Counting down to the 40+Style giveaway: introducing ShoptheMag

by Sylvia

Shopthemag online clothes store for Asian labels

40+ Style is celebrating 1 year and more than 1 million page views with a huge giveaway starting at 11 October and over the coming week I will introduce the amazing prices you can win and the sponsors that provide them. Today: ShoptheMag.

Regular readers of this blog will already be familiar with this online shop as I featured its inspirational owner in my aricle: Asia’s best designers in one place: in conversation with Corinne Ng from ShoptheMag. Shopthemag is one of the best online stores in Asia that features the best designers from around Asia.

Here are just a few highlights from their current collections

Shop the Mag dresses

Manish Arora

Many 40+ women will love this Manish Arora dress! The dress has long sleeves and the ballerina-inspired shape provides a pretty counterpoint to its bold painterly print. Perfect for the woman who prefers to accentuate her top half and flatter her hips. I’m loving the colour of this dress.


The Koonhor dress is very on trend and a perfect way for women over 40 to incorporate the leather trend into their wardrobes. With soft Nappa leather panels set graphically against luxurious wool, this dress embodies a futuristic spirit with subtlety and luxury. An unexpected green-grey palette makes this wearable dress that bit more special.


Another great dress for women over 40! This peplum dress will flatter many women. The nipped-in waist and subtle peplum silhouette calls to mind the sexy heroine of the 1950s. Zip off the peplum detail and you get an underpinning that is sharp, solid and 100 per cent sexy. Also available in Navy.

To be won in the 40+ Style giveaway!

So you can imagine that I was extremely pleased that ShoptheMag agreed to sponsor my anniversary giveaway with some fantastic prizes. These prices can be won by my readers from all over the world and include shipping.

faux fur coat and obi belt

Blackheart Faux Fur Coat

First we have this Blackheart faux fur coat. Blackheart is a label from Indonesia and their designs are a mixture of both the classic and the avant-garde. Faux fur made of polyester and Lining is 100% silk. This will be a great coat for anyone entering cold weather! Retail Price: S$399.00 (US$ 325). I have 2 coats up for grabs!

Sheepskin Obi Belt

Another item from Blackheart is this bold and ultra-thick belt. Made of 100% sheepskin and will remain soft, malleable and comfortable. This belt looks superb with the coat but I can see it worn with many dresses as well as other coats. Retail Price: S189.00 (US$153). I have 3 ones to give away.

You will need to be a fan of their Facebook page, so you may as well ‘like’ them right now to get yourself ready for the giveaway! Please note that the giveaway will start on 11 October so you can only start submitting your entries then. Mark you calendars!

In additon to Shopthemag’s fabulous prizes, I have many more lined up for you, which I will introduce in the coming days.


1 Tangobabe

Wow, what a great coat and belt. Want! So will participate and try to get my hands on them, hahaha….

Looked at the site as well; nice, but a bit expensive for me:-(. Ah, well, I guess H&M will (have to) do for me and that’s fine.

2 Sylvia

Would be perfect for the Dutch weather, that is for sure!

3 Greetje

It is a very nice online shop, but as I said before in your other article, it is hard to see whether something is nice until you see it on a live person. They do that too. Once you have clicked on an item, you will see examples of the item on a person. But I bet I will pass on a lot of things in the main navigation because I cannot picture how it would look on me. I have liked them on Facebook and will gladly enter your competition October 11.

4 Sylvia

Good luck Greetje. Lots more to win coming Thursday!

5 Reeda

I love the obi belt. It’s one of those pieces that would transform an outfit into something spectacular.

6 Sylvia

I think so too. Good look in the giveaway Reeda!

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