7 fall 2013 hair trends and how women over 40 can wear them

by Sylvia

hairtrends for fall 2013 for women over 40

It’s been a busy few months with travelling, some projects and family coming over. But today life will almost return to normal when school begins for my son. I’m personally still a big mess though with my hair the surest sign of neglect. Time for some much needed love from the hair stylist and colorist!

As always I’m wondering how to cut and color it. So what better way to find out by looking at the new hair trends for Fall 2013?

These looks were shown during the Fall 2013 fashion presentations but  how can 40+ women apply these hair trends?

1. Relaxed and messy


The trend is towards more casual for Fall and that is reflected in the hairstyles which are more relaxed and messy. Although this style can look good in certain situations and on young models, 40+ women should approach this style with care as it can easily result in a frumpy appearance. The wet look was seen at Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Alberta Ferretti and Roberto Cavalli. Messy textured looks were dominant at Proenza Schouler, Helmut Lang and Vera Wang.

2. Low pony tales


Very casual hairstyles with low pony tales were seen at Rachel Zoe, John Galliano, Chloe, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta and Lanvin. You can tie it either in a very relaxed way as seen at Rachel Zoe or go for a more sleek and strict style as seen at Chloe. Of course this is an easy style to wear for anyone with a bit of length in their hair but women over 40 should wear this style with caution. It can easily look frumpy. So be sure you wear something hip and modern with this style so you will not look dowdy.

3. Sleek


Although messy and unruly were popular, many designers had their models walk the runway in a very sleek hairstyle. Either parted in the middle or at the side or tied in a pony tail. I particularly like the style of Chanel model above although this style can look severe on 40+ women (as mentioned in my 7 best hairstyle tips) Sleek hair can be a very elegant style for women over 40 with the right cut in place.

4. Fake fringes


Another way to create a casual, tomboyish style is with a fake fringe, where the hair is swept over the forehead. This could be a slightly more modern look for those with long hair. It would give you a slightly edgier look that would fit well with more androgynous clothing. This style was seen at Dries van Noten, Marni, Tracy Reese and Rag & Bone.

5. Braids and buns


The braid was back as well and seen at Valentino, Rodarte, Christian Siriano and Fendi. Not an easy style for women over 40 and I feel most 40+ women would fare better with a deconstructed bun which was seen at Dolce & Gabbana, Marchesa, Zac Posen and Prabal Gurung.


6. Bobs


There were not a lot of bobs on the runway but I loved these ones at Anna Sui. I feel that many hairstyles presented at the fashion shows were more suitable for younger women, whilst shorter hairstyles like bobs and short cuts that traditionally look good on women over 40 were underrepresented. This style still follows the tomboyish trend and would be a great option for the modern 40+ woman.

7. Short cuts


Not many models have short hair and that may be one reason short hairstyles were not well represented. Mary Katrantzou’s models showed a bowl hairstyle which was also featured at Chanel.

Inspiration from other women over 40 and Pinterest


Although the catwalks can give a good idea of overall hair trends, I often find I get more inspiration from my fellow 40+ bloggers. I’m inspired by Catherine’s bright red hair color, Stephanie’s asymmetric cut, Ann’s beautiful bob and Lissy’s younthful bob with fringe.

I can also rely on my trusty hairstyles pinboard where you will find lots of examples of haircuts that will look amazing on women over 40, so be sure to check those out and follow the board!

What hair style are your planning for Fall 2013?


P.S. Stay tuned for the fall 2013 fashion trends coming up later this week!

Catwalk images by Style.com

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Wow, the over 40 women look better than the models.


I agree!


Thanks Sylvia for featuring my haircut! I love Stephanie’s cut and I’m thinking of going shorter myself. How about you, what haircut are you thinking about?

blue hue wonderland


I haven’t decided yet, but sofar I have not even managed to get an appointment! My usual hair salon has suddenly disappeared and sofar I have no idea if they moved somewhere else…. I really need to find them (or someone else soon) because I desperately need a haircut!


Wonderful haircuts. I love the haircut from Stephanie!!! Looks so fresh and young and stylish. If I could choose one, I would cut my hair exactly like hers.
I also love the haircut from Ann, allways looks perfect styled.
I´ve decided to let my hair grow, because I can style it easier when it´s longer.
What do you think about my haircut?

Dana, Germany
have a nice and sunny week 🙂


Very glamorous Diana! It looks like you have nice thick hair so you are able to pull off this style.

Trina Grandinetti

I agree, I like your 40 plus models much better than the runway models. I love Stephanie’s fun cut (just can’t get brave enough).


Me too. Seriously considering that hair cut…

Heidi/Frantic But Fabulous

As my hair grew longer this summer, my attempts to tame it into Trend #3 (sleek) inevitably resulted in Trend #1 (messy), followed by Trend #2 (low ponytail) …

Which probably means it’s time to go back to my old standby haircut, aka Trend #6 (bob) 🙂


haha, I usually follow the same route…


Ah well you see, they keep on making fashion for young(er) women. Which is why we cannot work with the models you have shown us. I will keep myself nicely to my bob. Suits me very well. So I will go Anna Sui haha.

Heidi/Frantic But Fabulous

I say if a bob is good enough for Anna Wintour … 🙂


Hahaha…. How very true.


Thanks for featuring me (again!) Sylvia! I’ve had many different hairstyles through the years, including long hair much of my life. This is the shortest I’ve ever had it, 5 years and going strong. I didn’t go short because of any age factor; I’ve simply realized that short suits me better. Good luck with finding a new salon, we all know how tricky that can be.
Have a lovely week!


Tricky indeed here in Singapore where many salons just don’t understand caucasian hair….


Hi Sylvia, I am following your blog for quite some time and finally registered today!! Don’t ask me why I did not do that any earlier!!
Hair has always been a huge issue for me. Maybe that was the trigger to finally get registered:) I do believe that the right hair style makes a big impact on your total look!
I used to have really long hair until my late 20ies but when I moved to Shanghai 11 years ago I slowly started wearing my hair shorter. And I can tell you it is addictive! Finding the right hairdresser though (here in Shanghai) always proved to be a-needle-in-a haystack-problem especially when you have blonde, quite fine hair with plenty of cowlicks:)
I am wearing my straight, highlighted hair in quite short bob style with a longer fringe and I am considering on going even shorter. Maybe even a “Michelle Williams Pixie” (I do have a similar face). However whenever I ask my stylist he tells me that is not possible for me because my hair is so straight that it would stick out and my growth line in the back is “weird” as well. ….I am confused because I am not sure whether his reluctance to give me what I want is actually a good sign and I should listen to it or whether he is simply not good at cutting hair short.
Anyway….I think it is very liberating to cut your hair shorter. I get compliments all the time! Short hair is not only a practical decision but it looks incredibly feminine if styled correctly (just look at Stephanie). Yes, it sure does require a little bit more styling and therefore you need to consider multiple factors such as your job, budget, lifestyle, personal style. But most woman I know have never regretted their decision to go shorter!
Congratulation to your blog…I wanted to say that a long time ago!!
Best Greetings from Shanghai


Thanks for your kind feedback Karin and your great advice. I went short a couple of times and it was never as successful for me as it seems for you. But I’m tempted again. My hair is not in good shape so it will be nice to cut it all off!


Ahhh, you know I had seen this post but somehow missed myself when I read it. Thanks for including me!

By the way, I really like this post. I think the Chanel sleek bob and the Anna Sui bobs with fringe are darling.


I really like Ann’s hairstyle and am very tempted. At the moment mine is a fringe and bob, shorter in the back and jaw length at the sides, so it wouldn’t be very different, just enough to feel like a new style.
My hair is fine and it’s difficult to keep some body in it without it going flat against my head. I’m not sure how this style would work with hair like mine, but I’m giving it a lot of thought!


I would like to see becoming hairstyles for women with curly or wavy hair. I have thick fine wavy hair that i damaged in the past with keratin straightening and blow drying.


I like the messy look, I’ve been wearing it for a couple weeks now. Also like the low pony tail and the bread . And the bob looks great on you!

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