Design your own jewellery online with these 4 handy tools!

by Sylvia

Create your own necklace online

Jewellery can be a 40+ women’s best weapon in looking good. You can instantly add some colour to your face or infuse your individual style with a unique piece. But what if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for?

Well, here’s where online sites can come in very handy! These 5 website now allow you to create your own necklace right on the site and then get them delivered to your home.

No more tedious trips to stores and fiddling with those strings. Just create your own unique design and let them take care of the rest.


Lots of beads to choose from. Not creative? Just choose one of the existing designs others created. Very handy and easy to use interface!


custom made lockets

This site is a bit simpler, but certainly effective. Perfect if you want to have a charm of distressed metal with a message.


zazzle lockets and charms

At Zazzle you can create your own special charm or locket by adding your own picture.

Have you ever used online jewellery design tools or designed your own jewellery. Let me know your experiences!


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1 Nanne

What an excellent idea! Very clever:) I tried to do some hobby jewelry design for some time but I just found out I wasn’t very creative and had trouble finding inspiration. Plus I don’t really wear that much jewelry either, so I gave all the materials and tools to a very creative friend:)


2 Greetje

I know my limits of creativity haha. So no, I will never design my own jewellery. I might say: I like that ring but with a different stone f.i. But that is it. I have to see the finished product, try it on myself and then decide.


3 The Style Crone

You always have new information for us. This is a great idea, and maybe down the road I’ll give it a try!


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