Brand focus: Eileen Fisher – the best of their spring 2015 collection!

by Sylvia

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The Eileen Fisher brand has been popular amongst 40+ women in the US for a while. And with good reason. Their high quality clothes in good fabrics, usually featuring a relaxed fit make their clothes both flattering, yet very comfortable to wear. The clothes will suit a woman who loves comfortable luxury for an understated chic look. Right now, these clothes really suit the relaxed fit and sporty luxe trends.There are lots of asymmetrical options too.

Their recent vision 2020 mission which aims to make their clothing 100% sustainable within the next 5 years will no doubt further endear this brand to 40+ women.

Let’s have a look at some of my favorites from their current collection and how you could wear them. There is truly so much to love and it really is a pity that this brand is not yet available in Singapore.

I love their silk dresses that you can wear on its own or as tunics over your skirts or pants. This dress comes in blue and black and the white tunic is also available in black.

Eileen Fisher silk dresses |

Here is another asymmetrical silk dress that looks fabulous over pants and can be further layered with a vest. If you prefer to wear sleeves you could layer that underneath the tunic.

Eileen Fisher silk tunics |

Eileen Fisher offers a wide variety of relaxed fit and slouchy pants like these green ones (combined with this gorgeous asymmetrical linen top) and these black silk ones (combined with silk top and jacket).

Eileen Fisher pants |

They have special sizes for plus women too. I like this organic linen top that comes in many colors, as well as this cascading silk cardigan. Eileen Fisher tops plus sizes |

Then there are the Eileen Fisher shoes which are both comfortable AND hip.

Eileen Fisher shoes |

There is so much to like about the Eileen Fisher spring collection and I am very tempted by many of these pieces. The Eileen Fisher store will definitely be one of the first stores I will visit when I’m in New York this summer!

Here are some more of my picks that are currently available online through Nordstrom.

What are your favorite items from this collection?


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They are a brand favorite of mine too, and I like the philosophy of the company as well.


What a coincidence – both you and Angie Cox of You Look Fabulous are featuring Eileen Fisher clothing today!


I used to love her ad campaign a while back, showing all those silver-haired women. I think her stuff is generally elegant too. The problem for me is that there are currently 33,301 of her pieces on ebay. Talk about seeing yourself coming and going!


I love the slouchy look of it. But when I clicked through on f.i. the jacket to the site, that jacket looked different from the model you are featuring, less sleek.
Anyway, I like the style, but I am sure I can get similar things at Sarah Pacini or so. I like to try them on in a shop rather than ordering them online.


I’m familiar with Eileen Fisher. It’s my step daughter’s favorite designer so I have seen a number of pieces over the years worn on a petite, heavy woman in her 40’s and the look was not flattering. A few years ago EF was known as an “older woman’s” brand because of body hiding dark colors and fabrics with little style. In an effort to revive company sales and update their image a new design approach was taken and it seems to be working. Some of the pieces look great on the models but are not suitable for my shape and height. The long tops over leggings and bulky pants and loose jackets over tunics hide every asset I have….and there aren’t many to work with so I will avoid the brand.

Alison Cosier

I’ve only recently discovered this brand and find the neutral styling rather appealing, and the fact they use good fabrics, going to check out their site now!

Highland Fashionista

I’ve never really explored this brand before, but so many people have been talking it up lately, I’m going to have to dive in. Love how she does that long over short look, you could easily wear many of those long pieces by themselves as well. I’ve always loves her shoes.


Eileen Fisher is a brand I want to like because of the quality of fabric and colors but I can’t get past the poor fit. I have a few nice sweaters and knit skirts purchased at consignment shops by Eileen Fisher. For the most part when I try them on and I go from a sassy 50 year old to frumpy. For casual I going for good fitting jeans, a sweater and leather jacket. I have to agree with Elaine.


Just read my comment, sounded a bit harsh. Eileen Fisher is one of my pet peaves when it come to clothing design for the over 40 woman. Can you show us some pieces on you Sylvia? I’m guessing you can wear them?


Hi Ann, I can see where you are coming from, but I still feel that Eileen Fisher’s pieces are great for layering and for a fluid fit look. Unfortunately, I don’t own any of her pieces as it’s not available in Europe or Singapore. However, I did wear an outfit yesterday that was inspired by this article and will feature it on the blog within a few weeks….

Accidental Icon

I just bought a grey and whit silk Eileen Fisher slip dress. I plan to wear it with a very cool new light leather jacket and some black boots. The black and white poncho would be a possible addition to my wardrobe.

Accidental Icon

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