I recently got invited to a Crocs event, which came at a perfect time for me, as I was in due need of a new pair of Crocs for myself. Why would a stylish 40+ women want to have Crocs you may wonder? Good question. I think Crocs are great for certain situations. They tend to be my go-to shoes on the beach, on a holiday or when I quickly step out for a quick errand. The slipper crocs that I had were worn out and somehow only one of them made it back from my trip to Europe!

Crocs can be great shoes for many casual, and now even chicer, occassions when you just want to be comfortable and don’t want to worry that your shoes will get dirty or wet.

So off to the Crocs store I went in Tempines Mall in Singapore, where we would be given a challenge. We needed to create a nice look with a pair of Crocs we selected in the store and then photograph ourselves wearing those in different situations.

crocs shoes

First of all I needed to select my pair of Crocs, which is not an easy task I tell you. Gone are the days when there is just one model of crocs and instead the shop is full of Crocs for any kind of occasion. (Photographing all the crocs on my feet turned out to be a challenge so excuses for the sometimes foggy pictures). One of the most stylish pairs I tried on were the high heeled black and white crocs, which you can see on the faint picture at the top right. These were very comfortable and would look very good with my current outfit. Question was: would I wear these crocs for the situation I usually wear my crocs (which is on the beach)?

Another favorite were the high red / brown wedges I wore in the top picture. These were comforable, open and very nice indeed. I would definitely have selected these crocs if they had only been available in my size…

I also loved the ballet flats, the red sandels, the yellow animal print…. and many more. In fact I could not choose. I had gathered a whole bunch of Crocs around me as options to the point that the local celebrity who was there, Oli Pettigrew, started making fun of my indecisiveness.

colour full crocs

I was definitely drawn to the chicer versions of the crocs shoes like the ballet flats and higher shoes. But in the end I was rushed to make a decision and practical me won in the end. I decided to go with the open sandal type that were the most comfortable and would be perfect for the beach. Instead of the pink ones I tried on, I went for a turquoise blue instead. It was quite a colourful combination with my current outfit, which I thought was fun.

Then it was off to the mall to get some photographs for the challenge. I made the mistake of asking strangers to take photographs with my Canon DSLR which can be quite a challenge for people who are not familiar with it. So unfortunately, no great photographs and the challenge was deservedly won by another blogger instead.

Oli Pettigrew Singapore

Needless to say, I was the oldest person there. Someone has to represent the 40+ woman!

bloggers at crocs event

Of course Crocs remain great for children too. My son had grown out of his old pair of crocs so I bought these lovely colourful grey ones for him!

crocs for kids singapore

Crocs have come a long way, that is for sure. With all these lovely models now available and the shoes being so comfortable, there is sure to be a Croc that pleases you. Have a look at a new website Crocs created New Crocs New You where you can envision yourself wearing Crocs in various situations.

Keen on a pair of Crocs for yourself? I have 2 pairs up for grabs for my Singapore readers. Just fill in the form below to enter. Please note that your privacy is assured and only the winners’ emails will be shared with the Crocs team. I will randomnly select 2 winners in 2.5 weeks time, who can then select any pair of Crocs in selected Singapore Crocs stores. For all models available you can have a look at the Crocs Singapore website or become a fan of their facebook page.

(contest is now closed)

How do you feel about Crocs? Did you know about all these new chic Croc shoes?

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