Do you need a fashion shower?

by Sylvia

Anna della Russo fashion shower

What do you all think of Anna Della Russo? The 50 year old queen of glam certainly puts the 40+ woman on the map and is currently collaborating with H&M.

Whatever you think of her style, you will just have to see her latest video for the brand. Only warning I will give you, is that you will be singing the tune from the video for a long time to come….

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I saw this on several sites yesterday so the shock has worn off. LOL! I think this woman is more fit than Madonna! Who can wear an outfit like that at 20, yet alone 50?! I don’t agree with all of her “rules” (only wear an outfit once!) but I like that she always has fun with fashion and I think she dares other women to do that too. I am okay with her. I honestly do not aspire to dress like her but I can admire her attitude. I really don’t think she cares what other people think of her – she is confident in her own skin.


I certainly don’t agree with all the fashion rules. Style is more important than fashion in my book any day! But like you I love how she has so much fun with fashion and does whatever she feels like. I still subscribe to a less is more point of view though, so will not be rushing out to buy her jewellery.


Seeing a daring, extravagant mature woman is always cool and inspiring. Her accessories are not my style though. And the ‘song’ neitherl;-).


Yes, I think so too!


Great inspiration, although I would not follow her instructions (at all).
But when I saw the video with her in a pink dress, with pink shoes, but blue earrings and blue clutch….. so nice. I know I would never come up with that. I just don’t know how to make outfits more interesting. I just make them matching. Sigh…


I think you hugely underestimate yourself Greetje!

Playing With Scarves

Hi Sylvia !
New at your blog. What a fun video. Not sure wither I can wear all these accessories but I’ll take the glasses with gators. As I live in Florida, these would be absolutely perfect!


Hi Anne, Welcome at 40+ Style! and thanks for leaving your feedback.

Kathleen Lisson

I disagree that fashion must be uncomfortable. Hey, rules are made to be broken!


Of course the are meant to, always!

Playing With Scarves

Hi again Sylvia,
I left you a long message to hopefully be on your 40+ blog list.
I explored your blog longer today and I really enjoy it. Adding you on my blog list !
Have a great day 🙂


Thank you Anne for your kind feedback and thanks for adding me to the blog roll!

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