Dandy Chic in black and white

by Sylvia

Dandy Chic in black and white

I love the dandy chic style of this lady. Chic yet hip yet sophisticated.

What do you think?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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She’s amazing… and when you hear people say the most important thing about clothes is the fit, she personifies it.

Suzy Smith

While I admire her sense of style, the outfit is just a bit much. Either the tie OR the hat OR the shirt – but not all three.


I don’t agree. Sometimes you have to go all out with a theme and I think this woman did this to perfection. I think the tie and hat make the outfit special…


Hey, it’s Fashion Week. You gotta go over the top. Else who’s gonna take your photo? lol.


Chic blazer 🙂


I’m afraid her trousers are a bit too tight for my taste. I think t would look really nice if she had more figure skimming or drape-y trousers (something like Katherine Hepburn would wear).

On the tight trouser topic, I have found myself becoming very bored with “skinnies”. I have several pair of slimmer fit jeans (as a pair shape, actual skinnies really don’t do me any favors!), and I find that I have some shoes that just look so much prettier with a slightly wider leg. I wonder when the tide will change.

Odetta Li

Oh my gosh! I adore this look! I recently thrifted a few men’s ties and have been looking for fresh ways to wear them. This look truly makes a wonderful statement!

Greetje Kamminga

She looks quite amazing.

Linda TCL

Has the potential to be a great outfit. IMO: blazer should be a couple of inches longer. Although she has a great figure, slightly looser-fitting pants in the hips would look more professional. Drop the tie? Or at least switch to a red, solid tie with a matching red hat. Maybe the hat band could match the windowpane design of the shirt?

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