cream, pink and taupe – a perfect combination!

by Sylvia

Cream, taupe and mango - the perfect combination

1 more in my outfit for fall series.

I think this is a great outfit, featuring one of my favorite color combinations at the moment, cream (off white), old pink and taupe. This is one of my favorite trousers from Mango which I’ve had for 4 yours. (was bought during my time in China). It’s the perfect winter / fall pants as it’s made of corduroy. I love wearing off white in fall and winter and with this clearly wintery pants that perfectly possible. Unfortunately, I usually wear it only once a year as it’s far too hot for Singapore.

The knitted top was an absolutely steal from Zara during sales time and it’s a wonderful throw-over (is that an actual word?) to keep you warm. I’ve actually even worn it here, since the cotton is not that warm really. Here the knitted vest is combined with the printed t-shirt I showed you earlier. It becomes a great basic now, as you don’t see anything of the silly print.

This wraps up my outfits for fall series. Hope you all enjoyed it!

Do you wear white in fall or winter?

1 Suzanne

I do not wear any version of white or cream pants in the F/W because they would just get way too dirty in the rain/sleet/snow I have to wade through. It sleeted here yesterday. I love corduroy though. It is a nice change from denim. I love purple and pink together too. I do not think about wearing that combination at this time of year but you have inspired me. I have a purple velvet jacket I am going to try over a pink blouse. Maybe with my new gray pants. 🙂

2 Sylvia

That sounds like a lovely outfit. Grey, purple and pink are great together!

3 The Style Crone

This color combination IS perfect on you. I love and admire how you talk about your clothing purchases during your world travels. I have enjoyed your series, and yes, I do wear winter white.

4 Sylvia

Happy you agree Judith!

5 tracey

Love this combo. I would certainly wear that right now in wet Vancouver.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Tracey. Hope you get good weather soon.

7 Tracey

🙂 Not likely as November is one of our wettest months in Vancouver.

8 Paula

Sylvia, I am seeing a lot of these beautiful shades in fashion mags and I love the etherial feel! Love that sweater–its has a unique shape that we were talking about! But so interesting. Loved your fall series–it was our first meeting!

9 Sylvia

Interesting word: etherial. I had to look that up! (english is not my mother tongue) I love unique shapes. Anything simple but with a different design, that’s my thing!

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