracing all the colours which is great.

Greetje Kamminga

I have missed you too Suzanne, I was wondering where you were. Nice to have you back. Hope you will give your comment on the Style Forum uploads as well.
As for the season fashion… I bought too many summer clothes. Fortunately summer has finally come to Holland , so I can begin to wear them. But I do not need new summer clothes. So on to buying Fall/Winter clothes.
I bought a black/white polka dot blouse together with a honey gold cardigan also with polka dots. Looked so nice that the shop assistant called her colleague to have a look. It was a combination I learned from you Sylvia,. I also bought honey gold jeans with a bright yellow bit at the bottom together with a black shirt and a yellow scarf with black animal print. My husband hates the combination of black and yellow and he dislikes animal print. Well… tough. That is a matter of taste and it looks good on me.
As far as the colours for next season are concerned, I find the green a bit disappointing. I love green but this is not my green. Not warm enough, too much blue in it. But Sylvia if you like that colour I would have bought the bag you show.


Hopefully summer stays there a bit longer Greetje so you can enjoy all you summer clothes! Love the sound of all of the clothes you bought! I had to make choices; couldn’t buy everything I liked….


Oh yes, I’m looking forward for the new fall collections, despite I might have to wait some time to wear fall clothes.
I still haven’t bought anything new, here the stores already have the summer clothes, (that’s the limitations of living in a small village of a small Island and dream more than what we have) so I just can find fall items on-line. And for my experience shopping on-line is very risky for me, specially bottoms and dresses. Moreover I’m on a budget, with this crisis we are going trough, here in Portugal.
But I hope and pray I’ll be able to find something to fulfill my “need” of new things. I have a huge wishlist 😉
I’m glad “bright”colours are still in, despite in winter I tend to wear them in a deeper hue. I love royal blue and also honey gold and all kind of reds and….. (I could continue for a long list :))
I’m looking forward to see you in your new buys Greetje. I love yellow and black and even better if there is some white. And I think animal print more like a classic and I love it.


Quite a few of the new ‘fall’ fashion is actually pretty good for summer too. My royal blue top is super summery!


I like to spend more summer time ^_^ For now I am not looking forward to Fall yet ^_^ As I see the colors of fall it made me falls to the color that I look great ^_^ By the way, can we still wear our white pants/jeans in fall? I hope so I love my white jeans ^_^ Thanks for the visit!

Kim, USA


Yes, I’m all for wearing white year round. I guess a winter white is more appropriate in winter but I love white, so whenever you like to wear it, go for it!

Heather Fonseca

It’s about 90 degrees here right now so I have to enjoy my summer clothes for a while longer. I am looking forward to fall and am planning a shopping trip for some basics that are currently missing in my closet. I need to make sure whatever I buy will transition into winter and spring. It’s usually so cold here in spring so I wear my fall clothes for a long time.


Have fun shopping Heather!


I already received several fashion cataloques with the fall/winter collection. The H&M one had different items in burgundy. I like this colour, you can combine it with pink flambe for instance. Because I am always cold I bought the burgundy cardigan [oversized model] with the matching tregging, since I can only wear pants with elastic waistband all around. Seeker because you are on a budget, like me, I can tell you there are a lot of payable and fashionable items in this cataloque.

The Seeker

How lovely of you Marianne to think of me, thank you dear.
Unfortunately I have no H&M store near me and I can’t shop on-line because they don’t ship to Portugal. It’s a pity.

The Seeker

And I love burgundy. I hope you’ll be able to take some photos and post them in the forum, I’m so sure you’ll look sooooooooo stylish and a true inspiration for us.

Four Seasons One Wardrobe

Yes, more color to the people!

Kathleen Lisson

I’m buying royal blue and oxblood red/chianti.


Exciting Kathleen. Great colours!

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