Do you remix your clothes?

by Sylvia

wardrobe remixing

In the spirit of Beauty and Fashion Friend Friday Modly Chic wants to know how many times we are all wearing our clothes. Especially bloggers like me: do we post something on the site only once or are we remixing our clothes? I thought this would be an interesting topic for all my readers and I would be keen to hear your opnion on this, but first I will give you mine. Let’s just stick to her questions:

1. Are you a one-time wearer?

I’ve talked before of how I easily get bored of my clothes, but I’m certainly not a one-time wearer. If I had money growing on my back I may be, but until then I try to mix and match as much as I can. The blog has been an excellent incentive to be even more creative with my clothes, as I certainly would not want to post the exact same outfit twice. I’m also keen to show you all how creative you can be with your existing clothes. It’s amazing what combinations you can find when you just take a little bit of time and think outside the box. As you know I also have my favorite pieces that I could wear almost every day, like my white sailor pants. They are so easy to combine with so many tops (and dresses!) that It’s not necessary to wear the same outfit!

2. Do you feel the need to purchase something new for an evening out or a special event?

It really depends on the event or the kind of people I’m going to meet. If the event consists mainly of strangers I’m quite happy to shop my closet for it if I feel I have something appropriate. I’m not keen to wear exactly the same to an event where I’ve seen the same people before, but happy to remix. However, a special event can also be a good reason for me to treat myself to something special.

3. Re-mixing is something a lot of bloggers are proud of being able to accomplish – are you a re-mixing pro or do you shy away from posting items frequently? Why?

I think that it’s great to remix. I don’t think it would be a good message to have something new every day. Clothes are expensive and it’s important to make wise purchases, and create little clothing capsules so you can mix and match. As I don’t post outfits every day, it’s easy for me to come up with a new or remixed outfit every time. I also think it’s great for readers to see how I wear the same item in a completely different way. It’s all about having fun with dressing and being creative. And every now and then buying an item that can really complement your wardrobe.

4. Do you have a clothing budget or are you an impulse buyer?

I don’t have a strict clothing budget and am more of an impulse buyer. But I do have some kind of budget in my head. I know what I feel is cheap and expensive. The price tags that belong to these words are different for everyone of course. I try to ‘control’ myself as much as possible. Right now I feel a very strong urge for more colour in my wardrobe so I’m looking out for some colourful pieces right now. I usually buy a few pieces at full price just to give my wardrobe a fresh new impulse for the season. But if I can manage it, I tend to wait for the end of season these days so I can snap up high quality clothing from my favorite brands at much reduced prices.

5. Do you find yourself bored when reading a blog in which clothing items are often remixed and appear frequently?

Not when it’s done in a creative way. Great style bloggers always find a way to turn every outfit into something new or refreshing. It’s easy (if you have the money of course) to run to the shops and buy the latest and greatest outfits, it’s much more of a challenge to combine the old with the new and make it current. Good style bloggers are able to do that.

How about you?

1 Suzanne

First, let me say that you do an excellent job of remixing and restyling your outfits Sylvia. That is why your Blog is my favorite. 🙂
1. I do wear my clothes over and over. I try to buy better quality items and things that I truly love so I want to wear them. They make me happy. I do buy some of the current trends each season to stay updated but these often work with what I already have. The exception to this is evening gowns. The Black Tie Galas are attended by the same crowd so once I am seen in a gown I usually can not wear it again.
2. I do have to buy a new dress for most formal events. I have a few great pairs of shoes and evening bags that I reuse though.
3. I am getting better at remixing and trying different combinations. This Blog has given me inspiration!
4. I do have a budget – or at least a line I try not to cross every month. If I buy a lot for my children then there is less for me.
5. I am bored by Blogs that have too many rules – too many “don’t wear this” type of things. I am excited by Blogs that can show the same article of clothing worn in clever ways. I admire smart!

2 Sylvia

Thanks for your replies Suzanne. So interesting to read how you approach dressing. I wish I had a few more gala parties as I never get to dress up in evening attire 🙁 Very happy that you don’t mind me remixing on the blog and that it inspires you!

3 Nanne

I had fun participating in this weeks’ FBFF too, really good questions! On the question of remixing, like one of the other particpants said – how can we not remix? The thought of wearing an item only one time is quite foreign to me, with the exception of wedding dresses, of course:) You’re an excellent remixer, I really wish I was more creative in that department, but I guess it’s just a question of practice!

4 Sylvia

I enjoyed your answers Nanne. As I already mentioned in my comment there, you gave me a great idea for a new article!

5 Tangobabe

OFCOURSE I remix my clothes!!!
That’s why I like having a lot of clothes and why I hang on to them forever. It’s also why I like having a lot of accessories in every color of the rainbow. It multiplies and maximizes my (re-)mixing possibilities. It prevents me from getting bored with my wardrobe.
I tend to be more true to ‘me’ and ‘my own style’, then to trends, which also makes it easier to hang on to the same clothes.
Having said that, that does not mean of course that I am immune to trends or that I never buy anything new. I sure DO;-).
I am an impulse buyer with a mild to medium clothes addiction.
Not having a big budget AND preferring an extensive wardrobe, means that I buy cheap clothes, hence my love for H&M. And that’s why my addiction did not get me bankrupt yet;-).
If I were really, really rich, I would combine H&M with designer pieces.
I agree with all the above speakers, that also in blogging, remixing is fun!
And no, I don’t buy especially for an event, unless it is themed or something, like ‘yellow’ or ‘mermaid’ and I miss items to live up to that theme….but that is maybe once per 2 years. And even then, my wardrobe contains so many items that I can almost effortlessly dress a la ‘cats and dogs’ or ‘my big fat gypsy wedding’! Hahaha….

6 Sylvia

You are a great remixer Anja and the queen of accessorising! I keep missing coloured bangles when I try to put an outfit together!

7 Katy

Ha! When I have money coming out my ears I might be a one-time wearer as well, then again I think I’ll always have those few things that I just love and would wear often even if I had endless amounts of money. And I agree with you on occasionally getting bored of certain items. At least remixing really helps. – Katy

8 Sylvia

That’s actually true for me as well. It’s great to find pieces that fit you perfectly or are super comfortable. I’m sure I would still wear my sailor pants lots of times!

9 GreetjeKamminga

I am not a one time wearer. But I could very easily be. There used to be a sign behind my desk in the office that said: “Although I do have a lot of clothes, they are not to the clothes I like. I like clothes I still have to buy.”
I didn’t make that sign. I found it. But it did (does?) fit me like a glove. Awful isn’t it? Of course I wear my clothes more than once. I am not rich. Besides, if you like something, you want to show it more often. But I get easily bored. Mixing and matching is something I am bad at. This blog inspires me to try harder. So please contine Sylvia to show us how to do that.
There are little special events in my live. Usually I have enough in my cupboard to chose from. But a good excuse is always nice.
I am a very impulsive buyer, a sucker for something that really looks nice on me. No resistance at all.
Being fed up with my spending behaviour, I set myself a goal last August: to live on a budget of 100 euro per month for clothes, bags, shoes … everything. For a year. I lasted till end of January. Then I caved…. All these lovely colours!! From August to February I tried to mix and match more. Did not succeed very well.
Love this blog and will keep on following it and contribute to the style forum.

10 Sylvia

That sign is so funny 🙂 I’m sure you will get better at it Greetje. I will do my best to inspire you!

11 Colleen McCloskey

Sometimes treating yourself to something nice for an event is good too. I tend to wear something I already have because I’m a slacker at planning but also I do like to repeat stuff.

12 Sylvia

You are right Colleen. It’s all about finding the right balance. Knowing when it’s time to buy something and when you can still shop your closet. And sometimes, of course, you have to spoil yourself!

13 The Style Crone

I remix all the time. Especially background pieces. I shop my closet most of the time, but do pick up pieces that I love at estate sales, thrift shops or consignment stores.

14 Kimberlee

Can’t go wrong with a classic white pant 😉 Aww if you’re getting bored with your clothes perhaps invest in a great staple wardrobe then play with trends each season to keep it fresh!

15 Greetje Kamminga

Inspired by your items Mix & Match and Capri’s, I have put some examples of my mix and match on your Style Forum. It is a first attempt. Most of the items (sweater and capris/trousers) can be worn in more ways than I showed. I might be getting the hang of it…..
I have to admit that I only shopped a little bit in my closet (black capri, necklaces and shoes), but at least I now have more combinations, where in the past I used to just wear it as I bought it.

16 Sylvia

Excellent Greetje. It’s great to see that you are having so much fun mixing and matching. You have so many fun clothes to play with so I’m sure you can come up with lots of interesting combinations. For other readers you can find one of her threads on capris at:

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