Many of you will know my friend Greetje. We became friends as a direct result of this blog and she lives just around the corner from where I always stay in The Netherlands. Therefore we always catch up whenever I’m there.

having tea in Haarlem |

I’m always blown away about how fabulous she looks here. She has the perfect wardrobe for the ever changing Dutch climate. Full of great basics and items for layering. She also dares to stand out as this fabulous yellow coat testifies.

I took the opportunity to wear my faux leather mini dress again (over my skinnies of course).


blue skinnies with cobalt blazer |

Today Greetje was rocking her trademark skinnies. The pants she has fully embraced as they just look so fabulous on her. When paired with a classic blazer and contemporary pearls, it becomes a classy and trendy look. Love this combination of casual and dressy!

contemporary pearls |

I love the contemporary look of these classic pearls.

silver shoes |

Finishing off the look are these shiny silver pumps. She had spotted these from a designer label and was very tempted to buy them, but the high price tag had stopped her. To her surprise though, she spotted a very similar pair for much less (about US$35) at Marks & Spencers in The Hague.

dark blue, cobalt and white in sunny Haarlem |

Whenever I see women like Greetje, I’m always reminded how important it is to have wardrobes that suit your climate. My wardrobe is so tailored towards the hot & humid climate of Singapore, that it’s always very difficult to pack great outfits for The Netherlands. I simply don’t own the jackets and layers for this climate anymore. Even though I have a small winter capsule wardrobe, it only offers limited options.

This is not a bad thing of course. It’s so important to buy a wardrobe for your most dominant climate (rather than the climate you sometimes dream of). It’s just a bit inconvenient when you are traveling and crave variety.

Greetje sporting contemporary pearls |

For another of Greetje’s fabulous outfits, you can also see this photo on my Facebook page. You can also visit her own website: No Fear of Fashion.

Do you have the perfect wardrobe for your climate?


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