Stepping out in Crocs!

by Sylvia

how to wear crocs

I recently got invited to a Crocs event, which came at a perfect time for me, as I was in due need of a new pair of Crocs for myself. Why would a stylish 40+ women want to have Crocs you may wonder? Good question. I think Crocs are great for certain situations. They tend to be my go-to shoes on the beach, on a holiday or when I quickly step out for a quick errand. The slipper crocs that I had were worn out and somehow only one of them made it back from my trip to Europe!

Crocs can be great shoes for many casual, and now even chicer, occassions when you just want to be comfortable and don’t want to worry that your shoes will get dirty or wet.

So off to the Crocs store I went in Tempines Mall in Singapore, where we would be given a challenge. We needed to create a nice look with a pair of Crocs we selected in the store and then photograph ourselves wearing those in different situations.

crocs shoes

First of all I needed to select my pair of Crocs, which is not an easy task I tell you. Gone are the days when there is just one model of crocs and instead the shop is full of Crocs for any kind of occasion. (Photographing all the crocs on my feet turned out to be a challenge so excuses for the sometimes foggy pictures). One of the most stylish pairs I tried on were the high heeled black and white crocs, which you can see on the faint picture at the top right. These were very comfortable and would look very good with my current outfit. Question was: would I wear these crocs for the situation I usually wear my crocs (which is on the beach)?

Another favorite were the high red / brown wedges I wore in the top picture. These were comforable, open and very nice indeed. I would definitely have selected these crocs if they had only been available in my size…

I also loved the ballet flats, the red sandels, the yellow animal print…. and many more. In fact I could not choose. I had gathered a whole bunch of Crocs around me as options to the point that the local celebrity who was there, Oli Pettigrew, started making fun of my indecisiveness.

colour full crocs

I was definitely drawn to the chicer versions of the crocs shoes like the ballet flats and higher shoes. But in the end I was rushed to make a decision and practical me won in the end. I decided to go with the open sandal type that were the most comfortable and would be perfect for the beach. Instead of the pink ones I tried on, I went for a turquoise blue instead. It was quite a colourful combination with my current outfit, which I thought was fun.

Then it was off to the mall to get some photographs for the challenge. I made the mistake of asking strangers to take photographs with my Canon DSLR which can be quite a challenge for people who are not familiar with it. So unfortunately, no great photographs and the challenge was deservedly won by another blogger instead.

Oli Pettigrew Singapore

Needless to say, I was the oldest person there. Someone has to represent the 40+ woman!

bloggers at crocs event

Of course Crocs remain great for children too. My son had grown out of his old pair of crocs so I bought these lovely colourful grey ones for him!

crocs for kids singapore

Crocs have come a long way, that is for sure. With all these lovely models now available and the shoes being so comfortable, there is sure to be a Croc that pleases you. Have a look at a new website Crocs created New Crocs New You where you can envision yourself wearing Crocs in various situations.

Keen on a pair of Crocs for yourself? I have 2 pairs up for grabs for my Singapore readers. Just fill in the form below to enter. Please note that your privacy is assured and only the winners’ emails will be shared with the Crocs team. I will randomnly select 2 winners in 2.5 weeks time, who can then select any pair of Crocs in selected Singapore Crocs stores. For all models available you can have a look at the Crocs Singapore website or become a fan of their facebook page.

(contest is now closed)

How do you feel about Crocs? Did you know about all these new chic Croc shoes?

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Who knew?!! I had no idea Crocs come in all of these styles and colors now. Adorable! I love the pink ones with the black toes and little bows, the pink ones that look “threaded” with white, the animal print ones, the blue ones you ended up with – there honestly aren’t any I don’t like! LOL!
My daughter and her friends loved Crocs when they were little. They could not wear them to school but they were a favorite on weekends and during Summer breaks. What a sweet memory – all of those colorful rubber shoes lined up at my front door. And there was even a time when you could buy “charms” to decorate the holes with. So cute. 🙂
I am off now to see if I can find these Online.
PS – I am laughing that only one Croc returned from vacation. Been there, done that.


I know. It’s quite amazing isn’t it, which is why I thought it would be a great topic for the site. haha, I still have no idea where that other Croc ended up!


It is a strange phenomena indeed, that when you walk the streets or ride the highways, there always seem to be solo shoes here and there, making you wander about the story behind it. Read e.g. this column about it:


I’m glad they are branching out from the gardenning shoes (at least, that’s what I think of them as), but I just can’t do plastic shoes. I’ll knock around in a pair of TOMs, and wear rubber-soled flip-flops to the beach/pool, and running shoes, but otherwise, I like leather shoes/soles.


I prefer leather shoes too, but find Crocs perfect for certain situations. Living in year long summer with regular trips to the beach they come in very handy indeed.


I feel like I have two little “angels” sitting on each of my shoulders. Naughty angel Sylvia is saying “Look at how cute these are! You need these shoes!” and good angel Rita is saying “No! Look away! They are not leather!” LOL! Well I looked. And they are adorable. And inexpensive. And they come in a size 4. But I am telling myself to wait until Spring. These would be perfect for the wet, muddy weather in April and May.
The charms are called Jibbitz! I bet I could still find a few on the closet floor in my daughter’s room if I looked hard enough. 🙂


LOL!!! That’s so funny, Suzanne! I’m actually known as “Bad Rita” at the office. I think it started when someone heard me giving what-for to someone on the phone. I get a little animated. 😀 There is another “Rita” in the office and they call her “Good Rita” (she’s very sweet and a nice friend!). She aks me every now and then “When can I be Bad Rita”. It’s very cute!


Haha, that is so funny! I’ve only known you to be ‘good’ on this site so you can be good Rita here!


Awe…thanks, Sylvia! I never get to be “Good Rita”. 🙂


But it is always more fun to be naughty! You can be “Good Rita” but I am going to be “Naughty Suzanne”. I am pretty sure I will get more shoes that way. 🙂 Unless my hubby just out and out bans me from the Internet!


LOL, have fun Suzanne. I’m sure you are right!


Haha! Go Suzanne!! 🙂


Great article, Sylvia.

In principle I don’t ‘do’ Crocs nor UGGS, finding both of those brands the ugliest shoes on the planet. But seeing those models, I might have to change my ideas about Crocs;-).

Regarding plastic shoes; those are very much on trend. The brand Melissa put them on the map years ago, even more so when they collaborated with Vivienne Westwood. And this whole year in Singapore more and more plastic shoes were and are seen in the shops.

Looks like these Crocs could be a more affordable version (compared to the Melissa’s).


I must say I was very impressed with them. Ideal shoes to wear in Singapore when it’s really wet! I think I will have to go back for the red ballet flats in my side.. Or those wedges….


I am totally with Anja. The first and best-known models of Uggs and Crocs (like in your bottom photo) are so ugly. I never wanted them.
But I will say that you have shown us another side of Crocs that I really like. All the models you chose would be the models I would choose as well. Did we not call them “watershoes” in the old days?
As the weather is usually wet here in Holland they might be fun and practical in summer. So I decided to enter your competition. Or don’t they ship them to a country so far away?


They had very few of the original models actually. Only for kids. I think they would be great for the wet Dutch weather! Sorry this contest is only for Singapore residents, but stay tuned because my huge giveaway is starting next week, which will have AMAZING prices for everyone!

Sarah Nicholson

I agree with Suzanne…I had no idea about the variety Crocs came in. The range is bright, colorful and lots of fun and the styles are so cute. No wonder it took you ages to select a pair Sylvia! I hope this Croc range make it to Australia for this Spring/Summer.


This is exactly why Crocs started the New You campaign. They really want to change their image and make people aware of all the new models. I’m sure they will come to Australia soon.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I had no idea Crocs could be so cute. I have always thought of them as garden shoes only – but these pics prove me wrong : > Thanks for sharing your Croc adventure with Visible Monday.


Yes Patti, you should definitely give them a try!


I share the point of Anja and Greetje about the Crocs I know, I think theirs first model. Ugly. But those new ones you show gave me a new perspective of them. There are some cute models.


There sure are!


The old models remind me of the dutch wooden shoes, and they were ugly and impossible to walk on. But I do like the new versions, perhaps we can buy them next summer in Holland too. For now a plastic or rubber boot will do, label Hunter and Aigle are good.


I’m sure they will be there next summer!


I want all of these beautiful flat shoes!



I forgot to say that I really like your red top as well.


Thanks Greetje. It’s actually a short dress. I’ve worn it before on the site (also as a top)


Who knew? I always thought those were for gardening as well. I’m liking those two tone flats.
Looking pretty in red!


I know I can always please you in red 🙂

Heather Fonseca

I always think of kids crocs when I think of crocs. I had no idea they had so many styles!


Great outfit, but I’m happy that you’ve shown me a side of Crocs I never knew existed. When I’d think of Crocs I’d visualize the old one-style clunky Crocs, which I think I gotten tired of because so many people had been wearing them in the city with sweats.

Carol Lim

Like the brand of Crocs and want to win a pair of shoes.

Lisa R

I never knew these all existed, terrific!!!!!
sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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