More fun and outfits from the New York Easter Parade!

by Sylvia

More fun and more outfits from the New York Easter Parade!

If you are like me, you love seeing people dress up. And that is exactly what they do at the yearly Easter Parade as I showed you last week. Here are 18 more glorious looks and outfits. Enjoy!


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What is your favorite outfit?


Photography by Denton Taylor


1 Suzanne

What fun photos!

The fried egg hat is hilarious.


2 Sylvia

haha, funny but I had not even noticed it until you mentioned it. She does wear it with such grace!

3 denton

Some of my favorites are here. Especially my wife who is third from bottom in the white outfit.

4 Sylvia

I agree Denton, your wife looks fabulous!

5 Greetje

I spotted her. Especially love her bag.

6 Elaine

I love the vintage looks, especially the couples. The man with the derby hat, shades and yellow printed scarf is perfection! My personal favorite is something I might wear – the pink knit coat with black hat, scarf and bag.

7 Sylvia

Aren’t they great. I love a man who dresses up! Yes that look with the coat is so stylish…

8 Marnie

I love the egg hat but I really like the clean lines of the pink coat.

9 Sylvia

I love how the woman with the egg hat was able to wear it in such a chic way!

10 sjw

Love these photos! Makes me want to go to the Easter Parade next year with my hubby. I loved the couples and of course, the fried egg hat too. Great look on Denton’s wife — the coat and hat with that bag and shoes caught my attention immediately. Great fun.

11 Sylvia

Yes, me too. Pity it’s so far away…

12 denton

Advanced Style just put up a photo of woman #1 (b&w outfit) and says that she is Lana Turner.

13 Greetje

The first two are my favourite. If I ever were to participate I would have to take my dresssing up a notch.

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